Alan Wake 2 Fuse Location [Step-By-Step]

A step-by-step guide on how to locate the Fuse location for Witch's Hut in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Fuse Location
A detailed guide on Fuse Location in Alan Wake 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Players require a fuse for Witch’s Hut in Chapter 2 to proceed further in Alan Wake 2.
  • The fuse is located inside a blue crate in a campsite across the bridge.
  • Enter the Witch’s Hut, and you’ve successfully unlocked a Break Room.

While playing as Saga Anderson in Alan Wake 2, some of the very first obstacles you’ll face include finding a fuse for a Witch’s Hut. You will visit the Witch’s Hut early in your playthrough by following Nightengale’s Footprints in Chapter 2. Once you start looking for the fuse for the Hut’s fuse box in such a vast area, you’d wish to have prior knowledge. Continue reading to find out the Fuse Location.

Fuse Location

Fuse Location Alan Wake 2
Fuse Location on Map – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Step-By-Step Walkthrough

  1. You can locate the Fuse Box on the left side of the Witch’s Hut.
  2. From here, look back – directly opposite the fuse box – and start walking.
  3. There is a single path going straight ahead. Start walking on this path, which leads to a wooden bridge.
  4. Pass the bride, and you’ll find a grey-colored box on the ground, which carries a fuse. However, as Saga says, this one is busted. So continue your journey ahead, and don’t get tricked by this one.
  5. Just ahead, you’ll notice a chair. Go there.
  6. There is a campsite in the area. Once there, look to your left; you’ll locate two blue boxes. One of these boxes holds the fuse you’re looking for. And luckily, this one’s not busted.
  7. Make sure to loot the rest of the campsite and simply backtrack to the Witch’s Hut.
Saga's Mind Place For rest or working on cases in Alan Wake 2.
Saga’s Mind Place For rest or working on cases in Alan Wake 2. (Captured By Us}

Now that you’re back. Head to the fuse box located on the left wall of the Hut and place the Fuse you just collected in the empty slot. That’s all! Head back inside the Witch’s Hut, and the lights are lit up. What’s better? You’ve finally unlocked a Break Room, a place where you can rest up.

My Verdict

If you do get lost in the woods while getting the fuse, you can always open up the map. The fuse box location is marked along with the bridge you pass for the fuse itself. The game can become pretty dark in visibility while in the woods, and I have my fair share of struggles exploring these woods. So stay mindful while covering this specific area in Alan Wake 2.

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