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Apex Legends Chaos Theory
Apex Legends Chaos Theory

Apex Legends: Holding Chaos Theory Event Next Week.

Respawn Entertainment have announced that Apex Legends will be holding a Chaos Theory event next week – just in time for the release of the Nintendo Switch port, also featuring a takeover by the lovely poison gas dweller, Caustic.

All Things New

The Apex Legends Chaos Theory event (which is detailed on the official site) will feature a brand new point of interest to the map – A Caustic power plant. This point of interest is full to the brim with loot, but equally full of poisonous gas – of course. So you will need to drain the power plant of its poisonous gas in order to reap it’s rewards.

Also new for this event is a Ring Fury Escalation event that sees smaller versions of the deadly Ring appear in the safe zones. This basically makes the aforementioned safe areas … unsafe.

A new item that has been thrown into the mix is the Heat Shield. This item forms a protective shield around the user, protecting them from harm. This item adopts the same ability as Gibraltar’s tactical ability: Shielded Fortress. (or if you find yourself in a Ring Flare) The shield will also pop into your new Survival Slot, a new inventory space for certain types of items.

Finally, the introduction of No-Fill Matchmaking (this allows solo players to enter alone against squads and duos) is also new for the event. Of course, as with every event, there will be a bunch of new skins and emotes to snatch up and make your desired Legend nice and snazzy. You can get Apex Legends Coins [Online Game Code] here (affiliate link).

Until the event, check out the latest trailer to wet your appetite:

Where Can You Play

Apex Legends is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and as of next week, on Nintendo Switch on the 9th of March.

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