God of War Ragnarok Alfheim Nornir Chests [All 7]

This article covers all the locations of Alfheim Nornir chests and how you can unlock all of them.

GoW Ragnarok Alfheim Nornir Chests
Full walkthrough of where to find Alfheim Nornir chests and how to complete them.

There are seven Nornir chests in Alfheim, all of which are not available at the start. There is a quick way to complete all of them.

It is wise to progress the main story as much as possible before the most difficult ones are handled. This way, all the upgrades and weapon equipment would be available to the player, and he could complete them with relative ease rather than undertaking them with the basic tool.

Some chests can also not be pursued before the main story has progressed to a certain level. The player’s skill also advances to a higher level after playing the main story first, and he can better complete such side missions.

Find all the Nornir chest’s locations and how to unlock them below.

Key Takeaways

  • There are seven chests in the Alfheim realm.
  • Complete the quests after completing the main story to a certain level.
  • God of War Ragnarok cannot be 100 percent completed without completing the chests.
  • Undertaking all the quests takes a lot of time, but it can be done with a suitable skillset.

To unlock Alfheim’s chests, players must complete very hard puzzles. This is after they have completed the herculean task of finding their location.

Kratos approaches a Nornir chest

Strond Nornir Chest

There are two for Strond Nornir. The first chest is easy to unlock. The second chest requires a special weapon. The weapon has to be unlocked before the chest is undertaken.

Alfheim Strond Nornir chest location in map

Chest 1

To find the first chest in Alfheim, follow these steps:

  1. When you enter Alfheim for the first time and see two big stones leading upward, avoid using the steps and drop down a ledge on the left to find the chest.

  2. To unlock the chest, you need to ignite three braziers. Make sure you have the Blades of Chaos ready.

  3. The first torch is located on the opposite side of the chest. Approach the brazier and use the Blades of Chaos to strike the torch, igniting the embers and displacing the rune.

  4. Find the second torch by turning around and approaching the wooden frame supported by the far wall. Look southwards to find a brazier placed in the darkness. Use the Blades of Chaos to ignite it in the same way.

  5. To locate the final brazier, go to Tyr and follow his lead. Climb the two big stones, but see a ledge on the left instead of going to the temple.

  6. Drop down from the ledge to discover the last torch. Use the Blades of Chaos to ignite this torch.

  7. Return to the chest and unlock it. You’ll find an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead inside the chest.

This chest is the first of two in Alfheim.

Chest 2

To unlock the second Strond Nornir chest in Alfheim, follow these steps:

  1. Progress through the main story until you obtain the Draupnir Spear. You’ll find this chest a few missions ahead in the story.

  2. Return to the chest’s location with the Draupnir Spear in your possession. You will see a rune statue and a mysterious gateway near a gold crack in the wall to the left of the chest.

  3. Aim at the rune statue and throw the Draupnir Spear at it. Do not detonate the spear.

  4. Return to the open area with the chest, but don’t detonate the first spear you threw.

  5. While facing the chest, throw another spear at a second rune statue with an “N” rune. This statue is located to the left of the path going down. Do not detonate this spear, either.

  6. The third rune statue is opposite the chest, in the shade of a tree on a ledge. Throw the last spear at this statue. Again, do not detonate the spear.

  7. After you have thrown spears at all three statues, simultaneously detonate all the spears. This will destroy all the statues and unlock the second Strond Nornir Chest.

Inside the chest, you will find valuable rewards. These are the steps to unlock the second Strond Nornir chest in Alfheim.

Nornir Chest in Temple of Light

Location of Temple of Light in Alfheim on map

To unlock the Temple of Light Nornir chest and complete the bell-ringing rune puzzle in Alfheim, follow these steps:

  1. After Tyr and Kratos form light bridges, you will find the Temple of Light Nornir chest at the base of a staircase on the right side of the temple.

  2. You aim to ring three bells quickly to unlock the chest. Here’s where you can find each of the three bells:

    • The first bell (N Rune) is located down the aisle. An obstruction will block your path, so destroy it using sonic arrows.

    • Throw your Leviathan Axe at the purple Twilight stone to ring this bell. Do so from a distance to save time for the other bells.

    • The second bell (R Rune) is located to the left of the chest, making it easy to spot. Ring this bell promptly.

    • The third bell (C Rune) is positioned on a balcony above and to the left of the chest.

  3. Timing is crucial in this puzzle. Throw your Leviathan Axe at the Twilight stone first to ensure you have enough time to hit all three bells within a short time frame. This will give you time to ring the other two bells quickly.

Barrens Nornir Chest

Location of Barrens Nornir chest on the map

The Barrens Nornir chest is very similar to the Strond Nornir chest in the way it is unlocked.

  1. Locate the chest in the northwest area of the desert alongside the structure covering the hive matter and the red nodes.

  2. This chest involves a torch puzzle where you must light three torches using the designated tool or method.

  3. Clear the vines that are obstructing access to the torches.

  4. Head to the specific location (e.g., north of the island, near a dead tree and cliff wall) to find the ideal spot to solve the puzzle.

  5. Once the vines are cleared, you can access the runes or mechanisms required for the puzzle.

  6. Follow the instructions for each torch location, including how to ignite them.

  7. With all three torches lit or the puzzle solved, the Nornir chest will unlock.

  8. Open the chest to claim your reward.

Forbidden Sands Nornir Chest

There are two chests of Forbidden Sands Nornir, like the Strond Nornir chests. Both chests are hard to undertake since one demands the presence of a special weapon to complete, and the other is very hard to find in Alfheim.

Chest 1

Location of Forbidden Sands Nornir first chest on map

To unlock the Nornir Chest in the southwest area of the desert in God of War, you’ll need to ignite three torches using the Blades of Chaos and Sigil arrows. Follow these steps to complete the puzzle:

  1. Locate the first brazier: The first brazier is at the entrance to the area, making it easy to find. Use the Blades of Chaos to ignite this torch.

  2. Find the second brazier: The second brazier is located outside of the area that contains the chest. It is positioned on the left and top of a rock formation. To light this torch, use the Sigil arrows. Create a line using the Sigil arrows that spans the distance between Kratos and the brazier. Then, use the Blades of Chaos to ignite the line.

  3. Locate the third torch: The third torch is opposite the second one and near a large rock formation. Use the Sigil arrows again to create a line from Kratos to the torch. Once the line is set, use the Blades of Chaos to ignite the line and light the third torch.

Chest 2

Location of Forbidden Nornir sands chest 2 location on map

This chest is termed the hardest chest of God of War Ragnarok in Alfheim because of the demands it places in completing the chest. The chest is located to the east of the forbidden sands in Alfheim.

The chest is placed underground at the Elven Sanctum. Complete the ‘Songs of the Sands favor’ to unlock the entrance. Complete it before unlocking the chest to find the entrance clear of any sandstorm.

After completing the prerequisites, you will find an entrance to the library, which you will slip into.

  1. After completing the prerequisites, find the entrance to the library and slip into it.

  2. Go to the northeast corner of the Forbidden Sands, heading towards the Elven Sanctuary. Look for a damaged section at the bottom and destroy it to reveal a passage.

  3. Crawl through the passage, and you’ll reach a room where you’ll find the Nornir chest at the bottom.

  4. In this room, you’ll also notice some vines that must be removed before proceeding. You’ll need to use a Twilight Stone next to the chest to clear the vines.

  5. Position yourself at the right angle and throw the Leviathan Axe at the Twilight Stone. The axe will deflect off the stone and cut all the vines, clearing the path.

  6. With the vines removed, you can now proceed to ignite the torches. You need to light three torches to unlock the Nornir Chest. Use the Blades of Chaos or any other suitable method to ignite the torches.

Destroying the hex bubbles created using sigil arrows

To unlock the Nornir Chest in the Elven Sanctuary in God of War, you must light three torches with the Blades of Chaos. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Brazier 1: This brazier is in a gap to the left of the chest. Use sigil arrows to create a Hex bubble that, upon explosion, lights the first torch.

  2. Brazier 2: This brazier is located over the gap to the right of the chest. It’s the trickiest one to light. You must use linked sigil arrows to create a hex bubble chain.

  3. Create a hex bubble close to the torch, then another bubble close to the first to establish the chain. Finally, fire a sigil arrow at the campfire to ignite the chain. The first bubble will ignite the second, and the second will ignite the torch.

  4. Brazier 3: This brazier is located at the back of the hive and up to the second torch. Use sonic arrows to reveal this third brazier. You’ll need to create three triple-sized hex bubble chains to light it.

  5. Start by setting up two normal-sized hex bubbles close to the torch. Allow time for your arrows to recharge, then enlarge them to triple-sized hex bubbles. Ensure there’s not much gap between the bubbles to prevent the chain from breaking.

  6. Next, fire a sonic arrow at the nest wall to retract it, then fire a sigil arrow to blow the chain off. This will ignite the torch and unlock the chest.

Now, you’ll successfully light all three torches and unlock the Nornir Chest in the Elven Sanctuary, granting you access to its rewards.

Below Nornir Chest

Map location of Below Nornir Chest

Complete the ‘Secret of the Sands favor’ for this chest. This chest is a bell-ringing puzzle like some chests covered above. Ring all the bells so that their sounds superimpose on each other.

You will enter The Below after completing ‘Secret of the Sands favor’. The chest is behind a wooden gate and surrounded by purple Twilight stones. To get to the chest, climb up the wall and keep on the path alongside the rope zipline.

Alfheim Below Nornir chest placed

The first bell is vertically above the chest. You must go after the blue-colored jumping points on the cliffs. You will encounter a door on top. Open the door, and towards the right, you will find the bell. Ring it and rush to the next bell.

The second bell is with the chest. Rush down from the top and ring this bell. Ring the top bell before ringing the bottom bell. In this way, the interval between the bells rung is less.

To get to the third bell, run past the door and into the cave, which had the Twilight stones, and strike the third bell, which is towards the left of the door.

Ring the third bell quickly, and all the bells would be ringing simultaneously. The chest would be completed.

My Experience With Alfheim Chest

Alfheim is a big realm and the chests it contains are many. It will take a lot of time to complete the whole realm and unlock all the chests. But completing the quests after the main story can help complete chests quickly.

Training in the arena helps improve the skills required to undertake these quests. Completing the realm takes ample time, but after investing certain hours in the game and having patience on your side, the realm can be done quickly.

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