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Apple Subpoenaed Valve for Sales Data of Over 400 Games

Apple subpoenaed Valve to obtain sales data of 436 games according to a new filing. It is part of a litigation involving Epic Games. They said that the data is required to calculate the size of the market of Epic Game‘s distribution channels. Valve has refused to give in to Apple’s demands and is contesting the order.  The requested information includes price changes, gross revenues for game versions and items that are broken down individualy.  Apple lawyers are also requesting Valve’s revenue related to these games content and items. Valve said that they do not keep sales data of the requested games.  They claimed that the order puts a burden on them to accumulate and process massive amounts of documents & that Apple should contact third-party developers to obtain the sales data.       

Epic Games Declaring War Against Apple!

Epic Games enacted its own payment system on the app store to avoid a 30% fee imposed by Apple. Apple responded by removing Fortnite from the app store. They have also warned Epic Games that they would ban their afflicted account from using Unreal Engine. This would prevent Epic Games from developing games for iOS and Mac. In response, Epic Games sued Apple and was granted injection. The injection prevents Epic Games’ account from being terminated. Epic Games also sued Google for removing Fortnite from the Google Play Store. The Fortnite developer has filled a formal complaint against Apple to the EU antitrust regulators. Epic Games has claimed that Apple eliminated competition in app distribution and payment processes. 

 If Epic Games lawsuit is successful, the developers can create their own payment system. Developers will be able to avoid the 30% percent fee. Apple lowered the commission rates to 15% to all developers that have a yearly revenue of up to 1 million dollars.

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