Alan Wake 2: All Cult Stashes [Complete List]

There are around 22 cult stashes that you can unlock across the map in Alan Wake 2. Here you will find everything about them.

Alan Wake 2 - All Stashes

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 22 cult stashes in Alan Wake 2.
  • Cauldron Lake includes 5, Watery has 8, and Bright Falls has 9 Cult stashes.
  • Stashes can be unlocked by entering Codes or following patterns/symbols in Alan Wake 2.

Cult stashes in Alan Wake 2 offer resourceful items and ammunition that guarantee your survival against supernatural enemies. Where are these stashes, and how can you find them? Let’s right into it!

Cauldron Lake Cult Stash

Return 1 - Invitation
Return 1 – Invitation In Alan Wake 2 ( Captured By VeryAli Gaming)

In Cauldron Lake, there are 5 Cult Stash:

Chapter Location Objective Solution
Return 1- Invitation This one lies nearby the Murder site, Just in front of the cabin. Correct Symbols combination

You have to put the right combination on the padlock one-by -one.

  1. For first row choose the up and down triangle symbol that are overlapped, their tips are facing each other and are tilted.
  2. For second select the triangles that are making hourglass shape.
  3.  For third go for the side-by-side triangles and their tips are in opposite directions.
Return 2- The Heart Go to the south of Cauldron Lake Shore and you will find it on the beach. Press the Correct buttons Buttons on the padlock light up, remember the code for unlocking, which involves inventory upgrades and other items.
Return 2- The Heart It’s by the stream, Find the box near the table and a tree with a yellow arrow. Find the Key Follow yellow arrows on trees using a flashlight to reach the key in the south.
Return 2- The Heart Head to the northwestern side of the area where you cleared the flood, then you will spot a steep surface below the private cabin, and that’s where this box will be located. Insert the three-digit code on the padlock The code is 6,8,5.
After Return 5- Old Gods This Cult Stash is in Rental Cabins but to have an access you are required to have Bolt Cutters. Find the Missing Key Use the cutter to break the lock of the door that leads to the cabins, and then make your way through the third cabin, take left and move through the fallen tree by crawling.
Then go to cabin 5, reach the exit, find a truck, locate tree with symbol “2” using flashlight, and check behind it for the key.

Watery Cult Stash

You get to find 8 Cult Stash in Watery. Here you can find all of them in the list below:

Chapter Location Objective Solution
Return 3- Local Girl Head to the east of woods and then move through the valley until you reach at the end and this stash will be there Press the correct code Remember the code order
Return 3- Local Girl There will be a cabin in woods, go to the outside of it to find this stash Insert the three-digit code Code: 5,2,7
Return 3- Local Girl In the Coffee World go to the Ferris wheel and you will find the box next to it Insert the code Code: 1,4,7
Return 3- Local Girl This will also be in the Coffee World; head to the Huotari Well, and you will find this stash there, more specifically in the northern part. Find the key Find the cup statue with a big smile. Look behind it to get the key.
Return 3- Local Girl This stash will be in the northwestern part of lighthouse Insert the right symbols
  1. Triangles over each other in a downward direction.
  2. Triangles over each other in an upward direction.
  3. Triangles side-by-side but in a vertical position.
Return 3- Local Girl This one can be found in Lighthouse Trailer park, after completing the watery boss combat take a look around Saga’s trailer and you will find it Find the missing key Nearby the stash, there will be a blue crate and a wooden ramp. By walking up to the ramp, you can find the key.
Return 3- Local Girl In the southeastern part of Watery Downtown: head to the dock and look for this stash behind the blue-colored crates Solve the puzzle with the correct combination. Code: 496
After Return 5- Old Gods Look for this stash behind the Kalevala Knights Workshop. Note that you must have bolt cutters. Insert the code Code: 542

Bright Falls Cult Stash

In the Bright Falls, there are 9 Cult Stash for players to find:

Chapter Location Objective Solution
Return 4- No Chance Near the cabin, you have to look for a rock, a massive one, and then go to its back to find the stash. Press the buttons in correct order Follow the code pattern and then press the buttons accordingly.
Return 4- No Chance It can be found at the back of a pickup truck in the woods. Insert the lock combination Code: 177
Return 5- Old Gods Exit the Valhalla Nursing Home and move to the left to find it after finishing the main story event. Get the key Go to the area below the box, and you will find an arrow sign in the downward direction pointing at the key.
Return 5- Old Gods It will be in the woods area to the south of the Wellness Center. Follow the arrows while going through the main path to reach there. Cult Symbols
  1. Side-by-side triangles opposite to each other.
  2. Both triangles are downward.
  3. Hourglass.
Return 5- Old Gods Located on a cliff west of Ranger Station Find the Key Key outside station, near chimney base.
Return 5- Old Gods At Elderwood Palace Lounge, you can find it beside the white-coloured van. Press the right code Again, remember the code pattern and insert it.
Return 5- Old Gods It will be in the shed located to the southeast of the Lounge. Here, bolt cutters are required Insert the right code Code: 6,9,7
Return 5- Old Gods Can be found in a Yard behind “Oh Deer Diner” Cult Symbols

Open the door through cutters. The symbol pattern goes like this:

  1. Overlapped, upside, side-by-side
  2. Side-by-side, horizontal, opposite direction.
  3. One triangle at the top of another, upward direction.
Scratch At the basement of Sherriff’s Office Code combination Code: 1,4,6

So, now I am at the closing stage of my article, and I would like to say that it was quite a nice experience while finding all these cult stashs, as it’s fun to get the clues and then find their solutions. I personally liked the Watery ones more than the others, and also, do let me know which ones you liked the most and which ones gave you a hard time. Until then see you in the next one!

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