Armored Core 6 BEST Faction [Ranked]

There are 7 Factions in Armored Core 6, but what exactly are factions, and is there a best faction in the game?

Armored Core 6 Best Faction

There are 7 Key Organizations, also known as Factions, are part of the story in Armored Core 6. This guide will explain everything you need about Factions and the Best Faction in Armored Core 6.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 7 Factions, also called Organizations or Corporations, in Armored Core 6.
  • Every Faction’s existence revolves around Coral, which is a unique resource used to further technological development.
  • The Player character is a Mercenary who gets job offers from different factions through scouts called Handlers.
  • There is no Best Faction in Armored Core 6 due to its linear storyline. However, making specific choices during missions can affect the ending you get.

What Are Factions?

The Fires of Ibis which led to the short supply of coral resources (Captured by Us)

Factions are also called Organizations or Corporations. They were created to acquire and deal with Coral. Coral is a unique new resource and data conduit that has helped immensely with humanity’s progress. Unfortunately, after the Fires of Ibis, the Coral resources were in short supply and near exhaustion, but there was a ray of hope: Rubicon.

Rubicon is a planet found to be a good source of Coral, and this is where Factions come into play. Each Faction wants to hoard as much Coral as possible due to its innate value, and they employ Mercenaries, such as the Player, to carry out missions to obtain Coral. You will get to work for a lot of Factions as a Mercenary in Armored Core 6 through your Handler.

What Are Handlers

An incoming request from Balam Industries through Handler Walter (Captured by Us)

Handlers in Armored Core 6 function as agents securing independent mercenary jobs across various factions. For instance, Walter, our initial handler, legitimates us as a mercenary in Rubicon, allowing us to work for different corporations and factions.

The Best Faction

There are mainly 7 factions in Armored Core 6 if we ignore some lesser-known, more minor factions. However, there is no Best Faction in Armored Core 6, as the story is quite linear, with a few exceptions in mission choices. There may be more in the future with the addition of DLCs, but for now, these are all of the organizations in Armored Core 6.

Balam Industries

Balam Industries races against the technologically superior Arquebus Corporation in the Coral Survey Race to secure victory. Their affiliate, Dafeng Core Industry, specializes in heavy weaponry and armor manufacturing and seeks assistance from mercenaries. The Red Guns, the Balam Industry’s Armored Core unit thrives on combat and the warlike ambiance.

Arquebus Corporation

I’ve mentioned Arquebus Corporation, linked to Balam Industries, known for their capitalistic tendencies. Schneider, their subsidiary, is akin to Dafeng Core Industry, both hiring mercenaries. Vespers, another subsidiary, resembles the Red Guns, serving as Armored Core units for Arquebus.

Rubicon Liberation Front

The Rubicon Liberation Front consists of the locals of Rubicon who have banded together to form a resistance force against the other factions who have come to Rubicon to steal their Coral reserves. They are insistent on their role of defending Coral like some sort of official Guardians.

Coral Tweakers

Like the Rubicon Liberation Front, the Coral Tweakers defend their Coral reserves from invading factions. However, while the Rubicon Liberation Front protects Coral as Guardians, the Coral Tweakers, being drug lords, aim to monopolize and profit from Coral, given its dual use as both a resource for technology and a highly addictive narcotic.

Planetary Closure Administration

This is a government entity with solid control over the entirety of the Rubicon and possibly other planets. They are mighty and best not to be made enemies of. They are not precisely a faction, but they function similarly to factions.


Belius Applied Weapon Systems, also known as BAWS, is an independent weapon manufacturer not aligned with any other faction and is the leading supplier of weaponry to all the factions actively fighting for control over Coral in Rubicon. Simply put, BAWS does not function as a faction itself but instead supplies factions with weapons.


Much like BAWS, they are also Arms Dealers. They have a sub-section called the RaD, and there is a mission in Chapter 2 where you are tasked to eliminate the Doser Faction. There isn’t much information about them; hence, they don’t fall under the same category of key factions like Balam Industries.

That covers everything about the Best Faction in Armored Core 6. If you enjoyed this guide, then be sure to check out some of our other guides on our site and stay tuned for more Armored Core 6 coverage.

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