Alan Wake 2: Rock Rock Tree Stash (SOLVED)

Here you can find all the information about the cult stash that goes by the name Rock Rock Tree in Alan Wake 2 and how you can solve it's puzzle.

Alan Wake 2 - Rock Rock tree Stash
Alan Wake 2 - Rock Rock Tree Stash [Complete Guide]

Alan Wake 2 offers a number of puzzles, some of which are linked to Cult Stashes that, if you unlock, reward you with resources. Rock Rock Tree is one of such stashes that you find on the map and have to solve its code puzzle in order to unlock its rewards. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • The Rock Rock Stash puzzle begins with a clue asking a question to the players in Alan Wake 2.
  • You must find the numbers to put the correct combination on the padlock in Alan Wake 2.
  • The Code to unlock the stash is 6-5-8. 

How To Solve Rock Rock Tree Stash?

You come across the lock near the Cauldron Lake, and there also lies a clue which says: “Rock, rock, Tree. Are you bright enough?” This puzzle literally questions your intellect, and you must take it as a challenge, but don’t worry, I am going to save you all from any kind of hassle while solving it.

Rock Rock Tree Cult Stash Location
Alan Wake 2 – Rock Rock Tree Cult Stash Location (Captured By VeryAli Gaming)

Well, for this, you have got to stick to the steps that I am going to explain so you can instantly get to the point.

  1. Locate the Cultist’s Stash near the Witchfinder’s station.

  2. Examine the box, and you’ll find a clue that reads: “Rock, rock, tree. Are you bright enough?” There’s also a combination lock in the middle.

  3. The clue indicates that you should look for numbers near rocks and trees. Since the area is dark, use a torch to make it easier.

  4. Search behind the stash and find the first combination on a rock. It’s written in yellow and reads 3+3. The answer is 6.

  5. The next spot is another rock. While facing the stash, move to the right and then lower. Keep an eye on the rocks to the right until you find the second combination: 7-2, which equals 5.

  6. Be prepared to face enemies in this area.

  7. Now, find the third combination on a tree, located to the left of the stash. Shine your torch on it to reveal the numbers 6+2, which equals 8.

  8. Return to the box, enter the correct combination (6-5-8), and successfully unlock it. Enjoy your loot!

Once you collect the resource items found in the stash there’s also a note attached to it saying: Are you one of them or one of us? it’s like the cult is confirming if you are from them or an outsider. The items you will find in the Cult stash are hand flare, a propane tank and first aid kit

Did I Enjoy The Rock Rock Tree Puzzle?

For me, this puzzle was kind of fun as while it offers simple math problems finding them makes you put in some effort, and I loved doing so. From understanding the clue to finding out all combinations, I think this whole puzzle quest keeps things interesting and keeps you filled up with curiosity what you will find inside the stash. I hope that it was a helpful read. Do let me know about your experience with the rock rock tree puzzle, and stay tuned for more exciting guides on Alan Wake 2.

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