Unveiling The Reign of Age of Empires II: A Masterpiece Amongst its Series

Despite all the years and ongoing sequels, Age Of Empires II has proven to be an astounding arrival in the series.

Age of Empire II as masterpiece
Age Of Empires II is an ideal concept for real-time strategy

With the release of Age Of Empires in 1997, Ensemble Studio reached the heights of success and inspired the gaming world by implementing Real-Time Strategy features in the gameplay. The game earned favorable ratings, created an affectionate fanbase, and set the standards for strategy-based games.

Key Takeaways

  • The 1999 release of Age of Empires II did astonishingly well in terms of improving gameplay and visuals.
  • The remake of the game, Definitive Edition, did exceptionally well in enhancing the game’s reputation.
  • Age Of Empires II gameplay features complement the real-time strategy design perfectly.
  • The game offers new DLC packs even after years of its release even though its sequels exist.
  • Despite the arrival of the recent title Age Of Empires IV, the average player base of Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition remains more active than any other entry in the series.
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    Interactive Gameplay Design

    Overview of the Technology Tree for Teuton Civilization

    Now, the most captivating feature of Age Of Empires II, in my opinion, is the control and command aspect of the gameplay. It creates a tempting climate for the players who are willing to exhibit their micro-skills.

    The fact that we can shift the stance of a group or a unit, and issue commands that initiate a loop (such as patrolling) are the most relishing features I have witnessed in the gameplay. Regrettably, there was a limitation of these features in Age Of Empires III.

    Age Of Empires II Technology Tree varies from civilization to civilization. Some may outrun others in naval combat, some have superiority at the economic level, and some remain unmatched in their military capabilities.

    This diversity compliments the presence of plentiful variants of the map. You can actually gain an advantage based on the landscape you select for the match.

    I consider that the Age Of Empires II was the correct step towards the gameplay and quality improvement. Whereas the sequel mostly focused on improving visuals and animation overhaul.

    There is no doubt that Age Of Empires III had a fair share in satisfying the audience. However, its innovative gameplay design did not perform well to endure the competition with its prequel. The unwanted city perks, limited civilizations, and the lack of Tech-Tree were not up to the task of rivalling the lively mechanics of Age Of Empires II.

    Campaign Series Based On Iconic Entities Of The Past

    Prologue of Salahuddin’s campaign

    The narrative aspect of Age Of Empires II has remained the most compelling feature to me out of all. The lengthy campaign scenarios with well-structured stage designs are worth complimenting.

    Moreover, the events covered in the campaign highlight the major battles of history. The archetypal story chunks unravel the part of history upon which the great leaders tread. The untiring plunder of Genghis Khan, the conquest of Salahuddin against the Crusaders, the sturdy ruler Babur, and numerous more narratives on historical figures are well-defined in the game.

    Furthermore, in the latest arrival, Age Of Empires IV, I have observed many mechanisms that follow the game design approach of Age Of Empires II. This also implies the narrative aspect.

    Age Of Empires IV’s campaign design is based on the canon events of the past. Apart from that, many gameplay features such as a few sets of animations, a technology tree, and resource-gathering appear to mimic the details of Age Of Empires II.

    These factors indicate that Age Of Empires II’s overall game design is an ideal approach to setting the base for new titles in the series.

    Flawless Architectural Work And Language Implementation

    Cairo, the central city of Egypt

    Regarding the visuals aspect, Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition did exceptionally well in recapturing the architectural work of old settlements.

    The Definitive Edition has put forth more civilizations into the playfield. Along with their entries, the delivery of their tone and structural designs are of top-notch quality.

    The diversity present in structural art and the uniqueness given to each civilization in terms of language is riveting to the point that it motivated me to try out every civilization in the game. Additionally, the fact that every civilization can train a unique infantry makes the most impact in keeping the gameplay diverse, captivating, and enjoyable.

    The most admirable thing to witness about Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition is that developers fully support the game to this date. Despite the game’s arrival in 2019, it still receives expansion DLCs on the campaign scenario such as Victors and Vanquished released on March 14, 2024.

    The game’s active development and thriving player base (compared to its sequels) mark the dominance of the title in its series.

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