Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls [Detailed]

Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls

Played the game but don’t know what settings to use? Have trouble adjusting the sensitivities on your device for the game? Fear not! We are here to drop down the most awaited guide on Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls for you players!

It is shocking to see how far the mobile version has gone in under 10 days. Its alpha AKA Apex Legends for PC was released back in September 2019. Many players anticipated its entrance into the mobile platform and now the wait is over. Respawn Entertainment has released the mobile version of Apex Legends for our mobile players to enjoy the game without having to buy a PC!

Those of you who are not familiar with the game will have a few difficulties adjusting to its mechanism and controls. On the other hand, players who are already dominating in battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile will have no trouble with Apex Legends Mobile.

Needless to say, there are a few helping tools that allow the users to aid them in their battles. For instance, aim-assist helps you land shots on the enemies with slight accuracy even if you have a bad aim! Auto-pickup helps you equip the best weapons, attachments, health kits, shield cells, and other items relevant to the guns you choose to equip.

Key Takeaways

  • The Advanced Setup allows players to adjust the basic controls, such as Auto-fire, Left Fire Button, and One-Tap ADS and Fire. Mixed, Release to Fire, ADS Mode & ADS Button Rotates Camera, Auto-pickup, Items, Battlefield Info, Ping customization, and Movement are all options that match your play style.
  • Control Settings are the most important settings in Apex Legends Mobile, with two modes: Battle Royale and Multiplayer Mode.
  • The Apex Legends Mobile Best 4-Finger Claw is the best four-finger claw for enhanced reflexes and accuracy, as well as auto pick to quickly loot an area.
  • Gyroscope allows players to control their character by tilting their device in the designated direction and adjusting the sensitivity of the Gyroscope to control the recoil on weapons.
  • Low-fPS devices should use Smooth Graphics Quality and High Frame Rate, while high-end devices should use Normal Graphics Quality and a Very High Frame Rate.
  • The controllers that are listed as the Best Controllers for Apex Legends Mobile include the Ps4, Ps5, and even Ps2 controllers. 

Advanced Setup

Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls
The configurations you should choose under the “Advanced Setup”

The Advanced Setup is where you can adjust the basic controls for the game. For instance, you can choose to switch Auto-fire on or off based on your preference.

I like to keep it off because it helps me land a surprise attack on enemies unaware of my presence. Leaving the Auto-fire on will automatically fire your weapon as soon as you aim the crosshair toward the enemy, and the chances of you missing the shots will be significant.

Left Fire Button

It’s best to leave it off and handle the matter discreetly. On the other hand, we have the option to customize the left fire button. This button offers you a second fire button on the left side of your screen, and it is recommended for players that prefer shooting from the left side of the screen. You can choose to turn it off, on, or enabled during ADS.

One-Tap ADS and Fire

Enabling “On while ADS” will show the fire button only when you tap on your scope AKA ADS. I prefer to keep it off because of my four-finger claw layout. Next, we have the One-tap ADS and Fire.

There are three options you can select under this setting. “Fire after ADS” means that your character will open scope when pressing the fire button. The “Mixed” options allow you to open the scope while firing without having to press the scope button, and switch to hip-fire as soon as you double-tap the fire button. 

For this setting, I prefer to keep it “OFF” because I want the fire button to only do what it’s meant to do, and that’s to fire bullets when I press it. Not mix into ADS or Hip Fire because it hinders the movements.

Bolt-action Sniper Mode

For this setting, you can select whatever feels feasible for you. Either select the Release to Fire, which allows you to hold down the fire button and release it once you get a clear shot at the enemy. Allowing you to shoot after releasing the fire button. 

The same is the case with Semi-Auto Shotgun Mode, I prefer tap-to-fire because it provides greater accuracy.

ADS Mode & ADS Button Rotates Camera

For these settings, you can either select the ADS mode “Tap” in which you’ll have to tap the scope button to ADS and then there’s “Hold”. You have to keep holding the scope button to ADS and once you release it, your character will deselect the scope button. This setting is very crucial because some players prefer to keep it on “Hold” while other players tend to “Tap” for ADS.

You can eliminate random touch to the screen if you apply the “Hold” setting. For me, it’s “Tap” because I can instantly switch my finger for the Legend Abilities.

The next settings include Auto-pickup, Items, Battlefield Info, Ping customization, and Movement under the “Gameplay Settings”. It does not matter if you follow specific options under this setting. You are free to choose the best options that match your play style.

Let’s dive deep into the Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls!

Controls Setting

Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls
Best adaptable settings you can use under this!

Next, we have Control Settings, which I believe are the most crucial settings in Apex Legends Mobile. Under this setting, you have two modes; Battle Royale and Multiplayer Mode. You can choose to keep a different or the same layout under these modes based on your comfort. However, I’ll still recommend the type of layout you should go for in a while!

Under the Screen Settings, you can choose to select “Controls Interface 1” which is the standard interface common in many battle royale games.

The other option “Controls Interface 2” is slightly different than the custom interface. The position of your guns, scope, and Legend Abilities, is placed differently. These two Interfaces are ready-made for players that aren’t familiar with the game.

I’d advise them to create their Custom Layout, or choose the one I’m going to share down below!

Control Mode

There are three modes under this category. Choose the one which you are comfortable with but if you want to know which one I have, then it’s the third mode “Left Movement (Fixed), Right Fire (Fixed).

Apex Legends Mobile Best 4-Finger Claw

Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls
Get your hands on the best four-finger claw you can use!

This is the four-finger claw you all were waiting for in our Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls guide. As you can see above my scope button is placed on the upper middle side of the screen and the slide button is placed on the left-hand side. The pointer fingers of both my hand are used to trigger these buttons allowing my thumbs to carry out the rest of the moves.

You must have noticed the left-hand side fire button is enabled. It’s visible because it helps on some occasions. However, the whole purpose of the claw is to utilize every move available for enhanced reflexes and accuracy.

The response time is greatly boosted to react to sudden changes in the game. All the while, auto pick helps the users to quickly loot an area without having to think for a second.

Auto-pickup is extremely helpful when you’re dropping in the hot zone, which is basically an area where multiple enemies land. The time to loot is extremely important as the less time you take, the more loot you’ll have in order to take engage with the enemies.

On the other hand, the size and visibility of the buttons also matter, because, on a tiny screen such as an iPhone X, it is really difficult to trigger the buttons.

Other than that, the ultimate and latent abilities of your Legend are placed on the right-hand side for a faster activation time. The four-finger claw is included in the Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls.

Screen Swipe Sensitivity

Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls
The default sensitivity is Medium, however, you are supposed to enable “Custom” sensitivity.
Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls
Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls
Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls

Above are the Screen Swipe Sensitivity settings without a gyroscope. Customizing your game with the above sensitivity will help you improve your accuracy and toggle speed.

You might have noticed that my FPP Free Camera (Focus) is turned OFF. This is because the already small screen size makes the layout congested and adding another button to it would get in the way of game performance.

Gyroscope Sensitivity

Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls
You have to enable Gyroscope in order to use it!

Lucky are those that have the Gyroscope feature available on their devices. You will have to manually enable Gyroscope to use it. What does Gyroscope do, you ask?

This amazing feature allows you to control your character by moving your device in the designated direction. The gyroscope is a very helpful feature that aids players in the game.

By looking at the above image, you have seen the options for “Invert Horizontal Control” and “Invert Vertical Control” have been turned off.

The reason is very simple, when you’re tilting your phone upwards, your character will look in the opposite direction, which is to look downwards. You don’t want your controls to be inverted, so it is better to keep them OFF.

Recoil Control on Gyroscope

Players adjust the sensitivity of the Gyroscope enough to control the recoil on weapons. We all know how difficult it is to control the recoil on any weapon when firing at enemies.

With the sensitivity I’m going to show you, you’ll be able to knock out players from long distances at ease. Controlling the heavy recoil of guns through a Gyroscope is incredible.

To control the recoil, all you have to do when firing any automatic weapon is to tilt your device downwards slowly.

Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls
Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls
Gyroscope Sensitivity

You can see that the sensitivity without ADS for FPP is above 150, this is because you need to be able to control the movement of your character through your screen more than through your thumbs. The more you practice your movement with the Gyroscope, the better!

On the other hand, the sensitivity for bigger scopes such as the 6x, 8x, and 10x are kept below 20; this is because you need to land a perfect headshot and you don’t want your hands to disrupt your aim.

Lower sensitivity is perfect for players who have shaky hands, making it difficult for them to land a direct headshot.

Graphics & Audio Settings

Graphics & Audio Settings
Best graphics for low FPS devices!

If you’re on a low FPS device, then I highly suggest you go for the Smooth Graphics Quality and High Frame Rate. Otherwise, your in-game experience will be extremely worse due to the frequent lag and high frame drops.

Even for high FPS devices, it is recommended to play on Normal Graphics Quality but Very High Frame Rate.

High graphics will make your gameplay slower but will provide a real experience to you.

Graphics and Audio Settings
Enabling the Soft mode for Graphics Style (Post Effective) will slightly prevent your device from heating up or lagging.

Players with High-end devices can tweak these settings however they like because it won’t affect their in-game experience because of their device’s capabilities. Other players on high graphics can use cooling fans to keep the device’s temperature at an optimum level.

Controller Setup

Controller Setup
You can customize your controller settings as well!

Apex Legends Mobile has even included the option for wireless controllers! Now you can connect your console controllers with the game and enjoy playing battle royale or any mode with an experience of a console.

The controllers that are listed as the Best Controllers for Apex Legends Mobile include the Ps4, Ps5, and even Ps2 controllers!

To connect your device with the latest Ps5 controller, you need to press and hold the Shift key and Playstation button until the light starts flashing with blue light.

The next step you need to do is open your iPhone Bluetooth settings and pair your controller with the device. It will be under the name of “Controller” or “Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller”.

Who would’ve thought that a Ps2 controller would work with advanced technology? All you need are a few converters to insert the cable inside the charging jack and voila! Enjoy the game.

When you’re playing on the controller, you need to switch your ADS Mode to “Hold” so that you can easily turn your ADS on or OFF by holding the controller button.

Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls
After using the Apex Legends Mobile Best Controls!

Apex Legends has come a long way from being available on the PC and now on the mobile platforms. Thus this concludes our Best Control In Apex Legends Mobile, I would appreciate it if you guys leave honest feedback! For more guides, check out our Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns to choose the best gun for yourself!

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