3 Awesome Video games That Deserve a TV Series

A strong story and imagination have always been a factor in the success of a video game. Consequently, over the years there have been some incredible stories, universes, and imagination to come out of the video game industry. We are going to be looking at 5 video game franchises that deserve a TV series.

BattleTech TV Series

The BattleTech Universe is a great example of this. With deep lore and fantastic action. We can only imagine what it would be like to watch the Inner Sphere battle off those vat-born clanners.

On the surface, the BattleTech games may look like a basic mech battling simulator. Viewers would be at the edge of seats watching intense action scenes where pilots balance their mech’s heat, positioning, and communication with the rest of their lance. However, look a bit deeper and you will uncover a universe filled with interesting characters and cut-throat politics.

BattleTech is not just about melting metal with lasers and LRM salvo bombardments. As Mech Warriors that control these giant war machines must be equally as tough as the behemoths they pilot. As a result, it would be gripping to watch the Mech Warriors being tested on the battlefield.

Battletech Lore is as deep as the Milky Way Galaxy is wide

The BattleTech lore is deep as the Milky Way galaxy is wide, allowing the BattleTech series a plethora of ideas. For example, the series could explore the warring houses that dominate the regions of the Inner Sphere, all stemming from the collapse of the Star League in the Inner Sphere. The most technologically advanced era of humans and the longest peacetime ever recorded.

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Or perhaps the Series would explore the invasion of the clans. The struggle that the Inner Sphere faces, equipped with outdated mechs. The Clans provide a contrast to the culture and lifestyle of those in the Inner Sphere. For example, Trueborn warriors are clan warriors born from the mixing of two genetic legacies as part of the Clan’s eugenics program, artificially conceived within an Iron Womb (yep , IRON).

The BattleTech turn-based strategy game developed by Harebrained Schemes and published by Paradox Interactive, certainly captured the spirit of the universe is an incredible introduction. It was able to explain the background of BattleTech lore. Furthermore, the game keeps the story easy to follow, a simple revenge story & an award-winning soundtrack combined with great character development. BattleTech does a great job in investing the player in early acts. Showing that the BattleTech franchise has the depth for a video game TV series.

The Mass Effect Franchise

It’s undeniable that the Mass Effect series has the perfect universe to tell a story through the medium of TV. Exploring the vast galaxy through the Mass relays. It offers a great potential for all manner of stories. However, we believe that a TV series would be better off leaving Commander Shepard and the Reapers to the original Mass Effect trilogy.

Mass Effect has some amazing fleshed-out characters, and if the player takes the time to converse with their shipmates they will find that they have their own thoughts and opinions since they will often express their feelings on the player’s actions. Wrex is a great example of this, He pulls a gun on Shepard when he discovers that there might be a cure for the genophage.

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One could compare the Mass Effect franchise to that of Star Trek, and Farscape, as the galaxy is populated with a vast array of people and alien races. Consequently, it would be interesting to see those races appear on-screen such as the amphibious fish-like Drell or the small mercantile Volus. Furthermore, A Mass Effect TV series could offer the potential to explore many planets or even a story contained in a single planet like Illium.

Perhaps a Mass Effect TV series would focus on life in the Citadel. Being one of the most interesting places in the galaxy due to its diversity and amount of trade passing through. Secondly, the Citadel is a political hub for many races. Thirdly the Citadel is massive, there are many secrets to be uncovered and so much history to learn. With such a big attraction, the Citadel also consequently suffers from crime, offering the potential for a Sci-Fi crime series. The show could follow characters akin to Officer Bailey.


Overwatch is one of those ability shooters where if you play correctly you’ll be praised by your team, play badly and you’ll be shouted at almost instantly. The game focuses on a multiplayer experience but there is still some good story and interesting characters in the game. While some can be cookie-cutter and rather exaggerated they are all very unique from one another providing interesting interactions with each other. A TV series, – if done correctly- could show off the fun personalities of these characters.

While the history of the Overwatch universe isn’t as broad as the likes of BattleTech, it is well thought out and has a substantial amount of history nonetheless. As the Overwatch timeline spans from the beginning of the Omnic Crisis, the forming of Overwatch, the disbanding of the team and the recall of Overwatch, offering plenty of narrative for the characters’ journeys during these events.

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There are already examples of what an Overwatch TV series may look like. As the visual style of the game resembles that of Pixar movies. Blizzard have released many high-quality short cinematics over the years to promote new heroes and updates.

Overwatch Shorts highlight Great Potential

The Last Bastion cinematic truly shows off the potential for a TV series. The short evokes emotion in the viewer as the underlying theme of PTSD from war is well done and is conveyed through masterfully without a single line of dialogue. Combined with the appealing visual style, the short makes for a great watch. To date, the short has accumulated over 20 million views.


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