7 Days To Die Has The Best Survival RPG Experience

Want to make huge bases? Want to customize and level up your character according to your play style? The survival horde crafting game has got you covered.

7 Days To Die has been around for almost 10 years and has made its mark as one of the best survival games. It has a loving player base investing their time to blow up some zombie brains. Sure, many survival games let you do that but 7 Days To Die goes beyond by combining different genres into a perfect genre of its own.

Key Takeaways

  • Navezgane gives the player a great way to start in the unforgiving lands where they must loot, shoot, and defend themselves by making their base.
  • The perks system of 7 Days To Die is the best RPG element ever implemented in a survival RPG game.
  • On the 7th day, players face the Horde Night to test the limits of the base and the character’s limits to overcome huge zombie waves.

Players are thrown into a zombie-infested apocalypse where they must find food, water, and shelter and defend themselves from the undead and wild animals that roam the lands, where they must loot during the day and defend themselves from every bloodthirsty creature at night.

Huge amount of perks, big maps, weapon and character customization, crafting, and base building, the game has got it all. But let us take a deeper look into why I highly recommend this game and why this game is sure to be your favorite survival RPG game once you start playing.

Welcome To Navezgane

Although the game has random map generation the way Navezgane is created with its different Points of Interest, it instantly became my favorite. The maps have five biomes, each with its type of wildlife, temperature, and environmental effects. Each biome has different enemy types and loot types too.

You will spawn at one of the biomes when you start your playthrough. I love the snow biome as nothing beats the satisfying feeling of finding warmth in a cold place with huge lumberjack zombies and bears.

Snow Biome | Captured by: VeryAli Gaming

Each biome has different types of towns and buildings to explore to find loot or to find items or notes that give a hint about the lore of the game and the struggles of the survivors in Navezgane. Whether it’s your first playthrough or your hundredth, Navezgane will never get old.

Your Base, Your Rules

Just like other survival games such as Rust and Minecraft, 7 Days To Die also has a great base-building mechanic. The game features multiple types of structures that the player can build and upgrade using materials. The game has a block-building system similar to Minecraft but lets you customize its shape and type of material.

The best thing I love about the building system is electricity. Players can use generators and batteries to power their bases with lighting equipment, motion sensors, automatic turrets, and electrical traps. More structures and traps can be unlocked with the right choice of perks and skills.

Players can either make a tree base, an underground bunker, or a vault, the possibilities are infinite. You can also paint bases and add decorations to make it feel like home. Just make sure to make a strong defense system for the base as the night can get quite wild.

Witness The RPG Apocalypse

The game has a well-balanced skills system that the players can use to increase stats. These perks are divided into classes that the player can freely choose from. Some perks can be unlocked by reading books or by completing quests.

Unlockable Skills | Captured by: VeryAli Gaming

Players can also accept quests from the traders that are scattered around the map. These quests can range from killing zombies to digging treasures. The quests are quite rewarding and just like every typical RPG game they provide XP that levels up your character and gives you skill points to spend on perks.

Players can freely customize their characters’ armor sets and weapons. They can attach customized weapons with attachments and dye them using their favorite color. Armor sets give bonuses such as defense, heat and cold resistance, and stamina boosts.

The game also encourages players to craft unique weapons. For starters, you will have to find and collect ammo for the weapon you are carrying. If you cannot find one, you can use melee weapons with different elemental damage such as electrical, bleed, and fire, which the player can decide to apply to them. Players can use perks to upgrade their crafting abilities too.

7: The Terrifying Number

Now comes the fun part, The night of the 7th day, also known as the ‘Horde Night.’ It will remind you why the game’s name is 7 Days to Die.

During the night, Hordes of zombies come running to you to get the wrinkly thing behind your eyes. All the base building and character customization leads to this moment right here.

I still remember to this day when I first faced my first Horde Night and lost most of my base to the zombies. This night is hard and requires you to use the survival, crafting, and RPG elements of the game smartly to survive the 7th day.

7 Days To Die will be leaving early access soon and after almost a decade, the game will have a full launch. The game also has a great modding community which will surely make you fall in love with the game.

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