Alan Wake 2: How To Get Screwdriver?

Pry open those locks and get what's yours with the help of the Screwdriver, we'll help you get it done with our guide.

Just like the Bolt Cutters, the Screwdriver is an essential tool required to break open certain locks on either stash to get new gear and loot, or doors to access new areas. Our guide is going to help you in acquiring the Screwdriver so you can get past those pesky locks!

Key Takeaways

  • Obtain the Screwdriver in Alan Wake 2 from the Percolator Ride at Coffee World in the “Saga Anderson’s Return 3 – Local Girl” section, requiring a detour due to floods.
  • The Screwdriver unlocks specific locks throughout Alan Wake 2, granting access to hidden stashes, new areas, and survival kits. It can be used on locks that don’t require keys or keycodes.
  • Once obtained, backtrack through the game world to unlock previously inaccessible areas or stashes, maximizing the Screwdriver’s utility in discovering new gear and loot.

Finding necessary items in Alan Wake 2 can be difficult, particularly when there are terrifying creatures and a dark presence roaming the area. You can, however, effectively navigate and overcome these obstacles if you bear a few useful tips and tricks in mind.

How To Get The Screwdriver?

The Circle in Red shows the location of the Percolator Ride with the Screwdriver || Captured By VeryAli Gaming
  1. Visit “Percolator Ride” at Coffee World in Alan Wake 2’s “Saga Anderson’s Return 3 – Local Girl” section.
  2. Due to floods, take a detour through the woods with hostile Taken creatures.
  3. Be prepared for enemies throwing axes; dodge their attacks.
  4. Discover collectibles like nursery rhymes, Cult Stashes, and Alex Casey lunchboxes.
  5. Upon reaching Coffee World, head to the Percolator Ride, but prepare for combat.
  6. Alan Wake 2 autosaves when you get close.
  7. Face at least two Taken opponents; one charges, the other hurls projectiles.
  8. Pay attention to the closer Taken to dodge projectiles or take cover.
  9. Once opponents are defeated, safely collect the Screwdriver from a panel by the ride.
The Percolator Ride in Alan Wake 2 || Captured By VeryAli Gaming

As long as the locks don’t need keys or keycodes—that is, they’re most definitely not Cult Stashes—you can force them open with the Screwdriver in Alan Wake 2. You can also open some survival kits that are located on posts in this way.

What To Do After You Have The Screwdriver?

Now, that you have the Screwdriver in your inventory, go ahead and backtrack throughout the Alan Wake 2’s world and open up those previously inaccessible locks. If you just came across the yellow padlocks, you’re going to need the Bolt Cutters.

That’s it for this guide on the Screwdriver in Alan Wake 2, I hope it helped. See you guys in the next one!

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