Alan Wake 2 Witchfinder’s Computer Puzzle [SOLVED]

Here is how you can find and unlock the witchfinder computer to get access to the instructions hidden there.

Alan Wake 2 Witchfinder Computer Cover
Alan Wake 2: Witchfinder Computer Password

Key Takeaways

  • The Witchfinder computer is located in the northwest of Streamside, inside the Witchfinder’s Station.
  • You must enter a password to unlock it.
  • The password is written on a yellow note attached to the monitor/computer’s screen.
  • Enter the password 2547 to unlock and access the emails.

The Witchfinder computer is one of the side quests or collectibles in Alan Wake 2. Unlike other missions, it doesn’t provide any physical item as a reward; rather it gives information for more quests. My guide covers how to find and unlock the computer using the password and get access to that information.

Where Is Witchfinder Computer?

Witchfinder Station Computer Location
Witchfinder Station Computer Location | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Once you have defeated Nightingale, you will get the option to explore more areas around the Cauldron Lake. Streamside is one of those locations, and you can find the Witchfinder’s Station next to it in the northwest direction. I recommend that you Follow the yellow marker on the map attached above.

Enter the station, and the computer will be right before you.

Witchfinder Computer Password Location

Alan Wake 2 Witchfinder Station Computer
Witchfinder Station Computer | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

To access the computer, you must know its password. Luckily, it is written right in front you. You will notice a yellow note attached to the monitor.

Flash your Flashlight so that the text written on it is visible. The way I did it was to aim at the other stuff on the left side of the monitor so the light was barely falling on the note, and I zoomed in to see the text clearly.

Regardless, if you fail to read it, I have already given it here. Just put in 2547 in the password field, and that’s it!

What Does Unlocking Computer Do?

Alan Wake 2 Witchfinder Computer Emails
Witchfinder Computer Emails | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Unlocking the computer doesn’t give any item as a reward; however, I got essential information regarding a puzzle. There will be two emails there; the first one tells who is behind the Nursery Rhymes spread across the Cauldron Lake, while the other one gives clues about the doll for the puzzle.

I found two dolls on the upper floor in a room, the Hero and the Wolf Doll and placed them on the boat’s and the tree’s symbol, respectively, on the Nursery Rhyme outside the Witchfinder’s Station. This changed the environment and displayed footmarks on the ground, which led to the Coffee Mug charm inside the house on the upper floor.

My Thoughts On Witchfinder Computer Puzzle

In my experience, the computer in the Witchfinder Station is not easily missable in Alan Wake 2, and you will eventually notice it. Moreover, I found it pretty easy as the solution for this puzzle was right in front of my eyes, on the monitor screen. Although it didn’t give any reward directly, it led to solving another interesting puzzle!

I recommend exploring the area because there is a private cabin nearby that works as a safe haven and a lunchbox as well.

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