5 Tips For Becoming A Better Impostor In Among Us

Among Us

Among Us has been around since June 2018, but it came roaring into the forefront of gaming conversations in September 2020 after a swathe of Twitch streamers started playing it. Since then, it’s only grown in popularity, and with a new map coming later this year, the hype shows no signs of going away any time soon.

The concept of Among Us is simple – up to 10 of you are on a small map (the examples in this article are based on The Skeld, but can be adapted to the other maps), and have to work together to perform tasks to win the game. However, 1, 2, or even 3 of the players are secretly impostors, and will be working to kill the crewmates before the tasks can be completed. Whenever a dead body is discovered, the players come together in a meeting to decide who, if anyone, should be ejected from the group. It’s at this point that many impostors become undone, either because they haven’t been sneaky enough whilst on the map, or because they slip up during the meeting.

Not to worry though! This article will give you all the tips and tricks you need so that when that big red ‘Impostor’ rolls across your starting screen, you’ll be ready for it…

Among Us, Impostor

1 – Know Which Tasks To Fake

The important thing when you’re on the map is to blend in, which means appearing to others as though you’re doing tasks. Unfortunately, depending on the game settings of your particular Among Us lobby, this can sometimes be a little tricky. If the task bar updates are set to ‘Always’, then this means that every time a crewmate completes a task, the green bar in the top corner will go up. Therefore, if you leave a task area and a crewmate sees that the task bar didn’t rise, you’ll be in serious trouble. The best way to avoid this is to choose multi-part tasks that will not give you away.

One of the best ones for faking in Among Us is wires, as there are 3 parts to that task, and several different locations on the map that it could lead to. However, make sure that your fake tasks list does actually show wires, as this is what’s known as a common task, so either all the players have it, or none of them do. If a crewmate sees you stood by wires in a round where that is not the common task, it could be game over for your impostor run.

Among Us, Wires

Other great tasks to fake are refuel storage; the order is the gas can in Storage, the tyre in Upper Engine, the tyre in Lower Engine (try to avoid doing the last part as the green bar would go up considerably if you were a crewmate, and someone might notice), download (this takes 8 seconds so count carefully if someone is watching, and make sure nobody sees you do this more than once), and the Simon Says task in reactor as it’s very long and difficult, and nobody would get suspicious if you stood there for ages.

Admin card swipe and wires are the two common tasks on The Skeld, so always look at your fake task list before doing them, as these’ll be a dead giveaway to crewmates if they’re not actual tasks for that round. Also, avoid visual tasks at all costs if the game settings have visuals on. The visual tasks are medbay scan, destroy asteroids, prime shields, and empty storage chute.

Among Us, Crewmate Screen

2 – Choose A Friend

Your biggest advantage in a meeting can be if somebody vouches that you’re safe. The good news is, most players in a random lobby in Among Us will not be very skilled, and so will happily declare you safe even if they haven’t seen you do a visual task. The best way to get into somebody’s good grace is to not kill them in a place where you could have gotten away with it. A great area to do this is in Electrical, as it’s nice and secluded. Go there and pretend to do a task, then wait till someone else enters, walk near them (pretend to do whichever task they are doing), and then leave. They’ll trust you, and will probably mention in the meeting that you’re safe.

Make sure you leave this friend alive, and create several encounters over the course of the game where you could kill them, but you don’t. This will only raise their trust in you, and they’ll stand by you even if someone else is accusing you. Never underestimate the value of having a crewmate on your side who will never vote you out. Their vote could be the difference between staying and being ejected.

Among Us, The Crew

3 – Avoid The Other Impostor

When playing Among Us, crewmates will be looking for players who appear to be teaming up, so wherever possible, avoid being in a room with the other impostor. If you see them on the map, keep walking, unless you have a clear opportunity for a double kill and you’re confident that the other impostor is not on a kill cooldown. The last thing you want to do is kill someone and then have the other player report it as your fellow impostor wasn’t prepared for a double kill.

In meetings, don’t vouch for the other impostor unless you’re saying something true. For example, if a dead body has turned up, and the other impostor tries to clear themselves by saying “I was on the other side of the map”, don’t lie and say “yeah, I saw them there” if you didn’t actually see them. All that does is incriminate you if the other impostor does get caught. However, if you really were together when the body was discovered, then by all means mention it casually.

Among Us, Emergency Meeting

Ultimately, the two of you are working together, but that doesn’t mean you protect each other at all costs. If the other impostor gets into a predicament and gets caught, it’s often better to throw them under the bus so as to gain the trust of the crewmates, than to defend them and get yourself voted out next round. Obviously, don’t give them up deliberately, so if you see them kill then you should either vent away, or report the body but say you didn’t see who did it. Don’t turn in your fellow impostor as that’s a sure fire way to get them to give away that you’re the other one.

The only exception to that rule is if you’re in a meeting with 6 of you left, and someone is accusing your impostor friend of killing, and that impostor is trying to turn it on the other person. If you can convince just one other player to vote for the innocent crewmate, then you’ll win next kill (or with a double kill if it’s a draw), so it won’t matter that they now know it’s you. Among Us is all about taking calculated risks.

4 – Don’t Vent Unless Necessary

Venting in Among Us is a handy trick, but it’s also incredibly risky. It’s not an immediate process, it triggers a short animation during which anyone could pop into the room and see you. As such, you shouldn’t view venting as a quick and convenient way to get around. Instead, venting should be seen as something to be done only when absolutely necessary.

There are only 3 occasions when I would recommend venting.

1 – You have just killed somebody. In this scenario, you want to get away asap, and if you walk out the door you risk someone seeing you and knowing that you committed the murder. If your victim is near a vent, then it’s a good idea to go into it.

Among Us, Kill

2 – Your other impostor killed someone, and you walk into the room with the body. At this point, you have two choices. Either report the body, and risk someone accusing you of self-reporting, or vent away and let somebody else discover it. You’ll have to make a split-second decision when you encounter this scenario, so just go with whatever feels most natural.

3 – You’ve been playing with someone for several rounds, and have formed a friendship. This is a risky one, and a morally ambiguous one too. Essentially, if you really trust a crewmate, you can go into a room where you’re alone together, and vent to admit to them that you’re impostor, but you’re not going to kill them. Depending on the person, they may rush to go and tell on you, or they may keep your secret and provide you with some extra defence in meetings. This is known as teaming, and many Among Us players regard it to be an unfair way of playing as it’s cheating, and means that crewmates may lose as the usual rules are not in play. Doing this will probably result in one or both of you being kicked when you go back to the lobby, so I wouldn’t fully recommend this tactic, but it is still a potentially good reason to use the vents.

Among Us, Vent

5 – Sabotage Smartly

One of the biggest tricks in your arsenal is the sabotage button. If used correctly, it’s even more important than your kill button. Sabotaging can be used to temporarily hide a body, gain trust from others, or even to win the game. Here are the best ways to use each sabotage.

Doors – Only really useful to slow someone from reaching the button to report you if they’ve seen you vent. Otherwise, closed doors are more of an inconvenience to the players than an actual benefit to the impostor cause. The only exception to this is if you want to attempt a kill and don’t mind about the body getting immediately discovered. To do this, go into Electrical, and shut the doors on yourself, as well as in Security. Double check nobody entered after you (if they did, kill them and hide in the vent), and then vent to Security. If someone is on the cams, kill them, then vent back to Electrical, and either hide in the vent or walk out the door once it opens. If nobody is on cams, then vent back to Electrical, and walk out once the door opens.

Comms – Only useful if someone is watching you, and you need to hide that the task bar isn’t going up. Other than that, it just provides a potential opportunity for a stack kill, which I would never recommend.

Lights – Make sure to check the crewmate vision settings when you’re in the lobby. If it’s set to 2 or higher, don’t bother sabotaging lights as they’ll still be able to see well enough that it won’t give you an advantage. The best time to take out lights is when you’ve just killed and want to hide the body, or if you see someone quite close to you, but there’s also another player around. Stand by a task so you don’t look suspicious, then sabotage lights, kill your target, and run to fix lights. Double check that you’re not on camera beforehand (if you’re in a watched section, look to see if the cam light is blinking red). If you’re skilled, you can also use lights to get a quick kill when someone is following you. Turn the lights off, run back and kill the other person who’s hopefully close by and in the opposite direction to Electrical, then return to the person following you, and head together towards Electrical. It’ll just look like you temporarily lost them, and in the meeting they’ll vouch that you couldn’t possibly have killed as they were with you all round.

Reactor and O2 – I’m lumping these together because for the most part they have the same benefit. They draw everyone to one place in an emergency, nobody is stopping to check for bodies. One of my favourite impostor tricks is to stand in Electrical, wait till somebody walks in, and then activate an emergency. Immediately kill the other player, then run to fix either O2 or the Reactor. Nobody will suspect you as you will be one of the first on the scene, and you’ll get away with your kill. Reactor can be good if you’re on 6 players left and want to go for the double kill, but it relies on your other impostor knowing what you’re trying to do. O2 has the benefit of being in 2 separate places, so it’s a good one to win on when there are less players left, as they might not turn it back on in time. If you are ever in a position where you win next kill, then check how much time is left on the emergency meeting cooldown, and then call either O2 or Reactor just before the countdown hits 0. This will mean that the crewmates have to go to a certain place, and gives time for your kill cooldown to get to 0. Then you just need to stand in front of the switch, and wait for them to come to you so you can kill them. If they don’t come, you win anyway!

All in all, sabotaging lends you a whole bunch of options, and should not be overlooked. Being an impostor is about more than just killing, and the easiest Among Us wins are when the O2 just slowly trickles out, leaving everyone shocked when they see your name pop up on their defeat screen.

Among Us, Sabotage

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