Alan Wake 2 Nightingale Boss Fight [Expert’s Insights]

Nightingale is a horrific dead person who comes back to life without a heart. Nightingale's ability to disappear and attack is the most scariest thing about him. Learn more about this fight by reading the guide!

Alan Wake 2: Nightingale Boss Fight

Nightingale will be your first boss encounter in Alan Wake 2. He rises from the dead most horrifically. Winning the battle is easy, however, it gets tricky if you don’t follow instructions.

Key Takeaways

  • Nightingale is the very first boss you are going to fight. 
  • He becomes alive in the Sheriff’s Morgue and tries to hunt Saga Anderson.
  • After disappearing from the Morgue, the boss is again seen outside the crime investigation area.
  • Defeating Nightingale is doable if you follow the conventional approach of using Flashlight and Weaponry concurrently.

Nightingale Boss Fight Start Location

Close to the end of Chapter 1, Return 1: Invitation, you will visit the Sheriff’s Morgue to examine a dead body, Nightingale. Before starting the examination, you will enter Saga’s Mind Place and arrange some documents.

I suggest you follow the steps in the correct order, otherwise, you will get stuck inside the Morgue and will be forced to restart the game from the last checkpoint.

  1. Place all the Manuscript pages on the investigation board that you found in Chapter 1.
  2. Select the file “Murder at Cauldron Lake” and make this case active.
  3. All the related clues of the active case must be placed to the right of the Nightingale picture.
  4. By activating the case and placing the clues, you will receive a new dialogue that Sage uses with Casey.
  5. Converse with Casey and then move on with your examination.

During the cut scene that shows the investigation, Nightingale comes back to life and makes people disappear from that room as the tube lights flicker. Following this horrific scene, Nightingale moves on to hunt you and the boss fight starts.

How To Defeat Nightingale Boss?

Part 1

Alan Wake 2 - Nightingale Boss
Alan Wake 2 – Nightingale Boss Scene 1. (Captured By Us)

As difficult as it may seem, your only way to success is to follow the clues of the ongoing investigation. During the examination, Saga reveals that the Taken are scared of the light, as it burns them and they can’t see through the light. This drops the hint to stay in the blinking lights and avoid the dark areas.

  • Start by finding a weapon in the boss fight.
  • Stay in well-lit areas to avoid Nightingale’s sight.
  • Stand in the lit central area and wait for Nightingale.
  • Be patient; he’ll slide past without noticing you.
  • When he goes into another room, run towards where he came from.
  • Use your flashlight in the dark room to find the pistol at the hall’s end.
  • When you grab the pistol, Nightingale will approach from behind.
  • Shine your flashlight in his eyes for a burning effect.
  • Once he stops, use the pistol for headshots to defeat him.

At this point, an odd scenario happens when Nightingale disappears. To trace back the clues, you will leave the Morgue and go to the crime scene and connect the dots.

Part 2

Alan Wake 2 - Nightingale Boss
Alan Wake 2 – Nightingale Boss Fight Location (Captured By Us)

Outside the Morgue, I suggest you look for footprints and see where they lead you. Nightingale will once again appear in the wild. He will have a tree trunk in his hand to attack you. This is the difficult part, as you need to escape and attack the boss simultaneously.

Furthermore, I advise you to keep the Sawed-Off Shotgun with you for this fight.

  • Follow the single path to the forest with Nightingale chasing you.
  • If he gets near, use your flashlight on his face for a burning effect.
  • If he grabs you, use the flashlight to break free.
  • Stun him, then use the sawed-off shotgun for chest or head shots.
  • Switch to the pistol and target the red weak spots on his body for high damage.

As you keep going through the dull pathways, keep using your flashlight to blind Nightingale and land hits with weaponry. He will eventually go down and trigger a cut scene to end Chapter 1. I strongly recommend you do not take the boss deeper into the forest.

As an alternative, if you come across a circular region, keep Nightingale stuck in there and use weapons to hurt him.

My Experience With The Nightingale Boss Fight

This was the first big fight I witnessed in my gameplay of Alan Wake 2. It gets scary at multiple occasions that kept the fight interesting. To my knowledge, I can advise you to use your Flashlight and Weapons simultaneously, as the light will blind the boss and the weapons will deal damage. This combo is the best bet you have at winning the first boss fight.

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