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16 Years Old Josh Ternyak Develops Retro COVID Invaders Game

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16-year-old Josh Ternyak created a COVID-19 awareness game resembling the iconic 70s Space Invaders game. Josh started learning code when he was 11 therefore it was fairly easy for him to develop the game. However, getting the game to run on multiple devices would be the greatest challenge.(Get Space Invaders Forever here)

Josh Ternyak first got the idea to make COVID Invaders when his friend Roman Peysakhovich created a website on Coronavirus awareness. The two then teamed up to create the game. The game attracted over 2,000 users within just two weeks of its launch.

“Vaccinate the Virus” and Save the World!

The player takes control over a syringe filled with a COVID vaccine, the syringe can be moved up and down the screen to line up with the virus. Players must then fire at the virus and destroy it before it reaches the end of the screen.

Additionally, Josh created a short soundtrack for the game which is a singular song. By taking a royalty-free beat it took just 10 minutes for Josh to come up with a rap. The lyrics are COVID-themed of course and are fairly funny to listen to.

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Play COVID Invaders For Free Here

Interestingly Josh Ternyak opted to limit the amount of time users can play the game. This is no surprise as Josh has expressed his strict use of his time.

Heading over to Josh Ternyak’s website sheds light on how this 16-year-old web developer organizes his time, his computer setup, lessons that he’s learned as a web developer. As well as some philosophy on work ethics.

The project is a great example of how people can still stay active with their time. Whether it be creating a game like Josh Ternyak, or learning a new skill or language. (Get Space Invaders Forever here)

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