A Guide To Ethical Gaming In 2021

As we are sure you might have noticed, 2020 has been a pretty tough year. The world is on it’s knees, we have been trapped in our homes intermittently over the last few months. Plus, we can’t go out to do all of our favourite activities. However, instead of looking back in anger, we can look at all the positives that 2020 has brought to our lives and our planet.

Thanks to everyone being housebound for a while, the world and the environment had time to breathe and recover. The carbon emissions on planet earth were at an all time low and wildlife began to thrive once again. Plus, while we were indoors, many of us discovered or rediscovered gaming again. Giving us an enjoyable pastime to ride out the Covid crisis.

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However, now we are hoping to push towards normality once again. Meaning going back to work, having less free time for gaming and spending more time outdoors. We thought we would go over some tips to make sure that you remain an ethical gamer in 2021 and protect the planet that is finally beginning to heal. So here is our new year’s resolutions toward being an ethical gamer in 2021.

Keep Your Products Cruelty Free

If you are a fan of custom accessories, top of the line gaming chairs or any other additional gaming goodies, you may own some unethical products without even being aware. A lot of these products may have been mass-produced in factories emitting large amounts of greenhouse gases, they may have been shipped from across the globe, leaving a harsh carbon footprint. Then, of course, gaming chairs in particular may have been crafted with real leather, which isn’t very animal friendly at all.

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So we would urge you to only buy products from trusted, ethical companies. We would urge you to buy locally if possible to avoid shipping. Plus, we would urge you to only buy chairs with faux leather designs. All these practices will help you be a more ethical gamer in 2021.

Switch To Solar Energy

This might seem like a huge step but if you have seen any David Attenborough documentaries, you’ll know that desperate times call for desperate measures. Solar energy is a great, cost effective way to provide power to your home. Plus, solar energy is reliable too, so you won’t have a power cut when you’re in the middle of an intense online matchup.

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If you are looking for a company that can help you set up this new source of power for your home. You need to check out JA Solar. These guys offer their services in over 135 counties around the world and have a wealth of products that will mean they can work out the best solar solution for your home. It’s a big step, but one that will save the planet and save you money for more games.

Know When To Switch Off

Using unnecessary power is one of the easiest habits to fall into. Thankfully though, it’s also one of the easiest habits to kick. Leaving your game console on overnight, your TV on standby or leaving your gaming music blaring can be a real killer for the environment, not to mention your electricity bill. So be sure to turn off all appliances when you aren’t using them. Your wallet and the planet will thank you.

Take Out The Trash

As gamers, we are no stranger to late-night sessions, fast food, energy drinks and a hearty helping of snacks. However, a lot of us will return to the scene of the crime in the morning, do a sweep and fill one garbage bag with everything before dumping it in the bin set for landfill. It’s definitely the quicker option but if you want to be an ethical gamer, there is a better way.

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We simply urge you to add an extra garbage bag into the mix and separate your recyclable trash from the rest. It’s a simple act that can make all the difference. If we all act together, we can reduce waste and make the world a safer, cleaner place.

As always, thank you for reading VeryAli Gaming.

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