Ancient Seed Stardew Valley: Everything To Know

Growing the Ancient Fruit can take some trial and errors. Don't worry because our guide will help you grow the best crops in Stardew Valley!

Ancient Seed Stardew Valley
Ancient Seed Stardew Valley

There are tons of crops and fruit trees to grow in Stardew Valley throughout the seasons. Out of all of those, the Ancient Fruit is probably the most profitable and hard to grow if you don’t know what you’re doing. That is why this guide will focus on the Ancient Seed in Stardew Valley.

There are a total of four seasons – spring, summer, fall, and winter. Players can sow various seeds according to the season and harvest their yields. Certain crops – like the Ancient Fruit – can be grown in multiple seasons without having the fear of it turning bad.

Before getting the fruit, you have to find the Ancient Seed in Stardew Valley and plant it. Let’s discuss how you can obtain the seed and how to properly grow the Ancient Fruit.

Key Takeaways

  • Ancient Fruit is one of the most profitable crops in Stardew Valley and can be grown in multiple seasons without going bad.
  • To obtain the Ancient Seed, players need to obtain the Ancient Seed Artifact from artifact spots, fishing treasure chests, or bug enemies in the prehistoric part of the Skull Cavern.
  • After obtaining the Ancient Seed recipe from Gunther, players can plant the seed in spring, summer, or fall, and it will take 28 days to grow.
  • Once the Ancient Fruit is ripe, it will produce fruit every 7 days.To increase the Ancient Seed supply, players can use a seed maker and craft it by reaching farmer level 9, or completing the dye bundle in the community center.
  • The fully grown Ancient Fruit can be sold for 550-1,120 gold, and can also be turned into wine or jelly, making it the most lucrative crop in Stardew Valley.
  • The Sweet Gem Berry is more profitable but harder to maintain as it can only be harvested once and is difficult to plant in large quantities.
  • Plant the Ancient Seed in spring for best results and to get fruit all the way till the end of fall.You can plant Ancient Seeds in the greenhouse to make them last through winter.The Ancient Seed requires effort to obtain but is a worthwhile investment in the long term.

How to Get the Ancient Seed?

Ancient Seed Artifact
Ancient Seed Artifact

First things first, you have to obtain the Ancient Seed Artifact. While the name might confuse most new players; this and the Ancient Seed are different things. There are a few ways in which you can obtain the artifact. The easiest way is to dig up the artifact spots (spots where the worms are sticking their heads out) and hope that you get the artifact. Secondly, you can try your luck in fishing and hope that you find a treasure chest. Finally, the bug enemies in the prehistoric part of the Skull Cavern have a chance to drop it.

Gunther splash art
Gunther splash art

The first time you find this item, you will not be able to plant it as your character is not familiar with the seed. Donate the artifact to Gunther and he will give you a seed plus a recipe to get you started.

After you get the recipe, you will be able to plant the Ancient Seed at your farm and grow the fruit. You are also able to purchase the seed from the Travelling Cart merchant for about 100-1000g. However, the chance of the merchant appearing and having the seed is quite low; so, you are better off finding the artifact and getting the recipe. If you place other produce in the seed maker, you have a slight chance of getting your Ancient Seed back.

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How to Grow the Ancient Fruit?

Bunch of Ancient Fruit crops planted
Bunch of Ancient Fruit crops planted

Now that you have the seed, let’s sow it and grow the Ancient Fruit. You can plant this seed in spring, summer, and fall – any season except for winter. The fruit takes a whole season to grow – 28 days, and once it is ripe, it will produce fruit every 7 days. The best way to get the most yield from this crop is to plant it in spring and let it last all the way to fall before inevitably drying up in winter. One way to counter this is to invest in a greenhouse but that can take some time depending on the path you choose.

Just make sure to water it every day and put scarecrows near your crops so crows don’t attack your crops. I would suggest that you invest in sprinklers early in the game and place them accordingly. Getting the iridium sprinkler is extremely important as it waters 24 tiles around it. This will help you out a lot because eventually, you will have tons of crops, and manually watering them can be a nightmare.

Farming level 9 rewards
Farming level 9 rewards

Another question most players have is how they can increase their Ancient Seed supply. This is a simple process as all you need is one seed and a seed maker. To get the seed maker, you have to reach farmer level 9 to unlock its recipe. Crafting it will cost the player 25 wood, 1 gold bar, and finally 10 coal. Another way to obtain it is to complete the dye bundle in the community center. After crafting the seed maker, put the Ancient Seed in it and hope for the best. There is a very slight chance that the seeds will turn into mixed seeds but that is extremely low. Usually, you get about 1-3 seeds back, which is really good.

What to do With Ancient Fruit?

You can sell the Ancient Fruit to Pierre
You can sell the Ancient Fruit to Pierre

The player can reap many rewards from a fully grown Ancient Fruit. Depending on the quality of the fruit, you can sell it for about 550-1,120 gold. Not only that, but you can also invest in making wine from the fruit and that will sell for 1,620-4,620 gold. The massive difference in price is heavily dependent on the quality of the wine. Players can also turn the fruit into jelly and sell it accordingly. All of these advantages are the reason why the Ancient Fruit is the most lucrative crop in Stardew Valley.

The only thing that gives more gold to the player is the Sweet Gem Berry, but that crop is extremely difficult to maintain if you are planning to plant a lot of them. Plus, the berry only allows the player to harvest it once instead of giving continuous yields. In the long term, the Ancient Fruit gives a lot more return and is a worthwhile investment. Especially if you consider that you can plant the Ancient Seed in spring and get the fruit all the way till the end of fall.

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Parting Words

That about covers everything you should know about the Ancient Seed in Stardew Valley. Getting the seed initially can be a little time taking and requires effort but once you get it, the rewards are well worth it. I would recommend that you go to the mines as often as you can. Watch the TV at the start of every day to see if your character is lucky or not and depending on that, go to the mines. Go down as many levels as you can to make decent progress towards unlocking the Ancient Seed Artifact. One other thing that you need to keep an eye out for is the small worms sticking out of the ground. Always use your hoe on that spot to get various artifacts.

I hope this guide about the Ancient Seed in Stardew Valley helped you in finding the Ancient Seed and successfully growing the fruit. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or what you would like me to cover next.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what season should I plant the Ancient Seed?

The Ancient Seed should ideally be planted in spring so you get the best results. Since it lasts through summer and fall, you can plant it in those seasons as well. Although, I wouldn’t suggest planting the seed in fall because it takes a full 28 days to grow and a season has that many days.

Can I plant Ancient Seeds in the greenhouse?

Yes, you can plant the seed in the greenhouse to make it last through winter as well. As soon as you unlock the greenhouse, I suggest planting your fruit trees and the Ancient Seed in it so that you don’t have to worry about any of the seasons.

Should I invest in Sweet Gem Berries?

The Sweet Gem Berry is grown from the rare seed and gives a good profit once you harvest it. The only downside is that you can only harvest it once before the plant disappears. In the long run, the Ancient Fruit gives more rewards to the player and can be used almost all year.

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