Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns [Top 12]

Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns

The game that you all have been waiting for on a mobile platform, yes, you guessed right! Apex Legends Mobile was recently released on 17th May 2022. It has the most popular battle royale than any game that features battle royale. Before starting the game, you will need to get your hands on our Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns list.

Key Takeaways

  • R-301 Carbine – An assault rifle with great firing speed and accuracy, zero recoil, and efficient reload time and damage per shot.
  • Wingman – A single-fire pistol with high damage per shot and good DPS, suitable for close and long-range distances. Requires good aim and pairing with R-301 Carbine for best results.
  • R-99 – An SMG with a significant rate of fire, high recoil, and a fast kill rate with extended mag.
  • Peacekeeper – A shotgun with high damage per shot and useful for close-range battles.
  • Kraber – A sniper rifle with high damage per shot and can knock down enemies in one hit. Rare to find.
  • Mastiff – A shotgun with high damage per shot, good for close-range battles, and can knock down enemies with one hit.
  • Hemlok Burst AR – An assault rifle with high damage per burst and three-round burst mode.
  • Flatline – An assault rifle with high damage per shot and recoil, useful for mid-range battles.
  • G7 Scout – A semi-automatic rifle with high accuracy, useful for long-range battles.
  • Havoc – An energy rifle with high damage per shot, high recoil, and it requires a Turbocharger attachment for best results.
  • Alternator – An SMG with decent damage per shot and fast fire rate, but requires Disruptor Rounds attachment for best results.
  • Prowler – An SMG with a fast fire rate and good damage per shot, useful for close-range battles and requires Selectfire Receiver attachment for best results.

We will be featuring the best weapons you can use in your two slots of weapon choice and literally destroy the enemies. I personally waited for this particular moment to finally get to play the game on a mobile phone.

Most of you are already familiar with the game. However, you will still need a guide on the best weapons in Apex Legends. Before we get started, let me brief you on how the game works. You begin the game with Bloodhound, one of the nine playable characters in the game.

This character, along with the other Legends, has unique abilities and skills that players can use during the battle. His expertise involves tracking enemies as a hunter with additional perks. Eye of the Allfather reveals the location of the enemies that are nearby and has a 25 seconds cooldown rate.

The Tracker is a passive skill that requires no cooldown time and spots the enemy’s movement for you. Finally, his Ultimate is the Beast of the Hunt, which allows you to be an ultimate hunter.

It has a cooldown of 180 seconds and allows you to move faster and highlight the enemies making it easier to spot and knock them down instantly. 

Having said that all, let’s start with the Best Guns in Apex Legends Mobile:

R-301 Carbine

Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns
Great firing speed and accuracy!

The R-301 Carbine is an Assualt Rifle, one of my favorite weapons in the game. Would you believe this gun had to be nerfed after the Beta version because it was insanely amazing? It has zero recoil, which is why it was nerfed for the game’s final launch. The damage distribution on the weapon is simply excellent, topped with its mobility and versatility.

You may feel a slight kick to it during the initial firing stage, but it gets better! The weapon uses light ammo and has 20 bullets in its magazine. I had no trouble knocking down enemies at mid and long-range distances during my time playing with this weapon! The hip fire is extremely good and allows for a more significant damage infliction.

You can instantly knock enemies before they even have the chance to shoot back. Let’s not get carried away, shall we? When you’re swarmed with a couple of enemies, you will have a decent opportunity to knock down at least two enemies of the same squad due to the efficient reload time and damage per shot.

The R-301 Carbine can be switched to auto-fire and single fire and works best when combined with Wingman or Mozambique as a secondary weapon of choice. These secondary weapons will allow you to deal more damage to the enemies with a slight decrease in the fire rate. R-301 Carbine is one of the best weapons in our Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns guide!


Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns
It is a pistol but has the guts of a deadly sniper!

Ah, one of the best pistols in the game. It is a single-fire pistol much better in Apex Legends than any other battle royale games because it basically works as a sniper with extremely high damage per shot and a surprisingly good DPS. To make the pistol more effective in terms of damage, use the Skullpiercer Rifling attachment for extra damage per headshot.

The Wingman does 90 damage on the head and 45 when it hits the body, and it is suitable for close and long-range distances. Before you jolt for this weapon, you need to know that it isn’t easy to master.

Getting headshots is tough when you have a pistol that fires one bullet per round. The chances of you hitting that sweet skull are slim if you’re a beginner. 

On the other hand, this bad boy is a piece of cake for those already familiar with the game! I can’t even tell you how effective the range on this weapon is. One clean blow on the head from even 150m is enough to take down an enemy’s shield or knock him out! It is enough to place it in the Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns list.

On the contrary, this gun isn’t for you if you’re looking for weapons with a good fire rate. Even so, you need to be fast and be good with your aim if you have any chance with the Wingman. Pair it with the R-301 Carbine when you want to dish out some damage to the enemies afar!


Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns
It is a good weapon to be carrying mid and early game and it has a decent DPS!

A slightly reduced damage but a significant rate of fire than the R-301 Carbine! The R-99 is an SMG not suitable for beginners as it needs excellent handling because of that excessive kickback. You can get a good damage per second. However, the extended mag is required for an effective kill rate.

It also uses those light energy ammo, and as I said, the fire rate is extremely fast, allowing you to shred enemies at close range. If you’re one of those sniper guys who love playing hide and seek, you have a pretty solid combination of R-99 and Kraber.

If an enemy gets too close to you, take out your SMG and bombard them with the R-99 bullets! You can get a solid 17 damage if you connect a headshot, and it has a magazine size of 22 shots. 

That’s not all, folks! We haven’t even gone towards the attachments yet. The R-99, when equipped with a level 3 standard stock, has a much more smooth precision to it, allowing you to increase its handling.

The level 4 extended mag can do wonders for your weapon, allowing you to carry 38 bullets. With that amount of ammunition and the incredible fire rate, who knows how many enemies you can knock out in the field!


Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns
One of the deadliest snipers in the game!

It is the only weapon in the game that guarantees a one-shot kill if executed perfectly. Aim for the head and get a sweet 145 headshot damage. Where are the sniper lovers, eh? This is the ultimate weapon for you guys looking to hide in the fields and secretly stalk enemies, leading to their instant deaths.

The damage distribution of Kraber to the body is 145, which means all it takes to knock an enemy is two rounds if you miss the head.

The standard magazine size of the Kraber is five, and once you empty the magazine, you’ll need 4 seconds to reload, but who cares! You won’t be anywhere near the enemy sights to be worrying about the reload speed.

With a sniper like this, you don’t need any attachments at all; well, you don’t get any anyways. You can get a clean headshot at 600+ distances, making it the deadliest snipers in the Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns list!


Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns
A great alternate if you can’t find the Kraber!

Now, this is a DMR sniper perfect for long-range damage. It supports attachments unlike the Kraber; however, it is far behind the levels of Kraber. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find the Skullpiercer attachment for extra headshot damage. The standard headshot damage is 110 for the Longbow DMR and has eight bullets in the magazine.

Wait for the attachments! A level 3 Barrel Stabilizer can increase the accuracy and precision of your weapon, which means you can land another blow if you miss the head. An Extended Mag of level 3 can increase the magazine size of your DMR, allowing you to hold 14 bullets in your magazine.

Along with the Barrel Stabilizer, apply any Sniper Stock you can find to greatly enhance the Longbow’s precision. Moreover, its fire rate is pretty slow, but you don’t need to worry about that if you land a clean headshot from that long-distance!


Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns
The LMG needs to be practiced for more efficient results and can be significantly improved through attachments!

The Devotion is an LMG that consumes Energy Ammo. It is very hard LMG to control when you’re firing all those 40 rounds of shot. In my experience of using the weapon, I noticed that it has a wide kick to its recoil as soon as it’s fired. Your aim will go haywire the moment you start shooting, but the more rounds are released from the magazine, it gets better and more accurate.

You get 40 rounds in your standard magazine and a pretty hefty fire rate which increases in relation to the bullets fired. In short, your recoil takes a harsh spike during the first 3-5 bullets, and the fire rate goes from slow to fast in a couple of seconds, making it clunky. The Devotion is a pretty solid LMG that turns into a beast with the right attachments. You can significantly improve the fire rate by using the Turbocharger attachment.

However, it would be best to practice the Devotion before using it in battle. To be honest with you people, it took me a few tries in the practice arena to fully adjust to its recoil and fire rate.

It gets harder to control as the range increases but what matters is if the bullets connect. You could easily take down a level 3 armor with enough bullets left to fire. The extended mag can allow you to hold 52 bullets in the magazine, which is enough to take down a single target with maxed-out armor.


Havoc Rifle
Kinda difficult to control the recoil with additional optics, best if used without any!

Havoc is an Energy weapon that has 26 bullets in its magazine. It is notable that without any attachments, the gun takes about a millisecond to start firing, which is a huge mess you’re getting yourself into early on in the game. I’d suggest equipping it mid-game when you have all the attachments available to improve the stats of this weapon. On the other hand, the recoil is easier to control if you have no scope equipped.

However, a 2x scope will make it difficult for you to land bullets even at close range. It is better to use the weapon without any scope. It improves your aim and accuracy and makes the recoil hardly visible. A total of ten hits can get you 60 damage per second if you’re a beginner.

Moreover, the Turbocharger attachment eliminates the late fire of the weapon, making it easier for you to show your fast reflexes when opening fire. Equipping it with an extended mag of level 3 can allow you to hold 52 bullets in the magazine. It has a reasonable rate of fire, enough for you to down an enemy with those bullets.

The damage distribution towards the head takes about 28 damage and 16 to the body. So, it does not matter if you miss a few shots. You’ll still be able to knock them down with the Havoc! Above are the reasons for which Havoc has been able to get a spot in the Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns List.


You can use the Flatline for getting a higher damage infliction in regards to the efficient fire rate!

The Flatline is an Assault rifle that uses heavy ammo. During early game battles, you can use the weapon because it has an extremely accurate ADS. It has a lot of recoil but a good tradeoff for the high damage. Flatline has two modes of firing; auto and single fire, which you can adjust according to the situation.

When you’re using the weapon at close-range and mid-range distances, it literally shreds the enemies. Hook it up with the level 3 extended mag to get those additional bullets. Doing so increases the number of bullets you can carry in the magazine, i.e., 34 bullets.

A standard stock of level 2 can improve the precision and accuracy of the Flatline, allowing you to control it better along with its recoil. Moreover, it has a good fire rate than the R-301 Carbine but lacks damage and precision.


Apex Legends Mobile Best Weapons
The perfect shotgun for players that like to engage in close range fights!

Peacekeeper is the best shotgun in Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns list, you can charge the weapon and allow the bullets to hit the target in a tight spot and deal more damage. You can get it from drops and deal insane damage from a close-range distance. The Peacekeeper is my favorite shotgun when playing Apex Legends Mobile.

It deals more damage and has a quicker reload time. A combination of R-301 Carbine or Flatline with the Peacekeeper is perfect. With this combination, you can get decent damage and control in both close and long-range distances.

A solid 110 damage on the head can knock the shield off your enemies, allowing you to knock them in the next round. The Peacekeeper is better than the other three shotguns in the game. Use it when rushing enemies and get some kills!


Mozambique Shotgun
One shot, two shot, three shot, knock!

Mozambique has a decent fire rate and good damage infliction along with its range. You can knock out any enemy with a level 1 shield easily. It shoots three bullets, and chances to land a headshot are pretty good. Mozambique at the hands of an Apex Legends Champion is a beast.

Not only do you get a good fire rate, but the precision and recoil of the shotgun are excellent. It has seven bullets in the magazine and does 59 damage to the head. When leaving the chamber, the bullets form a triangle, allowing you to land two shots on the body and one on the head, which is enough to take down the shield of an enemy.

I prefer going with the Wingman as my top pick when I’m using pistols, but that’s just a personal preference.


Mastiff Shotgun
Second best shotgun to the Peacekeeper!

The Mastiff is consistent and does not have the charge-up ability, but it guarantees a two-shot kill that will leave the players enraged! It is a single-fire shotgun that deals 136 damage to the head and 104 to the body.

Excellent mobility but slow fire rate, and you cannot use attachments other than a shotgun bolt and optics. You can attach a level 2 Shotgun Bolt to boost the fire rate, which will help you take down enemies quickly.

When wandering in tight areas such as the insides of a building, the Mastiff can obliterate enemies within seconds! The Mastiff lacks that charge-up bonus found in the Peacekeeper, which is why I’ve listed it at the bottom.


Alternator SMG
A good SMG only for an early game!

The only thing you need to worry about with the Alternator is longer kill time than the other SMGs and weapons. You will notice it takes longer to kill them. It is available almost everywhere on the map, so it’s a better weapon during the early game fights.

Switch it out for some better weapons when you get the chance. The Alternator is a better option for SMGs during the earlier fights because it has that incredible fire rate and good damage infliction.

Moreover, the magazine size is enough to damage the enemies to knock them out in the second round of that mag.

My experience within the game handpicked all these weapons. Before classifying them as Best Guns in Apex Mobile. 

So, don’t worry if I didn’t list any of your favorite weapons in this list. Let me know in the comments how you feel about using these weapons in the mobile version!

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