Alan Wake 2 Chapters List [All Missions]

Alan Wake 2 offers a linear storyline with a amazing sci-fi horror experience that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Find everything about the complete Chapter list in Alan Wake 2 for a complete progression.

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Alan Wake 2: Chapter List

There are 19 chapters in Alan Wake 2. According to the chapter list, you play as Saga Anderson in the first 10 missions, whereas in the last 9, you portray Alan Wake. In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting Sci-Fi horror titles in years, and I hope you will like it once I walk you through the mission line.

Key Takeaways

  • In Alan Wake 2, you get 19 campaign chapters. 10 are played as Saga Anderson, and in the rest, your main character is Alan Wake.
  • Mission names of Saga start with Return. Whereas the Mission names of Alan start with Invitation.
  • The storyline is linear, hence, there are no side missions. However, you can collect collectable items to help in the trophy hunting.

Saga Anderson’s Chapter List

Alan Wake 2 Saga Anderson storyline
Alan Wake 2 – inside the storyline of Saga Anderson (Captured By Us)

In the first 10 missions, you investigate crime scenes such as Saga Anderson in Bright Falls and areas connected to it. These are the missions you will be a part of.

  • Return 0 – The Cult
  • Return 1 – Invitation
  • Return 2 – The Heart
  • Return 3 – Local Girl
  • Return 4 – No Chance
  • Return 5 – Old Gods
  • Return 6 – Scratch
  • Return 7 – Summoning
  • Return 8 – Deerfest
  • Return 9 – Come Home

Alan Wake’s Chapter List

The chapters of Alan Wake take place in a bizarre region called The Dark Place. In my opinion, they are more mysterious and interesting concerning the storyline. Let’s look at the chapter names you will play.

  • Initiation 1 – Late Night
  • Initiation 2 – Casey
  • Initiation 3 – Haunting
  • Initiation 4 – We Sing
  • Initiation 5 – Room 665
  • Initiation 6 – Return
  • Initiation 7 – Masks
  • Initiation 8 – Zane’s Film
  • Initiation 9 – Gone

Note that after you complete Return 2 – The Heart, you can switch between the missions of Alan and Saga. I personally prefer this feature, as it allows me to experience both storylines in parallel. Furthermore, Alan Wake 2 offers linear gameplay, so do not expect any side missions.

While playing these chapters, I found some Collectible items which make the gameplay interesting. Here is what I have found so far.

Collectible Name Description
Cult Stashes Storage Boxes that usually require a 3-digit code to open. They contain valuable items, such as Satchels for Saga’s Inventory Upgrades.
Words of Power These are only for Alan Wake. If you shine flashlight on them, they provide buffs for him, such as Inventory Upgrades.
Alex Casey Lunchboxes Saga can collect this item that provides a textual message from a secret identity. Use the lunchboxes for upgrading weapons.
Writer’s Journey Videos Alan Wake will find these videos to get helpful content for the storyline.

Personally, I found it more interesting to play as Saga Anderson first. The crime-solving chapters and tracking the progress in the Mind Place really amazed me. However, Alan Wake 2 allows you to switch between the two character storylines, which is a great way to keep track of both sides.

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