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343 Reveals New Halo: Infinite Details in Inside Infinite Update

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343 Reveal Weapons, Vehicles, and, Halo 3 Equipment

With the start of the new year flashing past, 343 drops yet another Halo Infinite update. In the monthly Infinite Insider, revealing many details such as classic weapons reenvisioned in Infinite as well as some new additions.

The update questions the Sandbox Team of Halo: Infinite to explore how gameplay mechanics and flow will differ from previous titles. As a result of new gameplay mechanics. As well as some returning features such as Halo: 3’s equipment system.

Furthermore, 343 has stated that fans of Halo can expect to feast their eyes on Infinite Insider updates every month. The updates will release on the last Thursday of every month.

Additionally, 343 has stated that they are open to answer questions from the community. Therefore if you have some burning questions head over to their socials using #343.

343 has confirmed that the next insider update in February. Will focus upon the team that is responsible for bringing the Halo world to life. The following update will interview the Infinite audio team.

Fans can expect some big reveals, however, in June, July and August. This makes sense as 343 has stated that Halo: Infinite’s target release of fall aligns. Although it is entirely possible that these dates change.

You can check out the full Halo Infinite Insider Update here

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Classic Weapons and Flashy equipment

A few of the weapons that can be wielded in Halo Infinite feature inside the update. Ranging from iconic Halo weapons such as the Needler and Assault Rifle. As well as some new additions here is a breakdown of the weapons shown off. 343 further states that they will reshift the meta to keep the game feeling fresh.

“The investment we have made to our tools allows us to be more responsive to balance issues and opportunities (and of course we are also committed to keeping the game fresh via meta shifts, new weapons, vehicles, etc.).”

  • Bulldog Shotgun – The Bulldog Shotgun grabbed a lot of attention last year in the gameplay reveal. 343 has stated that the Bulldog is unlike previous shotguns. Sacrificing damage for fast firing and fast loading times. As a result, the Bulldog strays away from power weapon status and takes a more versatile role.
  • Hydra – Love it or hate it the Hydra returns to Halo Infinite in a sleek new design.

The insider update revealed that the Sandbox team already has all the tools and weapons within the game. And now are incredibly busy fixing bugs and improving the weapons. Interestingly it was stated by Infinite’s Lead Sandbox Designer Quinn DelHoyo that the Infinite will include post-launch content.

Return of Halo: 3 Equipment

Equipment in Halo: Infinite is designed to act similar to its addition in Halo: 3. Equipment can be used to quickly turn the tide of a battle. However, 343 has stated that the equipment serves to enhance combat as they have been careful with balancing the items.

Players can expect similar equipment to return as the insider update features an image of a deployable shield with some visual changes. As the shield appears to be much wider and abandons the curved design featuring in Halo: 3.

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Senior Designer of equipment Tim Temmerman states:

“As we prototyped equipment, we gravitated towards those that complemented and enhanced the core combat loop – pushing the boundaries just far enough to feel empowering without being disruptive. We looked for equipment that could be paired with maps, modes, weapons, and vehicles in new and effective ways. Another key aspect was equipment with a low skill floor and a high skill ceiling.”

343 Teases Vehicles

343 explains that terrain will factor in when traversing around Zeta Halo for example a Warthog will fly through rocky terrain due to high ride and large tires. However, Chief may have to look for a different approach when traversing through other types of terrain. For example, where a Ghost will be able to easily move through a marsh by hovering above a Warthog may be slowed down.

Furthermore, the team teases a return of an old Halo vehicle with some much-needed upgrades. However, the name of the vehicle is not disclosed (fingers crossed for the Elephant)

“One of my favorite sandbox items is a vehicle that we haven’t shown yet, but I’m sure I won’t be alone with my favoritism once we do reveal it to the community. This vehicle isn’t totally brand new, but it has received a fresh coat of paint while awaiting its triumphant return to Halo.”

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