Alan Wake 2 Oceanview Hotel [Step-By-Step]

In this Guide, you will learn about the Oceanview Hotel Walkthrough in Alan Wake 2 and how you can use the door code to exit the studio.

Alan Wake 2 - Oceanview Hotel
Alan Wake 2 - Oceanview Hotel

Key Takeaways

  • There is a particular way to find the Oceanview Hotel entrance in Alan Wake 2.
  • The price of Oceanview Cocktail is the code for the hotel entrance in Alan Wake 2.
  • After entering the hotel, you get a number of plot elements and thrill events.

Starting from the entrance to the end of the Oceanview quest in Alan Wake 2. I am going to explain all of it in an easy way so that you will be able to play it without any trouble, and I’m also adding the important codes that you will be required in order to unlock the doors in the hotel. Let’s get started!

Oceanview Hotel Entrance

Follow neon arrows on dark streets to your destination. Begin with the first arrow pointing right, then follow the second arrow pointing left. After a cutscene with Casey, continue forward to the Mirror Peak Bar Sign. Enter the building to start your journey to find the hotel.

Alan Wake 2 - A Word With Cassey and Saga
Alan Wake 2 – A Word With Cassey and Saga (Captured By Us)

  1. Enter and go through a door to a small roof area. Descend a ladder, go up the stairs, and use the Angel Lamp for light. Head through a yellow stand, go straight, turn left, and climb a ladder.
  2. Climb the ladder, move up the stairs on the right, and here, you have to reach the door that will be on the backside of the roof.
  3. Head inside through the door; then again, there will be a second door leading to the other place. Walk up the stairs, and then you will spot a tunnel-shaped path made out of cardboard. Bend down to make your way through it, and then you will reach a room where you can save the progress.
  4. Exit the room, climb ladders, reach a balcony, and use a light source to find a staircase.
  5. Go back on the roof, use the light source, and descend via stairs.
  6. After this, head down further with the help of a ladder, pass through the fence door, and climb the ladder; there will be another door on the roof; go through it, then use the light source as you go down through the stairs.
  7. You’ll arrive at the Oceanview Hotel’s entrance.

Oceanview Hotel Door Code

To enter the hotel, use the code 2550, which is the price of the Oceanview Cocktail. Find the price board at the bar on the other side of the entrance and use it as the entrance code after gaining access to a light source.

Oceanview Hotel Walkthrough

Alan Wake 2 - The Talk Show
Alan Wake 2 – The Talk Show (Captured By Us)

Now, you will be inside the Oceanview Hotel, and the other main walkthrough will take place. The steps are discussed below.

  1. Go to room 665 and turn on the projector for the scene.
  2. Exit the room, go right into the hallway for another cutscene, then take the elevator down.
  3. In the Entrance Hall, head to reception for the hotel map. Encounter an echo and acquire the New Plot Element: Pre-Show Ritual.
  4. Go to the main lobby, then look for the door (with a glass window in the middle) on the right that will lead you to the Break Room.
  5. Then head to the entrance and add the Pre-show Ritual to the Entrance Hall. Then, continue to move in the hallway until you get to the Final Scene.
  6. Add the Pre-show Ritual to the Final Scene. There will be a stack of props, and next to it, there will be a key for Room 104.
  7. Find 104 and use the keys to open it; while ignoring everything, go near the bed, and on its right side, there will be a supply box and a door on its left.
  8. By passing through it, you will get to another break room. Move out and go to the left to reach the Ballroom, pick up the key from the table, add the Pre-show Ritual to the Ballroom, and then approach the whiteboard.
  9. After reading the board, pick up the deer mask from the table and then head to Room 219, get inside, check the drawers for supplies, and use the light source to make another door appear.
  10. This will be the New Scene: Rehearsal Room. Once again, add the Pre-show Ritual to the Rehearsal Room. There will be another echo, and afterward, you will get a New Plot Element: Haunted.
  11. Go back to the Ballroom, head to the stage, and then the Haunted Plot Element to the Ballroom. Go to the table with the typewriter on it, and then you will see another echo, which will lead to the granting of a New Plot Element, the Devil.
  12. Add it to the scene, make an interaction with the typewriter again, and you will see some scratches. Then, as you will move forward, hoards of enemies will be ready to attack you.
  13. Go to the break room to heal and then head to room 101. Watch the Television and then collect the supplies, head to the Entrance Hall, and add Devil to it.
  14. You will get to encounter enemies and, while dealing with them, make your way up the stairs. Keep going till you sense another echo there.
  15. Now find Room 666 by moving around; upon finding it, get inside and stand on the circular structure on the floor to view another echo, which will grant you the New Plot Element, Climax.
  16. After this, some dark appearance will attempt to hurt you, and now you have to run back. When you reach the middle of the hall, it will appear again; you have to run in the opposite direction until you reach the end of the second hall. Get inside the break room 601.
  17. By passing through the double door, you will be back in Entrance Hall. Then, change the scene to Climax, another echo will be activated, and then add Climax to the Final Scene.
  18. Look for room 108, enter its bathroom, and you will see a dead boy in the bathtub. Interact with it, and a scene will begin that will lead to the end of this part.

I hope that you may not have got tired after reading the thorough Oceanview Hotel Walkthrough. I found it a little bit, though, and speaking more specifically, the part in which we have to keep finding echoes to get the New Plot Elements kept me too curious throughout the gameplay. Do let me know which part fascinates you the most; till then, See Ya.

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