Andariel Diablo 4 Boss Guide [Moves And Strategy]

This is a detailed guide on how to defeat Andariel, the late-game mandatory boss in Diablo 4. We go over the preparations you need as well as her phases and move pool.

Andariel Diablo 4 guide.
A guide to defeating Andariel Diablo 4.

Andariel is a non-optional boss in Diablo 4 that is best fought later in the game after you’ve reached at least Level 40. This boss fight is needed to complete the “Anguish Incarnate” Quest and features two phases with a versatile move pool. Here’s how to defeat Andariel Diablo 4 and what you’ll need to prepare beforehand.

Key Takeaways

  • Andariel is a mandatory boss in Diablo 4 that is best fought after Level 40. She is found in Blasted Scarp and must be defeated to complete the Anguish Incarnate Main Quest.
  • She is chained in an arena that is surrounded by a sandstorm. She has two phases, with the second phase starting when she’s at 75% health.
  • During her first phase, you should focus on side-stepping her attacks and dealing damage when she does her telegraphed attacks.
  • For the second phase, stay as close to her as possible and avoid her melee attacks.
  • You get tons of Experience Points and Gold along with a few Rare Items and a guaranteed Legendary Item.

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Andariel Location

Andariel in Blasted Scarp.
Andariel is found in the Blasted Scarp during the Anguish Incarnate Quest. (Image captured by us)

Andariel can be found chained up in the Blasted Scarp. However, you must begin the “Anguish Incarnate” Quest to battle her. This Main Quest can be started right after you finish the “A Meeting of the Minds” Quest.

During the “Anguish Incarnate” Quest, you’ll be tasked with defeating Andariel. You’ll find her chained up in Blasted Scarp tied to a few pillars. After that, the boss fight will officially begin.

The Setup

Andariel is held captive in a desert-like arena. As such, there will be a massive sandstorm that will hit you. Sandstorms can be exited. But when you enter one, exiting it will make you receive constant damage over time.

Besides the sandstorm, the arena is clear except for the Rune Chains that Andariel summons. You’ll have plenty of free space to move and perform combos. However, the sandstorm reduces in radius during Andariel’s second phase.

Andariel Diablo 4 Phases And Moves

Andariel is a simple yet powerful boss. She has two phases, with the first phase seeing her chained up and the second seeing her original form.

Phase 1

Andariel's first phase.
The first phase has Andariel tied to two poles. (Image captured by us)

Andariel will be chained to a structure made of wood. Her movements across the arena are slow and predictable. She loosely follows where you are and may occasionally teleport.

The sandstorm forms a ring around you that you can technically leave but will significantly damage you. The ring is slightly larger during this phase, giving you more space to move.


  1. Rune Chains:

    • Andariel summons statues that attempt to chain you when you enter their marked radius.
    • You can either dodge these chains or destroy the statues by attacking them multiple times.
  2. Chasing Wraiths:

    • Andariel briefly disappears from the arena and sends red wraiths that loosely follow you.
    • These wraiths deal moderate damage and can be tanked to some extent.
    • Andariel may reappear in a different area after this attack.
  3. Tri-Attack:

    • Andariel stands still and sends out three red lines at equal angles, dealing damage.
    • She may follow up with another attack, adjusting the angles of the lines for better targeting.
  4. Area Attack:

    • Andariel’s attack begins with red lines in a cone-shaped area in front of her.
    • She releases a wave that quickly moves across the area with gaps between the waves.
    • Be prepared to dodge, and she may follow this with another attack in your direction.

Phase 2

Once you deplete 25% of Andariel’s health, she will get staggered and fall to the ground. This leaves an opening to unleash a barrage of attacks on her. Meanwhile, her chains become detached, and she turns into her true form, finally ending the stagger state.

She will become slightly faster and run quicker when following you during this form—moreover, her move pool changes, adding three new moves. The sandstorm around you will start closing in, shrinking the arena significantly.


  1. Rune Chains:

    • Andariel summons statues that attempt to chain you.
    • You can destroy them or avoid them by moving to the opposite side of the arena.
  2. Melee Attack:

    • Andariel swipes at you when you get too close.
    • This is her only melee attack.
  3. Chain Leash:

    • Andariel swipes with a fiery leash, creating a line of fire on the ground.
    • The line has a slightly inverse conic shape and deals constant damage.
  4. Chain Area Attack:

    • Andariel whips her chain into a fan-shaped area in front of her.
    • This attack does not leave fire on the ground.
  5. Health Potions:

    • Andariel’s HP bar is divided into four segments.
    • She drops Health Potions as her HP drops to each segment, which you can use to replenish your health.

    How To Defeat Andariel Diablo 4

    Before The Fight

    Before you begin your fight with Andariel, we highly recommend doing the following:

    1. Level 40 or Higher: Aim to reach at least Level 40 before taking on Andariel, as her high health bar can make the fight difficult at lower levels.

    2. Gear and Legendary Items: Equip yourself with gear, preferably two Legendary Items with their Legendary Aspects. The choice of items depends on your build and what you can easily acquire.

    3. Build Focus: Create a build that prioritizes single-target damage over AoE abilities. For Rogue Class, consider an assassin build. For other classes, focus on skills and passives that enhance damage against bosses and elites. Also, prioritize attack speed, mobility, and armor-enhancing skills. Skills that provide immunity or reduce damage taken are beneficial.

    4. Maximize Armor: Upgrade your armor to the maximum level to boost your defense. Some of Andariel’s attacks may require you to tank damage, so having strong armor is essential.

    5. Craft Elixir: While in town, craft an elixir. Acrobatics is recommended as it enhances your mobility, helping you avoid Andariel’s attacks.

    6. Evade-Enhancing Boots: Consider purchasing boots that improve your ability to evade attacks. These boots don’t necessarily need to be legendary; any that reset or reduce your Evade Cooldown will work effectively.


      Now that you’re all prepared for the fight, it’s time to decide your strategy:

      Phase 1

      • Sidestep attacks and deliver melee strikes.
      • Prioritize dealing with immediate Rune Chains threats.
      • Avoid Chasing Wraiths and wait for Andariel’s return.
      • Focus on attacking during Tri Attack and Area Attack openings.
      • Build attack speed and maximize damage during these moments.
      • Continue dodging Rune Chains and Chasing Wraiths until Andariel’s HP reaches 25%

      Phase 2

      Andariel Diablo 4 phase 2.Andariel’s second phase introduces a few new moves. (Image captured by us)

      Second Phase Strategy:

      • Immediately attack when she’s staggered.
      • Prioritize Rune Chains that obstruct you.
      • Stay close to Andariel; she mainly uses a melee attack that’s easy to dodge by rolling behind her.
      • When she uses chain attacks, you can either tank the damage (likely to miss at close range) or roll behind her.
      • Keep attacking until she’s staggered again and remain within the sandstorm’s radius for the duration. She’ll be defeated quickly using this method.



      Once you’ve defeated Andariel, you get several rewards. Firstly, you receive tons of XP and Gold, a significant reward for such a long, drawn-out boss fight.

      But you also receive a few Rare Items, including Weapons and Gear. And to top it off, you get at least one Legendary Item guaranteed from the boss fight. Indeed, this late-game boss is worth defeating as it helps you progress and rewards you with powerful weapons.

      Final Thoughts

      Andariel is one of the later boss fights that require high preparation beforehand. We recommend stockpiling on armor, offensive Skills, attack speed, and mobility Skills.

      This boss has two phases, with the second introducing a few new moves. However, the entire boss fight is just side-stepping and letting out a flurry of attacks on Andariel.

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