Armored Core 6 Arena [All To Know]

This guide will cover everything you need to know about using the Arena in Armored Core 6, including all the Opponents and Rewards.

Armored Core 6 Arena

You can access the Arena from the Garage and find many Matches. This guide will explain everything you need to know about the Arena in Armored Core 6, including the Rewards you can get and the Opponents you will face.

Key Takeaways

  • You can access the Arena from the Garage to fight against the Armored Cores you defeated before for COAM, OST Chips, Emblems, and Armored Core Data Presets.
  • There are 29 Arena Matches with the Ranks S, A, B, C, D, E, and F.
  • You unlock the VVC-700LD Laser Drone Weapon for completing all the Arena Matches.
  • You can access 12 more ‘Analysis‘ Arena Matches in NG+ and NG++.
  • You unlock the HC-2000/BC SHADE EYE Head Part for completing all the NG+ Arena Matches. You also unlock a new Part for each new Arena Match you complete in NG++.

What Is The Arena?

Fighting V.VI Maeterlinck in the Arena (Captured by Us)

The Arena is a Combat Training Program designed by the A.I. System in Armored Core 6, ALLMIND. Moreover, this Program contains battle simulations against all the key Armored Cores you have faced in the Story. Participating in the Arena will grant you OST Chips, COAM, Emblems, and other Rewards to customize your Armored Core.

You can replay Arena Matches repeatedly to quickly get COAM if you are confident in your combat ability. However, you can’t farm other rewards like OST Chips as they are unique to each mission. The same goes for Emblems and Enemy Armored Core Data Presets.

Unlock The Arena

You can’t play Unverified Arena Matches (Captured by Us)

The Arena in Armored Core 6 is unavailable when you start the game but quickly becomes accessible once you progress in the Story. Here is a list of all the Arena Matches and how to unlock them.

Rank Number of Matches Unlock Criteria
F-rank 3 Complete the ‘Operation Wallclimber’ Mission
E-rank 4 Complete the ‘Attack the Watchpoint‘ Mission
D-rank 6 Complete the ‘Ocean Crossing’ Mission
C-rank 4 Complete the ‘Attack the Refueling Base’ Mission
B-rank 5 Complete the ‘Attack the Old Spaceport’ Mission
A-rank 5 Complete the ‘Destroy the Ice Worm’ Mission
S-rank 2 Complete the ‘Underground Exploration – Depth 3’ Mission

It should be known that you can’t do any match you want. You must start from the lowest entry point, the F-rank Match, with the “Invincible” Rummy. After you beat them, you can proceed to the next match with Index Dunham. Moreover, if you win the battle, you also rank up, and the ALLMIND A.I. will congratulate you once you jump ranks.

Arena Opponents & Rewards

There are 29 Opponents you can face in the Arena. Defeating them will get you the VVC-700LD Laser Drone Weapon.

Let’s look at the complete list:

# Opponent Rank Reward
1 “Invincible” Rummy 29 / F COAM (x35,000)
OST Chips (x2)
MAD STOMP Emblem (x1)
“Invincible” Rummy AC Data Preset (x1)
2 Index Dunham 28 / F COAM (x37,000)
OST Chips (x2)
BURN PICKAXE Emblem (x1)
Index Dunham AC Data Preset (x1)
3 G6 Red 27 / F COAM 40,000 (x1)
OST Chips (x2)
HERMIT Emblem (x1)
G6 Red AC Data Preset (x1)
4 Nosaac 26 / E COAM (x43,000)
OST Chips (x2)
Nosaac AC Data Preset (x1)
5 V.VI Maeterlinck 25 / E COAM (x45,000)
OST Chips (x2)
INFECTION Emblem (x1)
V.VI Maeterlinck AC Data Preset (x1)
6 Little Ziyi 24 / E COAM (x47,000)
OST Chips (x2)
YUE YU Emblem (x1)
Little Ziyi AC Data Preset (x1)
7 V.VII Swinburne 23 / E COAM (x50,000)
OST Chips (x2)
GUIDANCE Emblem (x1)
V.VII Swinburne AC Data Preset (x1)
8 G3 Wu Huahai 22 / D COAM (x52,000)
OST Chips (x3)
LI LONG Emblem (x1)
G3 Wu Huahai AC Data Preset (x1)
9 Ring Freddie 21 / D COAM (x54,000)
OST Chips (x3)
CANDLE RING Emblem (x1)
Ring Freddie AC Data Preset (x1)
10 V.V Hawkins 20 / D COAM (x56,000)
OST Chips (x3)
RECONFIG Emblem (x1)
V.V Hawkins AC Data Preset (x1)
11 G5 Iguazu 19 / D COAM (x58,000)
OST Chips (x3)
HEAD BRINGER Emblem (x1)
G5 Iguazu AC Data Preset (x1)
12 Rokumonsen 18 / D COAM (x60,000)
OST Chips (x3)
SHINOBI Emblem (x1)
Rokumonsen AC Data Preset (x1)
13 G4 Volta 17 / D COAM (x62,000)
OST Chips (x3)
CANNON HEAD Emblem (x1)
G4 Volta AC Data Preset (x1)
14 V.VII Pater 16 / C COAM (x64,000)
OST Chips (x3)
DUAL NATURE Emblem (x1)
V.VIII Pater DAC Data Preset (x1)
15 Sulla 15 / C COAM (x66,000)
OST Chips (x3)
ENTANGE Emblem (x1)
Sulla AC Data Preset (x1)
16 “Chatty” Stick 14 / C COAM (x68,000)
OST Chips (x3)
CIRCUS Emblem (x1)
“Chatty” Stick AC Data Preset (x1)
17 Middle Flatwell 13 / C COAM (x70,000)
OST Chips (x3)
TSUBASA Emblem (x1)
Middle Flatwell AC Data Preset (x1)
18 V.III O’Keeffe 12 / B COAM (x72,000)
OST Chips (x4)
V.III O’Keeffe AC Data Preset (x1)
19 “Cinder” Carla 11 / B COAM (x74,000)
OST Chips (x4)
FULL COURSE Emblem (x1)
“Cinder” Carla AC Data Preset (x1)
20 Coldcall 10 / B COAM (x76,000)
OST Chips (x4)
DEADSLED Emblem (x1)
Coldcall AC Data Preset (x1)
21 V.IV Rusty 09 / B COAM (x76,000)
OST Chips (x4)
DEADSLED Emblem (x1)
Coldcall AC Data Preset (x1)
22 “Honest” Brute 08 / B COAM (x80,000)
OST Chips (x4)
MILK TOOTH Emblem (x1)
“Honest” Brute AC Data Preset (x1)
23 G2 Nile 07 / A COAM (x83,000)
OST Chips (x4)
DEEP DOWN Emblem (x1)
G2 Nile AC Data Preset (x1)
24 V.II Snail 06 / A COAM (x85,000)
OST Chips (x4)
OPEN FAITH Emblem (x1)
V.II Snail AC Data Preset (x1)
25 Chartreuse 05 / A COAM (x87,000)
OST Chips (x4)
UMBER OX Emblem (x1)
Chartreuse AC Data Preset (x1)
26 Thumb Dolmayan 04 / A COAM (x90,000)
OST Chips (x4)
ASTGHIK Emblem (x1)
Thumb Dolmayan AC Data Preset (x1)
27 King 03 / A COAM (x95,000)
OST Chips (x6)
ASTER CROWN Emblem (x1)
King AC Data Preset (x1)
28 G1 Michigan 02 / S COAM (x97,000)
OST Chips (x6)
LIGAR TAIL Emblem (x1)
G1 Michigan AC Data Preset (x1)
29 V.I Freud 01 / S COAM (x100,000)
OST Chips (x6)
LOCKSMITH Emblem (x1)
V.I Freud AC Data Preset (x1)

Analysis Matches

After you start NG+ and progress through the game, you can open the Arena in Armored Core 6 again to see the change in U.I. All the previous 29 Arena Match Encounters are under the ‘Records’ Tab. At the same time, a newly introduced tab called ‘Analysis.’ ‘Analysis’ is the NG+ variant of the Arena and uses Greek Letters and Numbers to represent the new Matches.

This is unlike the English Alphabet and Numbers used for the Arena Matches in NG+. You will be rewarded with the HC-2000/BC SHADE EYE Head Part if you complete all these Arena Matches. Here is a list of all the ‘Analysis’ Arena Matches and how to unlock them.

Rank Number of Matches Unlock Criteria
Alpha 3 Complete the ‘Attack the Watchpoint’ Mission in NG+
Beta 3 Complete the ‘Attack the Refueling Base’ Mission in NG+
Gamma 3 Complete the ‘Destroy the Ice Worm’ Mission in NG+

NG++ Arena Matches

Finally, the last 3 ‘Analysis’ Arena Matches can be unlocked in NG++. Here is a list of all the Matches, how to unlock them, and their Rewards.

Match Unlock Criteria Reward
Delta-1 Complete the ‘Ocean Crossing’
Mission in NG++
Needle Missile Launcher
Delta-2 Complete the ‘Survey the Uninhabited Floating City’
Mission in NG++
IB-C03W1: WLT 011
Coral Rifle
Delta-3 Complete the ‘Underground Exploration -Depths 2’
Mission in NG++
Coral Rifle
Coral Oscillator

My Experience With Arena Mode

Personally, I think that the Arena Mode is a great way for you to exercise your attacking strategies on training mechs so that you are ready on the battlefield. Additionally, you can get new weapons and mech parts by completing Arena missions. Therefore, I strictly advise you to complete all Arena missions and extend your collection, as some collectibles are useful in the long run.

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