Apex Legends Mobile Movement: Pro Guide & Tips

Apex Legends Mobile Movement
Apex Legends Mobile Movement

After a lot of anticipation from limited release, the mobile port of Apex Legends is finally released globally. Electronic Art’s famous legend third-person shooter is now available for mobile players to enjoy the best strategic gameplay and tons of replayability.

Not just that, but Apex Legends Mobile players will also be able to enjoy exclusive legends and limited-time rewards to take their gaming experience to the next level.

With that, players are storming towards the Apex Legends Mobile communities to learn the game mechanics, new features, and all the tricks to smoothen their gaming experience. One of these aspects also includes Apex Legend Mobile movement for efficient gameplay.

Although, movement is a general term as moving your character in the game is essential to survive and complete the objects of the game. However, there are certain strategies that will ensure your legend character moves quickly while also dodging the incoming attacks from the foes.

These movement strategies might indeed intimidate players new to the game. But it is essential to implement the Apex Legends Mobile movement to significantly increase the performance of your legend. With that said, let’s discuss top tricks for movement in Apex Legends Mobile. 

Key Takeaways

  • Sprinting is an important part of Apex Legends Mobile, allowing players to quickly cover a large distance and gain team support.
  • Sliding in Apex Legends Mobile involves sprinting and then sliding, with the ability to draw weapons after recovering from a crouch.
  • Wall Climbing is a fun movement in Apex Legend Mobile but requires practice to gain the maximum advantage. Climbing mechanics are affected by speed and type of legend, with legends like Bangalore, Bloodhound, and Revenant providing faster speed and more effective wall climbing.
  • Ledge Peeking is a clever move trick that allows players to peek over the ledge without exposing themselves to enemies.
  • Wall Bounce is a challenging move combo that can be used to confuse foes and dodge their incoming attacks.
  • Crouch spam is a useful movement feature in Apex Legends Mobile, allowing players to dodge incoming shots and strike enemies while crouch hopping.
  • Bunny Hop is an important movement in Apex Legends Mobile, allowing players to increase sprinting speed by utilizing air time.
  • Air Strafe is a legendary exclusive movement combo in Apex Legends Mobile, allowing players to jump higher in the sky and change directions.
  • Re-direction is a popular move in Apex Legends that requires fast-paced action gameplay and good movement skills to land strikes. It involves performing a surprising 180 with a sliding touch and pushing the legend body to a location left or right.
  • Zip lines are used to launch legends upward and reach the top of buildings, and can be used to perform maneuvers such as zip and spin, zip hopping, and zip re-direction.

Apex Legends Mobile Movement

Apex Legends Movement is all about the combos and speed of your legend so you can easily make out alive from the intense situations. It is a fast-paced game and speed is everything to land some skills as well as ensure the survival in the match.

This is because losing any match in Apex Legend Mobile is a big no as it can increase trouble for your performance and stats. Especially, players that are grinding hard to rank up fast in Apex Legend Mobile need to learn the movement set.  

This is where this guide comes in handy to allow players to learn the movement tricks. With that said, let’s discuss some of these top movement skills that every player needs to learn quickly to get better in the game. 

Sprinting Mechanics

Apex Legends Mobile reimagines the running mechanics of the game and introduced Sprinting for even faster speed. There are two types of running movement in Apex Legend Mobile. Firstly, you can either run at a limited speed, or you can sprint with incredible fast speed to cover a large distance in a short time. 

Apex Legends Mobile Sprinting

To sprint, you might have to hold down the running stick upwards. After a few running steps, your legend will be able to sprint. This way you can easily sprint across the enemies’ locations and infiltrate buildings. On top of that, sprinting significantly aids in team support.

Ranked matches are known for the brutal fast-paced action. Each move of your legend counts and team support is crucial for success.

In this case, if your legend is not fast enough to catch up with the team, then there is little to no chance of claiming victory after the battle. So make sure to utilize the sprinting mechanics of the Apex Legends Mobile efficiently to make the most out of your performance. 


When it comes to the intense action battle, sliding is never an exception. Sliding is pretty much self-explanatory and involves movement or covering short distances with speed. While sliding is mostly considered moving on the down inclined surface. There is actually no limitation to where you can slide in Apex Legends Mobile. If you are running or sprinting on a physical surface you can definitely slide and again get back to the running or sprinting mechanic. 

To do that, you will have to press the crouch button while running or sprinting. The faster you are the longer your slide will be. But still, your slide will be short. Sadly, you will not be able to use the weapons while sliding. But considering the speed and intensity of the slide, you can definitely make it worthwhile by drawing your weapons after recovering from a crouch. 

Apart from simple sliding, you can also slide jump to confuse the enemies that are on your tail. In essence, it involves sprinting and then sliding. During the slide, you can hit the jump button to take a small yet effective flight in the air. Also, since players are unable to fire their weapons during slides. They must definitely consider slide jump to strike the enemies during the jump.

Wall Climbing

Like every other foundation movement, Wall Climbing is also a fun movement to consider in Apex Legend Mobile. The game allows players to climb on walls and ledges for a short period of time. If you are considering playing Ranked Matches where the stakes are high, then you must master the wall climbing technique to gain the maximum advantage. 

Wall climbing is going to utilize all of the foundation movements like running, sprinting, and crouching. For that instance, you might want to make sure you hit these foundation movements right before going wall climbing.

The ideal approach is to first practice all these movements in the Apex Legends Mobile practice area and only then use them in the matches. Because simply learning these moves by heart is not going to work unless you put in a bit of practice. 

To understand wall climbing, you will have to run towards a wall or any other structure and you will hit the jump button. To put it simply, push your running pad all the way forward and then hit jump when you are near the wall. Push the running pad continuously until you reach the top of the ledge.

Meanwhile, as said earlier, the wall climbing time for players is only 4 seconds. It means, after the 4 seconds of climbing, your legend will be dropped down from where it started climbing. 

So make sure to identify the structures and walls before starting to climb. Once again, practice makes everything perfect, and understanding these movements will aid players to deal with enemies effectively. While practicing, you will notice that climbing is affected by two major movement aspects.

This includes the speed and the type of legend you are playing. Speed is pretty much self-explanatory as the faster you engage with the wall, the faster you can climb all the way to the top. 

Although, legends play a major role in climbing on the walls. Legends like Bangalore, Bloodhound, and Revenant are known for faster speed and more effective wall climbing.

Especially, Revenant’s base abilities include prominent wall climbing. Using the character will allow you to climb walls faster and higher.

If you are looking for an example, you can consider Capital’s Construction Building. Revenant can easily climb this building from the bottom all the way to the top without any break. Consider all of these aspects into the climbing mechanics, and you will be all set to use it during the matches in Apex Legends Mobile. 

Ledge Peeking

Ledge Peeking is exactly what the name says. It is a funny little move trick that allows players to peek over the ledge without exposing themselves to the enemies.

If you have been playing the game since day one, you might be aware of what kind of situations you are exposed to.

In order to get better than the enemies and stay ahead in the leaderboards, you will have to employ a series of combat as well as movement strategies.

Ledge peeking is also one of the neat tactics to observe the enemies before infiltrating the location.

There is no button to perform the movement combination. But still following some steps can allow players to peek through the ledge in a safe position. For that instance, just like you climb up the wall or ledge by hitting the jump, release your running pad instead of pushing it above.

What this will do is position your legend in an idle position on the ledge, while allowing players to peek at the location on the other side. You will hang on the ledge and you can push the running pad upwards or downward to get past the wall or drop-down respectively. 

Wall Bounce

Like wall climb, wall bounce is also a neat movement that every player should consider in their gameplay. Even though these movements do not seem to align with any of the real-world strategies, players must consider these move combos to be more challenging among the foes.

When your legend is in the battleground, it is exposed to enemies from all sides. The best practice is to be fast enough to confuse the foes and dodge their incoming attacks. 

This is where wall bouncing comes in handy for yielding an unexpected move when foes are on the tail of your legend. Wall bounce involves running into any kind of wall and then bouncing off of it. It is that simple when it sounds and looks. However, it is a bit tricky to execute perfectly. 

To perform the wall bounce, you will be bringing back the foundation moves of velocity and sliding jump. Now you must follow the specific order of the move to easily bounce off the wall.

Run or sprint towards the wall and then slide jump to bounce off to another side of your choice. While performing the combo, you will also want to make sure to release the running pad on the left side of your screen instantly after hitting the slide jump. 

What this will do is ensure your character jumps off the wall at an incredible distance and is not stuck in the wall. If you do not release the running pad, your legend will enter the climbing state on the wall, which we have already discussed above. Take this combo out into the practice zone in the game and you will be all set to use it in the battle. 

Crouch Spam

Another worthy Apex Legends Mobile movement is crouch spam. It can be of great assistance to players that are prone to getting into tricky situations during combat. If you are familiar with the crouch and what purpose it serves, then you can also utilize the crouch spam to make out alive in a tense battle of the match. 

Crouch spam is about using the crouch button instantly and repeatedly to trigger a vibratory movement. This works best for dodging the incoming bullets or attacks from the enemies that are in front of your legend.

It might seem useless by just tapping the crouch button. But in reality, it can be a great handy movement feature to miss most of the incoming shots from the enemies. Not just that, but you can also strike the enemies while crouch spamming. 

Bunny Hop

You might have already heard this one as it is the most famous movement in Apex Legends Mobile. It allows players to increase the sprinting speed by utilizing the air time during the jump.

However, bunny hop does not involve an ordinary jump. You will have to utilize the sliding feature to push your character forward and then jump so you can not break the cycle of speed. 

For that instance, all you need to do is to slide after a massive sprint and then press the jump button.

Repeating the slide and jump buttons will yield a bunny hopping movement, which is incredibly fast and enables players to cover a large portion of the map.

You can bunny hop at least 2-3 times. But after that, the game itself will force players to slow down because of the realistic mechanics. 

Air Strafe

Air Strafe is a legend exclusive movement combo in Apex Legends Mobile. It means players that are using Octane legend can only utilize the Air Strafe movement technique during the match.

It allows players to jump higher in the sky and then again jump again while also being able to change directions. 

Apex Legends Mobile Air Strafe
Air Strafe

Firstly, you need Octane as the playable character in the match. Next, you must use his jump pad ability to take the jump flight in the air.

Meanwhile, the strafe feature allows you to jump once again mid-air so you can easily change direction and also wreak havoc on the enemies from above. 


Re-direction is the pinnacle of the famous moves in original Apex Legends. You might have seen videos where players make surprising and unexpected turns and kill that are completely ridiculous.

The truth is, these surprising kills are possible with fast-paced action gameplay combined with good movement skills to land the strikes perfectly. Re-direction involves performing a surprising 180 with a little sliding touch. 

Players that are taking heavy damage from behind must put re-direction to use for gaining instant kill and get out alive from the location.

For instance, if you sprinting and want to shoot a guy on the left that is chasing you behind, you can either stop or turn your character so you can take a shot. Or you can quickly slide and jump on the left side, facing the enemy and then registering a perfect hit. 

Execution of re-direction involves fast sprinting and then triggering the slide. Not just that, but we also need to push the legend body to a location, left or right.

In the case of the left, you will need to push your running pad all the way to the left. It also means pushing your running pad to 10 o’clock or the top left corner. Once you do that, you will notice that your character’s orientation is towards the left.

You will also need to make your character spin into 180. At this point, you might want to press the jump button. As soon as you hit the jump, you will have to drag the running pad downright or at 4 o’clock.

This will reposition your character to the left and perform a 180 towards the right so you never miss a shot from behind. Keep pulling the pad to your direction where you want your legend, and you will perform the re-direction.

Like every other, re-direction will also involve practice to understand the movement and get better at it. Eventually, players will be able to perfect the re-direction that may greatly assist during intense battle situations. 

Using Zip

Last but not least is the zip lines. These zip lines are scattered around the map and cover a considerable portion of running mechanics.

Apart from wall climbing and massive jumping, you can actually use the zip lines to launch your legend upward and reach the top portion of the buildings. The only requirement is that this building should contain zip lines as a medium for travel.

To use the zip lines, you might want to first discover a structure with the zip line. Once you get close enough to the zip, you will be able to see a unique button for using the zip line and arrows on the screen. Using this button will allow players to get to the top location of the building.

Apex Legends Mobile Using Zip Lines
Using Zip Lines

Although, that is not the only feature of these zip lines. You can actually use all kinds of maneuvers using the zip lines to ensure they avoid getting into the hands of enemies and also registering your hits on them.

The first and the most prominent one is the zip and spin. While using the vertical zip line, you can actually spin by using the running pad in any direction. The main purpose of the spin is to become a hard target to hit for your enemies. 

Zip hopping is another fun movement in Apex Legends Mobile. In essence, players can actually jump while riding a horizontal zip line and again hop onto it. The key is to ensure the perfect timing or you will be falling down and breaking every bone of the legend.

Zip hopping works perfectly when there is an enemy on the tail and shooting at the legend. Jumping and hopping back on the zip line makes your character harder to get hit at the hands of an enemy. 

Like original re-direction, you can also perform zip re-direction to turn the direction of your legend. You can hop off the zip and then use the pad to turn the direction mid-air.

If the timing is right you can again hop back on the zip and can travel backward from where you were initially traveling. Zip lines are also included in the practice section of the game. So invest some time and practice before putting these maneuvers to work in professional zones. 

Final Words

Movement is pretty accurate in Apex Legends Mobile, which makes it harder to perform these combos at the start. But once you put in some practice and train yourself, these movement combos can get a lot easier in the Ranked Matches.

On top of that, Apex Legends Mobile is just released globally and there will be a lot of new features and combos planned to introduce in the future. So make sure to train yourself for these moves to perfection, so you can easily get the hold of new features and updates in Apex Legends Mobile. 

That is about it for the movement in Apex Legends Mobile. Do you find this guide helpful in learning the movement combos for a faster and more efficient gaming experience? What is your favorite and most badass combo style in Apex Legends Mobile? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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