16 Best Pyromancy Spells In Dark Souls 3

Pyromancy is underrated in Dark Souls 3, and there are thirty spells players can use to tweak their Pyromancy Build! Continue reading the guide to find out more about them!

Best Pyromancy Spells Dark Souls 3

The “Best Pyromancy Spells Dark Souls 3” guide showcases one of the best spells you can use in your Pyromancy Build. According to the diverse use of spells that scale perfectly with Intelligence and Faith, players can use them early on in the game!

Spells are unlocked in the early stages of the game, hence you can choose to play with them and select them based on their outrageous power. Others can be used to stagger and damage the opponents to an extent. However, spells such as Rapport can allow players to control their enemies for 30 seconds.

Other than that, you should really put emphasis on spells such as Boulder Heave. By casting the spell, your character will spit out a huge boulder from their mouth, and hurl it over to the enemies. The boulder can split into tiny shards when in contact, and can deal devastating damage that leaves your enemies stunned!

Key takeaways

  • Players have a vast variety of Pyromancy spells to choose from, making it a total of 30 Spells in Dark Souls 3.
  • When talking about spells, Dark Souls 3 has three categories to place its spells.
  • Sorceriespyromancies, and miracles are the three categories to choose from!
  • Players can purchase certain spells by trading items such as Tome and more!
  • To use spells, players need to have a certain level of Intelligence and Faith.
  • For instance, you’ll need a minimum of 25 Intelligence and Faith to use the majority of the spells.

Best Pyromancy Spells in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3
Use some of the best Pyromancy spells in Dark Souls 3 to turn your enemies into dust!

Similar to the Mage build in Elden Ring, players can instill magic into their playstyle and win battles from a vast distance. Moreover, the range and power bestowed upon the players through these spells are insane! You can be deemed a god with spells such as Great Combustion and Black Serpent.

However, players need to carefully put points into Intelligence and Faith if they want to endlessly cast spells and wreak havoc in the field! Before we start, ensure that we’re not ranking the pyromancy spells in Dark Souls 3, rather we’re talking about their effectiveness and downsides!

This also means, you can use any of these spells in your Pyromancy Build, because these may be the best option for you.

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Sacred Flame

A miracle in Dark Souls 3, the Sacred Flame can be found in the Smouldering Lake. The flame uses 25 FP to cast and requires the player to have 8 Intelligence and Faith.

If you’re a player looking for fun and gruesome spells then Sacred Flame is for you! Although it lacks the speed and accuracy to perfectly execute, the spell can be quite devastating when it connects.

You might be wondering why I said that it lacks accuracy because it is a grab attack, you need to be certain of pulling off the attack when there are hordes of enemies blocking your path. If you miss, you’ll be dealing with a lot of attacks from the opponents!

Let’s talk about the advantage of equipping Sacred Flame. For starters, it is an effective pyromancy to deal critical damage to the enemies. And if you’ve guaranteed a successful grab attack, the enemy will lose a considerable amount of his health.

Additionally, it serves its purpose quite well for PvP fights, especially while bullying other players.

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Black Flame

Similar to the Sacred Flame, the Black Flame requires 25 FP to cast. However, players need to ensure they have a sufficient amount of Intelligence and Faith to cast the Pyromancy/spell.

In other words, the Black Flame requires 15 Intelligence and Faith. On the other hand, you can acquire the Pyromancy from Karla after giving her the Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome. You’ll already have unlocked the spell by now, but beginner players must know that they have to give 10,000 souls to Karla as well as the Tome.

As we move on to the description and functions of the spell, Black Flame will deal more damage on a critical hit than damage on its edge. This means you’ll have damage equivalent to the spell buff x 2.4 during a critical hit and x2.2 on a regular hit.

The spell will deal tremendous damage to opponents that have no clue what’s coming for them. Your character will ram their hand on the enemy’s face and cast the spell to ignite black flames and burn them.

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Toxic Mist

Players can have a general idea about this particular spell from only its name. Toxic Mist is a spell used to counter against multiple enemies to ease the tension a player feels from being outnumbered.

The player will create a poisonous fog/mist/cloud, whatever you call it, that’ll deal toxic damage to anyone caught up in its grasp. You can use the spell under certain scenarios, either fighting multiple enemies or a tight spot. The enemies will eventually have to clear away from the cloud to avoid any damage and risk getting caught up in a flurry of your attacks.

You can get your hands on Toxic Mist in the Smouldering Lake ruins. Additionally, if an enemy is caught up in the mist, they’ll be inflicted with poison and will eventually have to clear it out of their system to avoid further damage. Poison is truly a devastating element.

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Seething Chaos

Not much of a great fan of Boulders and explosions, especially when you’re the target on the other end of the screen. However, the game suddenly changes when you’re the one setting traps and hurling explosive boulders at the opponent!

You might have second-guessed the pyromancy by now, if not the Seething Chaos allows your character to stick a lump/boulder of fire onto surfaces. These lumps do need a significant amount of time, approximately four seconds, to charge and deal explosive damage to the enemies.

Other than that, you need to ensure you stick only two of these on the surface, any more than that and the previous lumps will disappear without making an explosion!

Seething Chaos requires 28 FP to cast and requires the player to have 18 Intelligence and Faith. With that said, players can have fun setting up traps for enemies during PvE ventures. However, they may not find it very useful against other players in PvP fights! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Carthus Beacon

It is not entirely a Pyromancy but a buff in Dark Souls 3. You can use Carthus Beacon to boost the power in your attacks after every hit. The damage boost varies with the type of weapons a player uses while having the buff equipped. You can acquire it from Cornyx of the Great Swamp which will prompt you into giving him the Carthus Pyromancy Tome.

The way the buff works is quite simple. All you need to do after activating it is to continue hitting the target consecutively. As soon as your attacks stop hitting the target, the buff will start to decrease and eventually reach 0.

Carthus Beacon may or may not be the best Pyromancy Spells in Dark Souls 3, but I can assure you it delivers devastating damage when used correctly! Additionally, it will cost a player 35 FP to cast the spell and will require 12 Intelligence and Faith.

Also, players need to keep in mind that the buff lasts only for thirty seconds. Therefore, they need to deliver the highest damage possible through their attacks within the given time frame!

Carthus Flame Arc

A favorite Pyromancy for many players out there. The Carthus Flame Arc, similar to the Carthus Beacon, is a buff-type spell that engulfs your sword in flames and potentially boosts its damage output along with a hot and fiery element of fire.

To identify the Carthus Flame Arc, a player only needs to look at the weapon an enemy is holding. If it is engulfed in orange flames, yes that’s the spell that deals fire damage!

All in all, the spell requires 10 Intelligence and Faith, which is, by far, the only good reason why it is ranked best amongst top Dark Souls 3 players. And not to miss out on its incredibly long duration of 90 seconds!

A player can coat any of their weapons to deal an extra layer of fire damage to their opponents. Beginners can highly benefit from this spell due to its incredibly low requirements!

Black Fire Orb

Whenever it comes down to hurling fireballs or shoving huge boulders at enemy players in PvP fights, never use them! Why? Because with online players, obviously, they can dodge an attack hurled at them! they don’t work as effectively in PvP as in PvE, however, Ds3 players can utilize the Black Fire Orb during PvE mode with only 22 FP!

The skill itself is remarkable but requires a player to have 20 Intelligence and Faith to use a ranged attack like the Black Fire Orb. It can be purchased from Karla when you retrieve the Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome. We talked about the tome earlier, didn’t we?

Black Fire Orb is another ranged spell that deals x2.4 damage with a spell buff on a direct hit but that damage slightly decreases if the enemy is caught in the blast radius.

There are a few downsides to this pyromancy and I would prefer if you limit its use. As a ranged spell, it can be hard to aim and hit the target. Mixed with the slow projectile speed, you’re hardly going to be able to make contact with the enemy. Another aspect would be its dark magic instead of fire. Yes, it deals damage with dark magic, guys, which means it’s very effective against enemies prone to Dark.

If you’re worried about the best between Fire Orb and Black Magic Orb, your first pick should be the Black Fire Orb!

Flash Sweat

A situational Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3, Flash Sweat can be used to maneuver fire damage. It can reduce the damage player takes due to fire, by a whole 45% however, the spell cannot be paired with other buffs similar to Iron Flesh!

Do you remember the demon enemy back in Smouldering Lake? Or rather any enemy that deals fire damage? Much to your surprise, you can use Flash Sweat to cross those lava spoils in the area, and take less damage from the enemies lurking in the area. Evidently, it does not reduce damage if you’re hit with physical attacks because that’s not how the spell works!

All in all, it comes to a greater use if paired well with a Speckled Stoneplate ring if you’re trying to pass through the Smouldering Lake! The duration of lasts for thirty seconds so you have to move around swiftly and it costs a player 20 FP to cast!

Great Chaos Fire Orb

One of the best-ranged pyromancy you can use in Ds3 is the Great Chaos Fire Orb. When used, the spell deals an AOE damage that lingers for a few seconds damaging enemies caught up in its magma. The fire damage, if noticed, is remarkable and creates a great option than the rest of the ranged spells in Dark Souls 3.

You can use the spell against a bunch of enemies crawling around an area to take them out instantly or deal huge damage to knock them out in the next blow! It is undoubtedly the best spell you can use in a pyro build.

Apart from that, you can purchase it from Cornyx of the Great Swamp after giving him something in return. The item I’m talking about is the Izalith Pyromancy Tome. If you’re wondering about the FP it takes to cast, heck it takes 32 FP AND uses two slots!

You also need to have, what? 0 Intelligence and Faith, which is the best part, unless?

Chaos Bed Vestiges

Next up in our best pyromancy spells Dark Souls 3 is the Chaos Bed Vestiges – one of the many iconic Pyromancy. Similar to the Chaos Fire Orb, the Chaos Bed hurls a chaos flame at the enemies and burns them to a cinder. It costs a whopping 35 FP to cast and requires 20 Intelligence but 10 Faith. Moreover, it is the best option to go for rather than the Great Chaos Fire Orb or the Sacred Flame.

It deals far worse damage than the two, with an astonishing rate of x3.4 with a spell buff when it hits the target mixed with the spiral damage after it collides! If you may recall in Dark Souls II, the Chaos Bed Vestiges was called under a different name “Forbidden Sun“, which is now changed to what you know as the Chaos Bed Vestiges.

The spell deals with a chaotic explosion mixed with insane damage. However, the range is something to be thought little of, as compared to the orb pyromancies. 

Other than that, players that prefer a Pyromancy build can use it to wreak havoc in both PvP and PvE fights due to its tremendous stats and high FP efficiency. You might as well add it to your slot!

Chaos Storm

The spell can be used as a great asset in your arsenal for PvE fights due to its high-end damage and range. Although, players need to keep in mind its downsides which include being prone during its cast animation. Furthermore, you will notice that it drains your stamina alongside a huge point from your FP, which is why it’s better to utilize it under great pressure.

If you look at its stats, you’ll think I’ve gone crazy. However, to use the spell, you must know that it’ll use 3 FP 19 times before you can cast it, you can do the math!

Fire Whip

Fire Storm and Fire Whip are arguably the best pyromancies against bosses. Thereby making them the best at dealing high damage for little FP. While you’re engaged in a mob fight, you can use fire whip to deal extra damage to enemies that are not focused on you. 

You can also trigger a knockback when enemies are struck by Fire Whip, giving you plenty of room to think for a second combination. However, you need to keep in mind its cast time when using it against a rushed fight against multiple targets. The cast animation will leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks causing you to lose some of your HP.

You wouldn’t want your health peeled off in that manner. Therefore, it is best to use the spell when the enemies are not trying to rush you. Apart from that, a player can get maximum damage off the spell if they hit the target during the first animation while knocking them back! You can consider it one of the best pyromancy spells in Dark Souls 3!

Profaned Flame

Much like the knockback you get from the Fire Whip, Profaned Flame achieves it at a remarkable rate. This means you can get a huge knockback for a decreased radius of the explosion.

Similarly, the spell can be used in a mid-range fight when you’re away from the target. In this way, you can damage the enemy AND keep a safe distance from them and their attacks. You will need 30 FP to cast the spell and 25 Intelligence.

The animation is super cool as it summons a small air barrier in a straight point to deal double the explosive damage to the enemies. 


A spell that turns your enemies into allies for 30 seconds. You can use Rapport to control your enemies and have them win half your fights for you swiftly and cleanly. While you’re on your way to invade other worlds, you can use rapport to your advantage.

The bewitched enemies will not harm you and your allies for the remainder of its period. It is a very useful pyromancy in Ds3 that most players neglect! Maybe they are unaware of its uniqueness, who knows? Moreover, the spell is highly efficient in terms of populated areas. You will need to give Karla the Quelana Tome to acquire Rapport.

It uses 30 FP and required 15 Intelligence to be used against enemies. While talking about its cast time, it surprisingly takes one or two seconds. However, the target can be missed if they have high agility. You need to ensure you use the spell in a congested area to achieve its effects. A few downsides of the Pyromancy include not affecting any invaders, Darkwraith, Black Knights, and more!

Boulder Heave

Another one of those range-type spells, Boulder Heave uses 17 FP and requires 8 Intelligence and 12 Faith. Unlike other spells, this type of spell will deal physical damage and not fire damage. You can use it to whittle down the opponent’s shield with ease and deal with x1.8 damage with a spell buff on a direct hit.

You will have to keep gravity in mind when casting Boulder Heave because it has an arc trajectory easy to be swayed! Your character will shockingly spit a huge boulder from its mouth and hurl it toward the enemies causing them to take a direct hit and take explosive damage afterward!

Power Within

This is a buff spell that utilizes 30 FP and requires 10 Intelligence and Faith, which is ironically a good thing. You can buff your attacks at the cost of gradually losing HP for a duration of 30 seconds. It is enough time to deal extra damage to your enemies and gain a slight but +30 stamina regeneration every second.

It is mostly used by aggressive players that utilize a huge amount of stamina, however, players using a pyromancy build will find it useful nonetheless!

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