Alan Wake 2: How To Enter Caldera Station? [Stepwise Procedure]

Here is how you can get the two light sources and use them to enter the Caldera Station.

Alan Wake 2 Caldera Station Cover
Alan Wake 2: How To Enter Caldera Station?

Key Takeaways

  • Caldera Station is present in the chapter Initiation 2: Casey, played by Alan Wake.
  • To unlock its entrances, players require two distinct light sources and a subway ticket.
  • The first light source is a street lamp in an alley near the sign “Neighbourhood Illumination.”
  • The second light source is another street lamp in the right direction of the station, across Draft Street, near a yellow taxi.
  • Use these light sources to charge up your Angel Lamp and reveal the hidden doorways.

Caldera Station is one of the prominent story locations in Alan Wake 2, and entering it is a puzzle. It appears in Alan Wake’s second mission, Casey, but it is hidden from plain sight at first. Players must obtain two different light sources to show the station’s entrance.

Subway Ticket Location

The first thing you will encounter for this quest is the Subway Ticket. As the mission starts, you come out in the open and hear a phone ringing. Pick up the phone, and once the conversation ends, you will find yourself a map of the area and a subway ticket just behind you on the ground.

First Light Source Location

Caldera Station First Light Source
Caldera Station First Light Source | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

For the first light source, you need to find the neon sign board reading “Neighbourhood Illumination.” Once you get there, follow these steps:

  1. Go down the stairs below the signboard. It will lead to an alley.
  2. You will encounter Agent Casey there. After a short cutscene, he will be dead with his weapon and torchlight left. Pick them up.
  3. Use your Angel Lamp to absorb the light from the street light in front of you.

You can either explore the area for a few collectibles or return to the Caldera Station entrance. Using your Angel Lamp near the station sign will open a stairway leading down. However, it’s a dead end, and you must get another light source to reveal further area.

Second Light Source Location

Alan Wake 2 Caldera Station Light Source Locations
Caldera Station Light Source Locations | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

To unlock the complete location, you must have two light sources. In my experience, finding the second one was a bit tough, with a few enemy encounters and difficult paths. I suggest following these steps to get it without making much effort:

  1. Come outside and retrieve the light from the Caldera Station.
  2. Move forward and illuminate another street light using your Angel Lamp.
  3. A new area will be opened. Climb up the stairs, and you will notice a small room to your left; after some exploration, it will be your safe haven.
  4. I recommend saving your game there and exploring the area for stuff like Echoes or Words of Aids, Guns, and others.
  5. You will encounter Tim Breaker there, who disappeared from the Morgue during the Saga’s quest.
  6. On further exploring, I noticed a staircase going upwards near the safe location. From there, I found a door that led me back to the ground level.
  7. Search for the Caldera Station, and use your Angel Lamp to charge it up.
Caldera Station Second Light Source
Caldera Station Second Light Source | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Watch for hostile shadows, as they will be in a decent number there. From my experience, a few can be killed using only a standard flashlight, while others require the boosted flashlight to weaken them and then kill them using the weapon.

Entering Caldera Station

Put Subway Ticket here to unlock the door
Put Subway Ticket here to unlock the door | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

After illuminating your Angel Lamp from the second light source, go straight towards a chain fence with a door. Open it up, and it will lead straight to the Caldera Station and the path where you climb up to the safe location.

First, go to the Caldera Station and use your Angel Lamp to reveal the first entrance. Then, return and re-charge your lamp from the street light you illuminated earlier to climb up. Go downwards in the station and reveal the second entrance by lighting up the place.

Once both locations are open, use your subway ticket to open the gate. Cross the gate to enter the Caldera Station and proceed with the next objectives you receive.

My Walkthrough Experience

In my experience, the Caldera Station in Alan Wake 2 was a bit confusing at first. It introduced new mechanics and different storylines that even confused me for a while. The method I propose is to find the first light source and then explore the complete area for collectibles, items and other stuff. Afterward, move to the second light source and do the same. Additionally, watch out for enemies, as this place is filled with them.

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