A Quick Guide To Make Bank In Madden Ultimate Team

Madden 21 Ultimate Team

Since the genesis of the Ultimate Team format back in 2009 through EA’s soccer staple, FIFA. Pretty much every sporting title under the EA umbrella has incorporated this popular game mode into their ranks and American football goliath Madden is no exception. This realistic football sim also allows you to draft the best and brightest stars into your dream team with Madden Ultimate Team. However, to draw the biggest stars, you need to have the cash to make that happen. Meaning, you’ll need to be aware of every trick in the book to gather up funds for the cream of the crop.

This can be a daunting task, especially if you are a newbie to the whole UT format. However, we are here to help with a quick and concise guide that teaches you how to gather cash fast. Meaning that you’ll have a roster that could take on anyone in no time at all. So without further delay. Here is our guide on how to get coins fast in Madden Ultimate Team.

#1 – Challenge Yourself

The first thing that you can do that will cost no actual real-world money to achieve, is complete in-game challenges. All of these challenges offer a variety of different rewards. These might be player cards, consumables, interesting cosmetic items, or most importantly, it might be a whole bunch of coins. These challenges can be time-limited ot they could be long term and constantly available challenges. Plus, they vary in difficulty too. Some of these will test your skill to the limit but if you can manage them, the rewards are worth the struggle. So if you want to acquire loads of coins fast, simply play the game and complete challenges. It couldn’t be more straight forward.

#2 – Become A Football Mogul

Next, you have the option of becoming proficient in the art of buying and selling. Within the Madden Ultimate Team online market, you’ll find players that simply don’t know the value of the players they possess, listing them for way below their usual cost. That’s where you come in. You can snipe these players off the market and then resell them for a tasty profit. This tactic takes some practice and skill to pull off, plus patience in abundance. However, if you can master this skill, you’ll be rolling in MUT coins in no time at all.

#3 – Play, Play, Play

There is an obvious way to gradually increase your coin count and that is through simply playing the game. Through simply finishing matches, the player will be awarded with a small purse of coins at the end depending on your result. So if you can string a run of positive results together, you can make quite a healthy profit for your efforts. Then, in addition, there are sometimes online events and tournaments where you can pick up more money provided you rack up some back to back wins. This may not be the most efficient way to earn coins but its a great way to add to earn and play at the same time.

#4 – Invest in your Team

Then lastly, we have the option that means you’ll have to spend real-world money to make MUT money. You can do this in two ways. You can add points to your account by using the various console storefronts. However, these methods tend to be rather expensive and offer poor returns considering the amount of cash you may invest. So we have a better suggestion that offers a lot more bang for your buck.

The other method is through using third party retailers who will transfer coins right into your account or set up pre-loaded accounts with coins for you to do with as you please. These retailers tend to offer much more value for a much more reasonable price than the EA MUT storefront. So if you want the fast track to success but still want to shop smart. Then this is the way to go.

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