Alan Wake 2 Lighthouse Key Location & Guide

If you have trouble finding the lighthouse key in order to enter the lighthouse, here is my detailed guide on Lighthouse Key in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Lighthouse Key
A guide on Alan Wake 2 Lighthouse Key location.

Key Takeaways

  • The lighthouse key does not spawn at a set location.
  • Players obtain the key after collecting all the Cult Stashes available.
  • The lighthouse key appears in the 22nd and final Cult Stash the player opens.
  • There are 9 Cult Stashes in Bright Falls, 8 in Watery, and 5 in Cauldron Lake.
  • You can also get the Cult Stashes location on the map by accessing the board in Kalevala Knights Workshop.
  • After getting the key, players can backtrack to the lighthouse located in Watery and enter the tower.

While playing as Saga Anderson in Alan Wake 2, players will be exploring and investigating a lot of different buildings. One of them is a tower located in Lighthouse Trailer Park, Watery, WA. However, you’ll soon realize this mysterious-looking lighthouse is locked. And to proceed further, you must find its key.

Lighthouse Key Location

You can find the lighthouse key much faster if you focus only on collecting Cult Stashes. The key does not spawn until and unless 21 Cult Stashes are collected. The key is inside the 22nd and last Cult Stash.

Therefore, I recommend that, before you get to the lighthouse key, look out for these small boxes lying around and solve the puzzles to open them. Not only will they eventually lead you to the essential lighthouse key, but they also provide ammunition and other useful resources. You can

Here are the regions that contain Cult Stashes, along with their number:

  • Bright Falls: 9 Cult Stashes
  • Watery, WA: 8 Cult Stashes
  • Cauldron Lake: 5 Cult Stashes
Alan Wake 2 Lighthouse Key
Saga exploring the Cauldron Lake – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

There is no Cult Stash that is specifically assigned for the key. Whichever Cult Stash you open the last will carry it as a “good job” reward.

  • Note: You can reveal the Cult Stashes location by accessing the maps inside Kalevala Knights Workshop, pinned on a board. Otherwise, you’ll have to explore around and pray for the Cult Stash to appear without any guidance.

Entering the Lighthouse

Once you have the lighthouse key, backtrack all the way to the Lighthouse located in Watery. The rest is simple. Make sure to collect everything the tower has to offer. You’ll also obtain a blueprint for a weapon to defeat monsters more easily.

My Verdict

Though the lighthouse key in Alan Wake 2 is hard and time-consuming to obtain, you can speed up the process if you get the maps for Cult Stashes locations. They helped me a lot in collecting the few Cult Stashes I missed early on, as some of the Cult Stashes are well-hidden. The lighthouse contains a handful of loot with some important resources, so checking it out at least once is recommended from my side.

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