Alan Wake 2 Upgrades [Inventory And Weapons]

In a Sci-fi horror like Alan Wake 2, you need to constantly keep your accessories upgraded to stay alive in sticky situations. Read this guide to learn about all the upgrades for Alan and Saga in Alan Wake 2!

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Alan Wake 2: Upgrades

Upgrading your inventory and weapons is an essential aspect of Alan Wake 2. These upgrades are associated with two characters, Saga Anderson and Alan Wake. I found the upgrades useful in the long term, usually when the enemies become extremely hard to kill. Let’s learn everything about these upgrades!

Key Takeaways

  • Upgrades in Alan Wake 2 are related to Inventory and Weapons.
  • Saga Anderson and Alan Wake will have their own upgrades that are not linked.
  • These Upgrades will help you gather more items while making your guns highly effective.
  • There is no such drawback for this other than the time-consuming phase of finding Satchels and Word of Power collectables.

There are two types of Upgrades in Alan Wake 2: Inventory and Weapons. Both are separate for Saga and Alan, as they have their own storylines. In my opinion, playing any character before the other will not have any side effects.

Here is a summary table for all the Upgrades in Alan Wake 2.

Saga Anderson

Upgrade Type Location Description
Inventory #1 Cauldron Lake General Store Collect the satchel from the General Store. Head inside the room from where the enemy attacked you.
Inventory #2 Cauldron Lake Coast After the water in the river is gone, explore the area to find the satchel inside a storage box on the east side.
Inventory #3 Bright Falls Use Bolt Cutters to cut open the gate leading to Fresh Seafood building. Find the satchel inside a Storage Box.
Weapons Mind Place Enter the Mind Place of Sage Anderson and witness a Pistol Magazine. All the weapon upgrades will be listen underneath it.

Alan Wake

Upgrade Type Location Description
Inventory Ocean View Hotel Ballroom Inside the ballroom, locate a bar counter and shine your flashlight on the Word of Power type, Words of Stuff. It will add an extra item slot.
Weapons Yellow regions on the map Find the yellow regions and stand inside them. Use your flashlight to shine on the yellow directions which will lead you to Words of War and Action.

Saga Anderson Upgrades

Saga’s upgrade are little different from Alan and requires more efforts. Her inventory and weapon upgrades are mentioned below:


There are three Inventory Upgrades for Saga Anderson, and they appear as Satchels. By grabbing each Satchel, you will add an extra item slot. I will strictly advise you to invest time in this, as the slots are limited, and extending them is favorable for the late-game.

First Upgrade

  • You will land on your first Inventory upgrade in the chapter named Return 2: The Heart.
  • Find a way to the Cauldron Lake General Store and head inside.
  • Once you are there, be cautious as an enemy will attack you by invading a wall.
  • After you take him down, go inside the gap in the wall.
  • Notice the satchel on the ground to your right. I suggest you look for a fan lying on the floor, the Satchel will be next to it.
  • Note that you will be allowed to grab the Inventory Upgrade when you visit this place for the second time.

Second Upgrade

  • You will get your second inventory upgrade after completing the second chapter, Return 2: The Heart.
  • Follow the lore to find that the water in the Cauldron Lake Coast has dried, and you can walk on it.
  • Explore the East side where trees are destroyed. You will eventually come across a storage box.
  • To open it, you need to select the shining light buttons in the appropriate sequence. The satchel will be inside the storage box.
  • I personally found the puzzle easy, as there was no hidden meaning to it.

Third Upgrade

  • You can collect the final Inventory Upgrade from Bright Falls. However, you will need Bolt Cutters for this part. Therefore, I recommend you collect them by completing the Return 5: Old Gods chapter.
  • Now, the easy way is to follow the Main road and find a building labeled Fresh Seafood.
  • Open the gate with Bolt Cutters and head inside to find another Storage Box.
  • The code for opening it is 6-9-7. You will find the Satchel upgrade in there.


Alan Wake 2 - Saga's Weapon Upgrades
Alan Wake 2 – Saga’s Weapon Upgrades (Captured By VeryAli Gaming)

Manuscript Fragments are collectibles that are for Saga Anderson Weapon upgrades. Enter the Mind Place for Sage where you can skim through multiple weapon upgrades and use them. Inside there, you will notice a magazine. You will see a list of weapon upgrades underneath with their descriptions. I advise you to go through them and upgrade the aspect you lack in your current gameplay.

Alan Wake Upgrades

Alan’s Upgrades especially for the weapons requires you to look for Words of War and Action, which grants unique stat bonuses to his weapons. 


  • The single inventory upgrade of Alan Wake is obtained in the mission, Initiation 5: Room 665.
  • Get to the Ocean View Hotel Ballroom and find the bar.
  • Use your flashlight at the counter to shine light on a collectible item, Word of Power.
  • It has multiple types that make Alan Wake powerful.
  • However, you will find the Words of Stuff. It will extend the item slots by adding another row.
  • In my opinion, this is the most useful type, as an additional slot allows you to carry more items and weapons.


Like the Words of Stuff was used for Inventory Upgrades of Alan Wake, Words of War and Words of Action will be used for enhancing weapon stats in Alan Wake 2. I advise you to track both of them from the map by finding the yellow region. Track that region and shine your flashlight in yellow directions to find the Words of War and Gun.

Word of Power Type Description
Words of War Increase Weapon Damage Output. Use flare gun to make a direct hit and restore health through the “Goes Around” ability. Hit a crowd with one shot of Double-Barrel Shotgun to give more damage through the “Paint the Town” ability. Revolver’s last bullet gives more damage with the help of the “Full Stop” ability.
Words of Action Your stealth improves as every step you take makes less noise. Your weapons in general will give more damage, while Alan Wake will lose less health if enemies attack

My Experience With Upgrades In Alan Wake 2

During my time playing Alan Wake 2, I smoothly passed the initial stages of the storyline. However, the real struggle comes in the late game. To ease the process, I highly recommend you focus on upgrades as they help a lot. This will allow you to keep more items like batteries, and deal more damage from guns, which is all you need to survive this ultimate sci-fi horror experience.

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