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Amazon & the Xbox Series X/S Delivery Issues

The E-commerce juggernaut website Amazon has recently stated that consumers that have pre-ordered the Xbox Series X/S may have to wait until December 31st for the console to arrive.

Amazon warned customers all the way back in September that even with pre-ordering the Xbox Series X/S, it may not arrive to those customers at the launch day of the console today. Amazon has not clarified the reason for the delay of the console. Gamers that have ordered the console on Amazon are entitled to a cancellation of the console.

Gamers that want access to the Xbox Series X it time for launch today should stay vigilante in ordering next-gen consoles. As the COVID pandemic continues, its understandable that retailers may restrict trade for the console. Although Amazon has stated that some consoles may not arrive on time , many Amazon consumers will not be affected by the issue. Therefore, this highlights that it is random whether gamers will receive their console on time. Get and order the XBOX Series X/S here.

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