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AC: Valhalla Impresses Legendary Film Director John Carpenter

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s (Get it here & if you are on XBOX then here) big splash into the gaming market continues to impress gamers and critics alike. It’s no surprise that the game has been received with many positive reviews, with its beautiful landscape populated with great characters. Ubisoft has landed a hit. The praise of the game continues when legendary horror film director John Carpenter, director of The Thing (1982) and Halloween (1978). Praising AC: Valhalla as the return of the Assassin’s Creed franchise to excellence. Furthermore, Ubisoft announces that an AC: Valhalla update is on the horizon.

John Carpenter the Passionate Gamer

It’s no small feat to impress John Carpenter as the horror genius has made statements on many games in the past. Such as approving of Borderlands 2, The Last of Us, Dead Space, and Bioshock. Stating in an interview with Giant Bomb that:

“The first game I remember playing obsessively was Sonic the Hedgehog… I have many favorite games. Borderlands 2 is spectacular. I love BioShock, the Dead Space series, The Last of Us…” – John Carpenter, Giant Bomb

Furthermore, the Horror legend asking whether the director has ever had plans for creating a game to which he responded. “I’d love to work on an original Video game,” Perhaps horror fans will be graced with a title created by Carpenter eventually.

John Carpenter steps from behind the camera to the front of the stage - Las  Vegas Weekly
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AC: Valhalla Update Is On the Horizon

The official Assassin’s Creed Twitter account recently posted teasing the answer for an in-game riddle that can be found in AC: Valhalla. While many users tried to solve the riddle, Ubisoft replied to a user jokingly asking for an update for the game. Stating that “We’ll be deploying a new title update sometime this week. Stay tuned for more details very soon.”

Not a Perfect Game… Yet Anyway

Previously the team had stated that an update will be released at the end of the month. So sharpen your axes and draw your bow, AC: Valhalla will soon be even better. Ubisoft has made some hotfixes for the game such as the game-breaking bug that stops players from starting the Seer’s Solace quest. Players that are having difficulty with starting this quest are recommended to restart their console as the hotfix is server-side. Additionally, the game can be rather buggy on the PS4 version as well as having some cosmetic issues across platforms.

AC: Valhalla has had much praise from critics and rightly so as it demonstrates the power of next-gen consoles while proving that there is still some juice left in the series. Check out our in-depth review of AC: Valhalla below. Although if John Carpenter says AC: Valhalla is an “incredible game” I’m sold!

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