Diablo Immortal: 5-Star Gems Tier List


The diablo series has kept us entertained since 1997. The latest addition to the series, diablo immortal, is no different. Diablo Immortal is a massively multiplayer online action role-playing video game. It has garnered some serious support since its release on June 2, 2022.

Gems In Diablo Immortal

Advancing in the diablo immortal will become difficult with each passing second. Therefore, you must explore all the opportunities to make this journey relatively easy for you. Something that you need to pay a lot of heed to is your gear.

Like the previous games in the Diablo series, gems are items that you can use to boost the attributes of your gear and hence makes sure that your character unlocks its true potential. You should not take these gems lightly, as these gems can give you the edge you need while facing the horrors of the game.

If we talk a bit further about gems, there are two kinds: normal gems and legendary gems. Normal gems are basically those that enhance the secondary stats of your character, such as life, potency, damage output, and more.

There are six types of normal gems: ruby, tourmaline, sapphire, aquamarine, citrine, and topaz. Something you should keep in mind is that they will not contribute much to your overall success; however, upgrading them will definitely increase their effectiveness.

For a more in-depth understanding of normal gems, you should definitely go ahead and read our guide on the best normal gems in diablo immortal.

Legendary Gems

Legendary gems are primarily more focused on improving the primary attributes of your character. Apart from that, they also immensely improve the combat rating and resonance.

Combat rating is basically a measure of your offense or defense. Resonance, on the other hand, increases the life or damage attribute of the socketed item.

Legendary Gems Diablo Immortal
Legendary Gems In Diablo Immortal

Legendary gems are divided into three categories 1-star, 2-start, and 5-star legendary gems. In this 5-star gems in diablo immortal, we will be going over the 5-star gems tier list in diablo immortal.

Before we get to that, you should know that 5-star gems are the best gems in the game and can increase your chances of success by leaps and bounds.

In addition to that, at a time, only a total of 6 legendary gems can be socketed into your primary gear: main hand, off-hand, chest, helm, shoulders, and pants.

Before we formally start with our 5-star gems tier list, your mind should be clear about 5-star gems only being a classification of legendary gems. It does not necessarily mean that a 5-star gem will have five stars.

It can have any number of stars between 2 and 5. However, as the number of stars increases, so does the resonance and combat rating.

How To Get 5-Star Gems

5-star gems can only be obtained through the following methods:

  • Completing Elden Rifts while using a Legendary Crest or a Rare Crest
  • Using platinum at the marketplace
  • Craft using Runes and Platinum at the jeweler

These methods do not guarantee a 5-star gem. The chances of you getting one are very slim. For example, there is only a 4.5 percent chance with a legendary crest and a 5 percent chance with a rare crest.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let us begin with our 5-star gems tier list.

5 Star Gems Tier List

S Tier

For those who are not aware of the tier system, the S tier is the highest-ranked tier. The 5-star gems in this tier are of the highest quality and a class apart from the other gems in the game.

Blood-Soaked Jade

Blood-Soaked Jade





The best 5-star gem in the game is Blood-Soaked Jade. The main reason behind putting it at the top of our list is that it is a complete package. It provides you with phenomenal offensive buffs and comes in clutch when your life is low.

To be more precise, it increases all the damage dealt by you by 8 percent and your movement speed by 10 percent. Not only that, you will also be taking on reduced damage, by about 8 percent, when your life is half depleted.

You should not underestimate the increased movement speed because it will enable you to dodge the incoming attacks better and also get past the various sections of the dungeons more swiftly.

Lastly, be mindful of your health because the lower your health the lower will be the damage bonus. The damage bonus will reduce to a minimum of 4 percent. This gem is recommended for all the six classes of diablo immortal.

Seeping Bile

Seeping bile






The next gem on our 5-star gem tier list is the seeping bile. It makes your attacks have a 4 percent chance to poison your foes. The affected enemies are inflicted with 65 percent+263 damage for a period of 6 seconds.

It also decreases their movement speed by 6 percent which makes it easier for you to target them. The most beneficial thing about this is that the poison also spreads to the nearby enemies if the initial target dies.

If you want to completely decimate your enemies then a really smart move would be combining seeping bile with legendary gems like Blood-Soaked Jade and Blessings of the Worthy. If you are playing as a Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, or Wizard then this gem is for you.

A Tier

The 5-star gems in this tier definitely give the gems in the S tier a run for their money but cannot quite match their level. However, do not be fooled as these gems are extremely good as well.

Blessing Of The Worthy

Blessing Of The Worthy






The first 5-star gem in our A tier is Blessing of the Worthy. It is a great gem to have in store because it gives you a 20 percent chance to deal a significant amount of AoE damage on all nearby enemies when an enemy inflicts damage on you. The damage it deals depends on your maximum health, this means that the damage it deals is directly proportional to your health.

In addition to that, you also take 16 percent less damage for 6 seconds after unleashing divine retribution. This 5-star gem has a cooldown of 20 seconds therefore it is really good for dealing with mobs.

All this combined makes it a perfect choice for melee characters because enemies are close to them most of the time. We recommend it for Barbarian, Crusader, and Monk.

Chip Of Stoned Flesh

Chip Of Stoned Flesh






The chip of the stoned flesh is one of the most powerful 5-star gems in diablo immortal. The reason behind that is when you use a CC(crowd control) move or basically a move that stuns your enemy, you are going to go ahead and apply a mark on him. This mark will basically act as a ticking time bomb.

Now you need to try to inflict as much damage as possible on the enemy because once the timer runs out, your enemy will take an additional 45 percent of the damage that they took during the duration.

You might be thinking why we have not ranked it above in the list, right? Well, it has its drawbacks. The first one is that it has a cooldown of 20 seconds which means that you will not be able to spam it.

But most importantly, you cannot CC bosses which means that this is of no use against them. All these combined bring it a little down on the list. However, do not take it lightly because it is really effective in PvP especially when you are facing the open world monsters.

The chip of the stoned flesh works well for Barbarian, Monk, Crusader, Wizard, and Necromancer.

B Tier

The 5-star gems in this tier are not the best in the game but can turn out to be very useful in certain situations.

Howler’s Call

Howler’s Call






Howler’s call gives you a 10 percent chance to summon a wolf on your primary attacks. This wolf will deal an insane amount of damage to anything and everything that comes in its way. By insane amount of damage we mean 360 percent +1458 damage.

Furthermore, it also has a 12 percent chance to stun your enemies for a period of 3 seconds. This makes it a gem that will be great in PvP because at the end of the day you will either stun someone or deal a ton of damage.

It could definitely have been in the A tier but it is just not really as effective in PvE and hence the reason why we put it here in our 5-star gem tier list. Keeping all these things in mind, we think that howler’s call would work well for Monk, Demon Hunter, Wizard, and Crusader.

Phoenix Ashes

Phoenix Ashes






‘Phoenix ashes’ is basically one of the very few gems in the game that revolve purely around defense. What phoenix ashes does is that it basically provides you with a shield that is capable of absorbing serious damage. Precisely 1050 percent of your base damage.

The shield will be there for 6 seconds, which is good enough time for you to catch your breath and come up with a strategy to get out of the tricky situation you are facing. Therefore, this gem can surely be your saving grace in certain situations. This gem has a cooldown of 180 seconds.

Phoenix ashes is one of the best 5-star gems to have because of how beneficial it can be in PvP. It is recommended for Barbarian, Monk, and Demon Hunter.

C Tier

The gems in this tier are mostly below average and therefore are not really effective on their own. That being said, you should jump at any chance you get to replace them.

Echoing Shade

Echoing Shade






The only 5-star gem in the C tier of our 5-star gems tier list is the echoing shade. Echoing shade has a 15 percent chance to summon a shadow clone for 8 seconds. The clone will copy some of your abilities and this would be really beneficial if it actually worked.

The clone only copies your primary attacks making it only useful on the demon hunter. In addition to that, the shadow summon is not around long enough to do any real damage. All of this makes us put it in the C tier.

However, if you level it up, it goes from not being useful to being amazing.

It is because at higher ranks not only the number of clones increases but also the amount of time that they are around. Unfortunately, we know how difficult it is to level up 5-star gems.

With that, we come to the end of our guide on 5-star gems in diablo immortal. If you found this to be a good read then go on over and read our other guides on diablo immortal about charms, hidden caps and rewards, builds, locations, stats, and much more.

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