Alan Wake 2: Words of Power [All Locations]

List of all Words of Power along with their location in Alan Wake 2. Learn how you can increase your stats in best way possible.

Words of Power Alan Wake 2
A guide on Alan Wake 2 Words of Power.

Key Takeaways

  • In Alan Wake 2, there are a total of 27 Words of Power, belonging to one of the 7 categories.
  • The categories are Words of Gun, Words of Fix, Words of Aid, Words of Lamp, Words of Action, Words of Stuff, and Words of War.

In Alan Wake 2, one of the very few items that’ll help Alan along the way is the Words of Power. These collectibles allow players to increase Alan’s stats in different areas – including health, damage, ammo, and inventory. Though these Words of Power are scattered across the Dark Place and other places you unlock later on, finding them is quite easy. Let’s get started!

Words of Power – Subway

You’ll obtain a whopping 10 Words of Power hidden in Subway alone.

Words of Power Type Location
Words of Power # 1 Lamp Near the Collapsed Tunnels, if you proceed further deep – past the Main Tunnels, there will be a room. The marking is on the wall behind a shelf.
Words of Power # 2 Gun Head toward the Caldera Street Station subway. Find a train located on the right side. Use Angel Lamp then find a yellow marking on the train’s window.
Words of Power # 3 Lamp West of Shrine Street Station there is a flooded area. Keep an eye on the left side of the area for the marking.
Words of Power # 4 Aid Start from the first save point of Subway. You’ll find construction leftover material. Here you’ll find the arrows; follow them for the Words of Power.
Words of Power # 5 Gun There are some trains in the Shrine Street Station. The marking is on there. Make sure to use Angel Lamp for this.
Words of Power # 6 War Head to the Derailed Train Tunnel located at the center of the subway. Go north and look at the ceiling with the flashlight to find the marking.
Words of Power # 7 Action After passing through the Derailed Train, you’ll enter a room with Echo. Take the ladder to get down and look for glowing arrows. Break the wooden board to find the marking.
Words of Power # 8 Fix Head to the Abandoned Station far south of the Subway. Look for a booth; the marking is on the wall behind that booth.
Words of Power # 9 Action Right outside the Shrine Street Station; enter a room. It will contain Words of Power on a wall.
Words of Power # 10 Fix Finally, head upstairs and you’ll be at the last Break Room. Before leaving, make sure to look for a metal fence. The marking is behind that fence.

Words of Power – Main Plaza

There are a total of 6 Words of Power in the Dark Place, and it’s easy for players to miss them out if they stay focused on the main objectives rather than exploring around a bit.

Words of Power Type Location
Word of Power # 1 Fix There’s an alley North of Wheeler Street. There will be glowing arrows leading deep inside. There is a door, above which you find Words of Power.
Words of Power # 2 Action Head to Draft Street, located East of the Dark Place map. Look at the railway above you for the marking.
Words of Power # 3 Fix There’s a Talk Show Studio near the Wheeler Street. Look for trash cans nearby; the Words of Power is right behind them.
Words of Power # 4 Gun After meeting up with Tim Breaker, go through the door there and enter the next alley. Find a ladder and climb up, head right, and find air conditioners. Look between them for the marking.
Words of Power # 5 War Near the air conditioners, there’s a police car. Use your Angel Lamp and find a building near the car. The Words of Power is inside the building on a wall.
Words of Power # 6 Lamp There is a pole on Caldera Street; use Angel Lamp here and head upstairs for High-Line Station when the path clears. You’ll enter a Break Room eventually. Here follow the arrows to find the marking.

Words of Power – Back Alley

You can collect 4 Words of Power in Rooftop/Alley.

Words of Power Type Location
Words of Power # 1 Aid The first Word of Power in Back Alley is on a building wall in street next to Oceanview Hotel.
Word of Power # 2 Lamp On the Rooftop area of Back Alley. There’s a water container on Northern rooftop, the marking is on there.
Words of Power # 3 Gun Head down the stairs near the water container.

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