Alan Wake 2: Studio Door Codes [Step-By-Step]

Here learn everything about the Studio Door codes and how you can exit it in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 - Studio Door Codes
Alan Wake 2 - Studio Door Codes [Walkthrough]

Key Takeaways

  • You must find the way out by finding doors in the talk studio in Alan Wake 2.
  • The first code will be 665 to unlock the room in the studio.
  • Each time, a door requires a different code.

Are you also figuring out about the Door Codes in the Talk Show Studio? Then I have got you covered. Read the complete article to learn the whole walkthrough to get the codes.

Code For The First Door

After the interview, you will find yourself in the studio room, and the main task will be to find the way out. The only possibility lies in finding two doors, but you must know the codes to enter in order to open these doors. If you have been stuck in this situation, don’t worry; I have the codes for you and the right method to get out of this creepy place.

Alan Wake 2 - Heading To Room 665
Alan Wake 2 – Heading To Room 665 (Captured By Us)

So, the Walkthrough to get the first code is as follows:

  1. Head to the exit and then turn right while keeping forward. At the end of the hall, you will encounter the first code. When you try to open it, it will ask you to enter the code containing three digits.
  2. Now, to get the code, make your way to the other end of the hall, as this one is already blocked. Keep an eye on the rooms and check them, as you have to spot a room named Old Gods of Asgard.
  3. Upon reaching there, look for the sofa, and here you will spot a neon sign that goes as: “665 – Neighbor of the Beast”. Here you go with the code, which is 665.
  4. Go back to the first door, enter the code, and then go further.
  5. Take left, and there will be another exit. Go straight, and there will be a storage room on the right; enter, go further, and continue to move till you reach the back. There will be another door with “Stage” written on its right.
  6. Make an attempt to open it, and as you do so, the flashback scenes will appear, and after this, you will end up in a room with the typewriter on the table.
  7. Use the typewriter, and another scene will take place after this; you will be back in the studio, stuck like before.

Code For The Second Door

The steps to get the second code is given below:

  1. Again, the whole thing is the same at the beginning: go to the exit and then to the end of the hallway. You must be feeling happy by seeing the same door, but unfortunately, the door is the same, but it requires a different code this time.
  2. So, now you have to look for another code.
  3. Head back to the same room, Old Gods of Asgard, and look for the neon sign that will be flashing, and the code will be 565.
  4. Enter the code, pass through the exit, and then enter the room on the right. This one will also be the same, and just like the previous stuff, you have to go to the back, where there is red lighting.
  5. Interact with the door with “Stage” written on the left, and congratulations, this time, it will open, and by going further, you will come across the map on the wall, and then the story will continue to proceed from there

The overall walkthrough was quite simple, and I didn’t find it much difficult to figure out the codes. In case finding codes is getting on your nerves now, I believe after reading this guide, you will be able to make your way out of the studio easily.

I will be back with more interacting guides till then. Happy Gaming.

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