About Us

VeryAli Gaming is a gaming blog website with content that’s all about gaming, with guides done by our creative team of video game enthusiasts and contributors from all over the globe. We pride ourselves on our original content and subsequently the mind of our writing team.

We are also not limited to video game guides. Here at VeryAli Gaming, we cover everything from leaks and important news to reviews and interviews. Our team also believes that there should be no exclusion when it comes to games because we all use this medium to escape into a world we enjoy for some well-deserved time. That’s why we cover all mediums of gaming such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and everything in between. Every gamer has a voice that deserves to be heard.

Speaking of our team we have some quite passionate people on board with us. All those who work behind the scenes to bring you the content you crave are gamers who took their love for the medium and want to share it with other people.

If you are someone looking for a place to talk about video games and simply share your love for them, then we welcome you to the VeryAli Gaming family with open arms and a ready controller with your name on it.

Editorial Process

We take our job seriously here and strictly disapprove of copywriting or plagiarised work. All work published on our website is quality original content with high standards and strict criteria to ensure no foul play is in order. We have many things we file under our editorial process, these include –  (1) our rules regarding plagiarism; (2) how we conduct our research; (3) keeping our content up-to-date; (4) accessibility of the content to our readers; (5) our meticulous fact-checking policy; (6) the reader’s trust in us; (7) behind the scenes teamwork and collaboration; (8) rewrites, revisions, and proof-reading.

Rules Regarding Plagiarism

Here at VeryAli Gaming, we use top-of-the-line software to detect plagiarism and similarity with other articles online. Your trust is important to us and as such all of our content is original and not lifted from someone else, we make sure of this by only allowing a 1% similarity index for each guide published.

To us, rewriting is a very big offense. Stealing someone else’s hard work and presenting it as your own is despicable and we do not condone this kind of behavior. We make sure not to hire writers who indulge in regular instances of copy-writing and any writer found doing so would face serious consequences as they were made aware of this scenario beforehand with our zero-tolerance policy regarding such matters. The importance of original content is very valuable to us and we expect a level of understanding from the writers in our team as well. We do expect our writers to hold themselves to the highest professional standard in the industry and keep themselves in check when it comes to an incident like such.

How We Conduct Research

Our writers at VeryAli Gaming have many methods of conducting research for an article. Since they are also avid gamers it’s quite common that many of these come from the head of the writer themselves. They play these games for hours on end and write from their experiences while immersed in this world of escapist fantasy we call video games. Finally, an article is checked by an editor who vets the article for inaccuracies in the information and style of writing.

In regards to our news team, we stay lurking on all major social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and especially Twitter as that’s where most people like to leak or announce new developments in the gaming industry. After they finish compiling their news report it is sent directly to our trusty editors. Once in their hands, they carefully vet the article for any inaccuracies or misinformation. When they are content with fact-checking they publish the article to our readers.

We would also like to let our audience know that any research we conduct is unbiased and diverse in its nature. Our writers carefully and cautiously approach any subject matter, be it guides or news. Another note to keep in mind is that we don’t oversell any of our articles, there may be a slight exaggeration for effect but our results are very clearly mentioned and never oversold. We know just how devastating it can feel to be promised a “broken build” only for it to not live up to the hype and be just another average build. We try not to invoke these kinds of expectations in our readers as this is also a big part of the trust between the writer and the reader.

Up-To-Date Content

We keep all of our content fresh and up-to-date for your reading pleasure. Providing you with the factual data you desire that remains consistent throughout the time it is up on the website. Each article is given a “written on” date which keeps a record of when it was published. Alongside this each article that is updated gets posted at the top of the website, indicating its updated status.

Most of the time we update articles when there is new information available or the game about which the article was written updated and changed the meta being used. This happens not very often but when it does we are first to respond with an instant update to the affected article(s). This is also the case with feedback from readers. If we are informed of some outdated information or some sort of oversight then we immediately correct it and update the article.

Keeping our articles up-to-date and modern is another reason for the trust between the reader and the writer. If we provide outdated information then the reader might follow the advice of that article and not receive the results promised due to them being outdated hence breaking the established trust.

Accessibility to General Audiences

We like to keep our content accessible for all users to enjoy, which is why most of our articles are relatively short and sweet guides with easily digestible language so as to not exclude anyone from reading them. Our main focus is using native-level language to allow for easy reading and understanding of our articles. Our content is presented in a calm tone and informative manner but also includes flavor text so as to not bore the reader with too many facts and numbers.

Images are a large part of our content as well because the use of visual aids often helps people understand our point rather than simply reading about it. Most people already scan an article rather than read it all the way through. The use of images is quite helpful and engaging for people throughout the globe, even those who cannot speak the language can understand what is trying to be said because images arent restricted by a language barrier, unlike text.

We also include a table of contents for each article so that you don’t have to manually skim through the article to find something specific regarding a build or guide. On that note, many of our guides are purposefully written short so that no one has to spend time reading rather than playing their favorite game, trust us we know how annoying it can be.

Fact-Checking Policy

Fact-checking is a crucial part of any website. But it is not always easy to find reliable sources about the information you are looking for, which can be very hard for users to find. Our top priority is making sure no content published by us is ripped from someone else.

We provide users with a great opportunity to verify and debunk a piece of information or article about their chosen topic, making it easier for them to make informed decisions. Our editors do this by vetting the article’s content before publication, providing users with links to relevant resources for any information they might need and want to look into further. The process is also quite time-consuming but thanks to our editors and our writing staff following the Editorial Process there are little to no cases of plagiarism or copy-writing.

We cross-check all other articles on the subject matter using a top-of-the-line system which determines if an article has any bits and bobs that are identical to other similar articles on the internet. This includes statistics regarding things in and out of games such as; weapons, skills, hours, release dates, net-worth figures, salaries, percentage estimates, etc.

If by some chance any of our writers are found to not be following the anti-plagiarism rules during the fact-checking phase then they will be dealt with harshly as they have been made well aware of the consequences before becoming part of the writing team.

Trust in Us

We recognize that it’s tough to trust the word of a complete stranger on the internet, after all, they tell you not to do that as rule #1 of going online. But we know that once you try our advice you won’t be let down, try out one of our guides and you won’t be led astray, try out one of our builds and you won’t be disappointed. Taking that first step is scary but once you take that step with us you will never feel that way again.

 Another factor we regard highly in the trust would be the originality of our articles. We believe that our trust is dependent on the work we put out to you, our audience. Any sort of plagiarised or copy-written work is a breach of the reputation built with us and we would hate to disappoint. That is why we have such strict editorial policies in place, to prevent the trust we form with our audience and readers from shattering. Because we know that once trust is gone it is very hard to get back, if at all. You can also see more examples of why your trust is important to us in the other parts of the editorial process. Moreover, searching for a Game Guide, written by an Expert Gamer, what could go wrong?

Teamwork and Collaboration

Encouraging our writers to ask for help is a crucial part of our editorial process. No one knows everything and asking for help does not show incompetence, rather it shows modesty in knowing one’s limitations and wanting to be assisted by others who excel where they do not. We encourage collaboration and healthy communication amongst our writer teams as a healthy mind is an active mind.

We also get writers to collaborate with each other on articles sometimes due to either the varying nature of the article itself or the sheer extensiveness of the topic at hand. We have our writers not only discuss work but also just simply talk with each other to foster better communication amongst themselves. This may take the form of sharing something they found funny with the rest of the crew or asking some interesting questions that can deepen their understanding of each other. Overall a very important cog in the machine called VeryAli Gaming.

Rewrites, Revisions, and Proof-reading

Now as human beings our writers are fallible. They can make mistakes and overlook certain things that they would otherwise not miss. That is where our policy regarding rewrites, revisions, and edits of the written draft comes into play. When one of our writers completes an article the draft goes straight to the editor who does many things. First and foremost they check the article for any sort of plagiarism, afterwards, they fact-check it to make sure there is no false information being cited as factual. Last but not least they proofread the entire article for any sort of mistakes or discrepancies in the tone or style of writing.

After all of these are noted down and confirmed by the editor they are sent back to the writer as revisions. Some revisions are merely suggestions that are good to add/change but not detrimental to the overall article in a negative way. Meanwhile, there are certain revision suggestions that cannot go unnoticed such as factual inaccuracies, over exaggerations, and in some rare cases copy-writing.

Another type of revision would be copyediting. To simplify this term it basically means to check the grammar of the written article and is usually done by the editor depending on how many instances are found in the content. It is usually the last stage of the Editorial Process, right before publication.

Our Team

Our Team is comprised of many talented and carefully-picked contributors. For guides and walkthroughs, we have a dedicated content writing team working tirelessly to bring you the best and most interesting parts of a game by spending hours playing and researching them. On the news and interviews side, we have great contributing journalists scouring the web and contacting their sources for first-hand scoops and sneak peeks into the industry. These teams produce content that then falls to the editors who fact-check, verify and provide feedback to the writers before publishing the article to you our readers.


We have a vision, a vision of the future where all people have enough time to play the games they love and make them happy. A world where saying “I don’t know” doesn’t result in being called a noob but rather results in being helped by the community of that game. And this starts with all of us as individuals that are part of the gaming community. A vision of unity, peace, and no console wars. Our entire team at VeryAli Gaming shares this vision and we invite you to share in this vision of the future as well, together we can make our vision a reality.

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