Armored Core 6 Best Parts [All Categories]

There are ten Part categories in Armored Core 6. This guide reviews and lists down the top three Amored Core 6 best Parts for each category, including their stats and how to get them.

Armored Core 6 best Parts.
Here are the best Armored Core 6 Parts.

There are ten categories of Parts in Armored Core, which you can open in the search menu 6, that perform functions ranging from offense to defense and even mobility. This guide discusses the top 3 Armored Core 6 best Parts for each category and where you can find them.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 10 parts In Armored Core 6.
  • For the Arms Units, we highly recommend the RF-025 Scudder, while for the Back, we suggest the VVC-706 PM.
  • As for the Core and Head, you’re better off with the DF-BD-08 Tian Qiang and HD-033M Verrill, respectively.
  • We have several suggestions for the Legs, with the best one being the VP 424. For the Arms, you won’t find anything better than the IA-C01A: Ephemera.
  • Finally, we recommend the VP-20D, FC-006 Abbot, and FlueGel 21Z for the Generator, FCS, and Booster, respectively.

Armored Core 6 Parts Explained

In Armored Core 6, you can explore your creativity by building your Armored Core. Each Armored Core has ten unique Parts that make up the body of the Armored Core.

  1. Core: Defensive and sometimes offensive.
  2. Head: Scans for anomalies and performs tasks.
  3. Back: Connected to the Core, with two shoulders for defense or offense.
  4. Arms: Arm Units (weapons) attached to the shoulders.
  5. Legs: Support weight and aid movement.
  6. Fire Control System (FCS): Launches and controls missiles/projectiles.
  7. Energy Generator: Provides Energy.
  8. Booster: Offers short bursts of speed.

Armored Core 6 Best Parts 

Here’s a complete summary of the Armored Core 6 Best Parts:

Part Placement1st Choice2nd Choice3rd Choice
L-Arm and R-ArmRF-025 Scudder (R only)44-141 JVLN AlphaDF-GA-08 HU-BEN
L-Back and R-BackVVC-706PMSB-033M MorleySongbirds Grenade Cannon
HeadHD-033M VerrillDF-HD-08 Tian-QiangVE-44A
CoreDF-BD-08 Tian QiangVE-40ABD-011 Melander
ArmsIA-C01A: EphemeraAR-011 MelanderDF-AR-09 Tian-Lao
LegsVP-424Kasuar 42ZVE-42A
BoosterFlueGel 21ZAlula 21EIA-C01B: Gills
GeneratorVP-20DDF-GN-02 Ling-TaiDF-GN-08 San-Tai
FCSFC-006 AbbotVE-21AFCS-G2/P05

L-Arm And R-Arm Units

StatRF-025 Scudder44-141 JVLN AlphaDF-GA-08 HU-BEN
Attack Power110107525
Accumulative Impact3590511
Ideal Range162N/A130
Effective Range304760226
Blast RadiusN/A15N/A
Total Rounds450N/A1300
Magazine Rounds15N/AN/A
Rapid Fire2.9N/A20
Direct Hit Adjustment185220215
Reload Time3.2N/AN/A
Ammunition Cost5075030
EN Load153299425
PlacementR-ArmR and L-ArmR and L-Arm

RF-025 Scudder Assault Rifle (R Only)

RF-025 Scudder best Armored Core 6 Part for Arms.
The RF-025 Scudder is the best Arms Unit for its stagger damage. (Image captured by us)

The RF-025 Scudder is an Assault Rifle with low damage per round but many rounds. It’s a Kinetic Weapon, meaning it’s highly recommended for when you’re up against a boss that you’ve already staggered.

Since it has a firing speed of 2.9 rounds per second and a large magazine of 15 rounds, it’s perfect for quickly getting in as many shots as possible when the enemy is staggered. It even deals more damage when the enemy is staggered versus if it isn’t staggered.

What sets the Scudder apart is that it has a nominal Ammunition Cost of 50 and hardly takes 3 seconds to reload. It’s pretty lightweight, as well. You can buy it from the Parts Shop for 205,000 COAM.

44-141 JVLN Alpha Detonating Bazooka (L And R)

The 44-141 JVLN Alpha is a Detonating Bazooka. It’s a part of several weapons known as the Explosive Weapons. The Alpha is a bazooka that shoots out powerful bursts of damage that hit several enemies in an area.

Specifically, it has a Blast Radius of 15, allowing it to spread farther and hit more than the enemy. Hence, it’s ideal for taking down hordes of enemies. You can also use it to deal tons of single-target damage to bosses before they get staggered.

As an Explosive Weapon, it has high Attack Power but can only fire one round at a time. It also has a higher Reload Time and more Ammunition Cost. You can use this Arm Unit for both the left and right arms.

DF-GA-08 HU-BEN (L And R)

For your last choice, we recommend the DF-GA-08 HU-BEN Gatling Gun. As the name suggests, this is a Gatling Gun that, while it doesn’t deal a lot of damage for each bullet, shoots out up to 20 bullets in a second. This means you melt through enemies in no time.

The HU-BEN has 1300 rounds, ensuring you stay stocked on bullets. And each bullet doesn’t even cost that much. Speaking of cost, the Gatling Gun costs just 170,000 COAM at the Parts Shop, a bargain for a weapon of this caliber.

However, it does weigh a lot and consumes the most Energy out of the other weapons on this list. Additionally, it works better in closer range. It doesn’t feature a lot of recoil, though, allowing for stable shots.

R-Back And L-Back Units

StatSB-033M MorleySongbirds Grenade CannonVVC-706PM
Attack Power1360754 x 2760
Impact1450745 x 2384
Accumulative Impact860585 x 2284
Blast Radius156026
Effective RangeN/AN/A1500
Total Rounds2042210
Homing Lock TimeN/AN/A0.3
Max Lock CountN/AN/A6
Direct Hit Adjustment190140125
Reload Time5.06.46.0
Ammunition Cost800600100
EN Load465285342
PlacementR and L-BackR and L-BackR and L-Back

VVC-706PM (L And R)

The VVC-706PM is a Plasma Missile Launcher perfect for the left and right Back Units. This Missile Launcher can shoot out a total of 6 Missiles that can lock onto six different targets at a time. It shoots 210 rounds overall before needing to reload.

It does take a while to reload, given the size of this shoulder unit. However, it’s the lightest of the three mentioned here. And it has the lowest Ammunition Cost as well. It does trade Attack Power for that. But it’s a bargain worth making.

Additionally, the missiles have a more comprehensive range, allowing you to melt hordes of enemies and bosses quickly. You can purchase the VVC-706PM for 310,000 COAM.

SB-033M Morley Spread Bazooka (L And R)

The SB-033M Morley is a Spread Bazooka, which lends a more comprehensive Area of Effect (AoE) than other weapons. We highly recommend this for its high-impact damage and Direct Hit Adjustment.

However, be warned, for a single-shot weapon, it has relatively low damage. You get a hefty magazine size of 20 rounds to compensate for that. It’s also quite heavy and has a high reload time of 5 seconds. Additionally, each bullet will cost you 800.

The SB-033 M Morley Spread Bazooka is available in the Parts Shop in the Garage for 100,000 COAM. You can equip it on both the left and right Back units.

Songbirds Grenade Cannon (L And R)

Songbirds Grenade Cannon.
Use the Songbirds Grenade Cannon to deal explosive damage. (Image captured by us)

The Songbirds Grenade Cannon is a powerful Explosive Weapon with tremendous damage in one shot. It’s ideal for dealing vast amounts of Impact damage to stagger bosses.

It shoots out two large grenades, each of which deals 754 damage. Additionally, they deal double the damage as Impact damage, allowing you to stagger bosses quickly. Moreover, for an Explosive Weapon, the Songbirds grants you a lot of rounds at 42.

However, the reload time is incredibly high, at 6.4 seconds. The Ammunition Cost is slightly lower than other Explosive Weapons, though. You can buy it from the Parts Shop for 182,000 COAM and use it on the left and right Back units.

Head Parts

StatHD-033M VerrillDF-HD-08 Tian-QuiangVE-44A
Attack Power10803201060
Anti-Kinetic Defense188142179
Anti-Explosive Defense185184178
Anti-Energy Defense185140188
Attitude Stability46997393
Scan Distance510250490
System Recovery10750104
Scan Effect Duration7.81312.6
EN Load24088182

HD-033M Verrill

HD-033M best Armored Core 6 Part for the Head.
We highly suggest the HD-033M Verrill for the Head. (Image captured by us)

If you’re looking for one of the Armored Core 6 best parts for the Head, look no further than the HD-033M Verrill. The Verrill has it all: high Attack Power, higher and mostly uniform defense, and most importantly, high Attitude Stability.

For starters, it resists all three weapon categories almost equally. Additionally, it has a broader Scan distance, perfect for long-range Scans. However, the Scan Effects don’t stay on the screen for long.

Moreover, although it’s best for protection against Impact Damage, it’s not the best for detecting anomalies. It takes this Head 510 seconds to notice an anomaly in the system. It’s available for purchase for 205,000 COAM at the Parts Shop.

DF-HD-08 Tian-Qiang

The DF-HD-08 Tian-Qiang is an excellent all-rounder Head part for your character. Firstly, it grants you relatively uniform defense against all types of weapons. But it’s somewhat better at defending against Explosive Weapons. Additionally, it has relatively fast System Recovery, meaning you’ll quickly notice anomalies.

However, it’s not the best Head for scanning. It has a shorter Scan distance but a longer Scan duration. This makes it ideal only for short-distance scanning.

Additionally, it has low Attitude Stability. This means you won’t resist Impact damage as much as other Heads. You must buy this Head from the Parts Shop for 150,000 COAM.


The VE-44A is the best Head Unit for its scan distance and Attack Power. It has an excellent defense against all the Weapon damage types, which is pretty much uniform. However, it’s slightly better against Energy Weapon damage.

It does weigh the highest. But if you can make room for it, it’s one of the best Head Units. This Head Unit features a longer Scan Effect Duration, allowing you to see the scan details for much longer. Additionally, it has excellent Attitude Stability, resisting Impact Damage.

However, it does have a longer System Recovery time, meaning it will notice anomalies in the system much later than other Heads. You can buy the VE-44A Head for 275,000 COAM from the Garage.

Core Units

StatDF-BD-08 Tian QiangVE-40ABD-011 Melander
Attack Power410043203230
Anti-Kinetic Defense473447438
Anti-Explosive Defense478458429
Anti-Energy Defense473495380
Attitude Stability629521458
Generator Output Adjustment114122105
Generator Supply Adjustment909597
Booster Efficiency Adjustment768198
EN Load388432304

DF-BD-08 Tian-Qiang

DF-BD-08 Tian-Qiang Core.
The DF-BD-08 Tian-Qiang is the best Core for its defensiveness. (Image captured by us)

The DF-BD-08 Tian-Qiang is one of the best Cores for your character. Although it weighs a lot, it’s pretty practical in battle. Firstly, it grants you a decent amount of defense uniformly against all types of weapon damage.

Additionally, it has excellent Attitude Stability, meaning it will stick out against Impact Damage. And that’s not all. The Tian-Qiang will take less time to charge fully and will output a lot of Energy Damage.

Boosting your Armored Core won’t cost a lot of Energy, either. It does come at a hefty price, at 390,000 COAM at the Garage’s Parts Shop.


The VE-40A is similar to the Tian-Qiang in several aspects. It has a similar defense against all the different weapon types, with a slightly better defense against Energy Weapons.

Additionally, it’s great for defending against Impact damage and preventing yourself from getting staggered. It weighs more than the Tian-Qiang due to the slight spec increase.

However, what may put you off is the higher price. Something similar to the Tian-Qiang costs a whopping 570,000 COAM from the Parts Shop. There’s no other way to get it. Hence, you’ll need to farm for some extra COAM.

BD-011 Melander

Our last recommendation is the BD-011 Melander for the Core. This is an excellent option for those who want to reduce weight. It has the least weight among the three mentioned Cores.

However, it does trade several of its stats for it, including its Attack Power and Attitude Stability. Additionally, it’s slightly worse in Energy Defense. It has the highest Booster Efficiency Adjustment out of the three, though.

You’ll find this in the parts shop for just 195,000 COAM. Hence, it’s a better alternative for its lighter weight and cheaper price.

Recommended Arms

StatsIA-C01A: EphemeraAR-011 MelanderDF-AR-09 Tian-Lao
Attack Power238022602,800
Anti-Kinetic Defense219247265
Anti-Energy Defense263217251
Anti-Explosive Defense256234277
Recoil Control9810796
Melee Specialization1069668
Firearm Specialization10410095
Arms Load Limit12,68015,10017,200
EN Load312265266

IA-C01A: Ephemera

For the Arms, we highly recommend equipping the IA-C01A: Ephemera. This set of Arms is the best for its lighter weight and greater specialization in Melee Weapons and Firearms.

It features moderate defense against all kinds of weapon damage, on par with some more powerful weapons. It has excellent Recoil Control that parallels that of the Tian-Lao.

However, it has a lower Arms Load Limit, meaning you’ll need to find lighter Arms Units. Additionally, you’ll need to complete the Underground Exploration – Depth 2 mission you found during Chapter 4 of Armored Core 6.

AR-011 Melander

We recommend the AR-011 Melander, as it’s a great all-rounder if you’re willing to sacrifice weight. It has higher Attack Power than the Ephemera and better Recoil Control.

However, although its defensive stats are pretty much uniform, it does lag in Energy Defense. It’s still pretty good for both Firearms and Melee Weapons. It does weigh more, but not too much.

And to top it all off, the Melander can be bought for just 95,000 COAM, a bargain for what some of the other Arms cost. You can buy it from the Parts Shop.

DF-AR-09 Tian-Lao

Arguably the best Arms Unit out there, the DF-AR-09 Tain-Lao was chosen for its higher Attack Power and Arms Load Limit. It deals more damage than other Arms and can hold heavier weapons.

Additionally, it has one of the highest defenses against all types of weapon damage, performing better against Explosive Weapons. However, it does have its caveats. For one thing, it’s not the best for Melee Specialization. Additionally, it has poorer Recoil Control.

And that’s not to mention the heavier weight and heftier cost (220,000 COAM). You should only get if you trade weight and money for more power.

The Best Legs

TypeTetrapodReverse JointBipedal
Attack Power560034005200
Anti-Kinetic Defense366293397
Anti-Energy Defense384328453
Anti-Explosive Defense386290394
Load Limit69,80047,82085,700
Attitude Stability1366530877
Jump Height188014
Jump Distance10338630
EN Load780388465


For the best Tetrapod Legs, try the VP-424. These Legs have the highest Attack Power and feature excellent defense against all weapon damage types. They also feature incredible Attitude Stability, allowing you to stay on the ground without getting staggered.

Being Tetrapods, they can carry more weight than other Legs, allowing you to load heavier and more powerful weapons. However, these Legs are not the best for jumping. They can jump forward for quite a distance but can’t jump directly up very high.

Since they’re Tetrapods, use these to hover in the air. You won’t notice a lot of recoil and can stay in the air longer. However, their weight makes them a lot slower when airborne. Buy the VP-424 for 313,000 COAM at the Parts Shop.


The Kasuar/42Z is one of the best Reverse Joint Leg sets. We highly recommend these Legs if you like to jump and sprint great distances. They can jump the highest vertically and the farthest horizontally.

Additionally, Reverse Joint Legs allow for faster movement and grant free energy boosts whenever you jump. However, being lightweight means that these are unsuitable for holding heavier weapons. Additionally, they have poor Attitude Stability, meaning you won’t resist Impact Damage much.

We suggest the Kasuar Legs for jumping from the ground to the air for aerial combat. Additionally, these are ideal for when you want to cut down on weight. They can be bought for 192,000 COAM at the Parts Shop.


For Bipedal Legs, we recommend the VE-42A. These Legs combine outstanding balance with even greater combat speed. They have high Attack Power and some of the best defenses against all weapon damage types. They’re also particularly better at fending off damage from Energy Weapons.

However, they’re the worst for jumping, even worse than the Tetrapods on this list. They weigh quite a bit and are best for use on the ground instead of in the air. However, this also means they have the highest Weight Load Limit, even higher than Tetrapods and Tanks.

As for Attitude Stability, it’s pretty moderate, especially if your primary concern is Attack Power. You can buy these for 504,000 COAM at the Parts Shop, making these some of the most expensive Bipedals in Armored Core 6.

Booster Parts

StatsFlueGel/21ZAlula/21EIA-C01B: Gills
Upward Thrust513446505001
QB Thrust20,00021,65018,850
QB Reload Time0.500.350.30
QB Jet Duration0.400.300.28
QB Reload Ideal Weight73,80062,40068,300
Melee Attack Thrust991810,8686184
AB Thrust866890858335
Upward EN Consumption680760580
QB EN Consumption600690620
AB EN Consumption398435620
Melee Attack EN Consumption543575630
EN Load282410400


The FlueGel/21Z is one of the best Boosters for thrusting through the air. It features high Thrust speed along with moderate Energy consumption when thrusting. You’ll find this Booster to be the best as an all-rounder.

The FlueGel has good QB Thrusting speed, granting you off-the-mark agility when moving through obstacles. It does have a relatively higher Reload Time. But it allows you to put on heavier armor without harboring the Thrust.

All other stats are pretty standard but quite impressive, considering the weight and low Energy consumption of this Booster. You can buy it for 202,000 COAM at the Parts Shop.


The Alula/21E is your next best choice for a well-rounded Booster. It features a higher Thrust speed than the FlueGel but a lower Upward Thrust speed, making it ideal for moving laterally.

Additionally, the QB Thrust speed is higher, and the Reload Time is lower, making for quick and easy bursts of movement. Of course, for a Booster this powerful, it consumes lots of Energy. It consumes the most Upward Thrust Energy.

It doesn’t weigh much, making it ideal for lightweight builds. However, this Booster isn’t available for purchase in the Parts Shop.

IA-C01B: Gills

If you don’t want to spend cash on Boosters, then the IA-C01B: Gills is perfect. The Gills Booster has inferior stats compared with the other Boosters. However, it doesn’t need to be bought.

Instead, you can find it after you complete the Underground Exploration – Depth 2 mission you received during Chapter 4. It has decent Thrust speed and Upward Thrust. However, it has a lower QB Thrust and low AB Thrust. Additionally, it does not perform as well as others in Melee Attack Thrust.

However, the upside is that it doesn’t weigh a lot. This makes it ideal for the builds where you want to prioritize a lighter weight or direct it elsewhere.

Generator Parts

StatsVP-20DDF-GN-02 Ling-TaiDF-GN-08 San-Tai
EN Capacity325020004420
EN Recharge71420001176
Post-Recovery EN Supply1400280810
Supply Recovery384833625
Energy Firearm Specialization986188
EN Output443023403210


VP-20D best Armored Core 6 Part for the Generator.
Use the VP-20D for your Generator of choice. (Image captured by us)

The VP-20D is the best Generator for when you’re looking for high EN Capacity and EN Output. Additionally, this Generator features the lowest EN Recharge, meaning it will be much faster to recharge your EN.

Moreover, the VP-20D features greater Energy Firearm Specialization, allowing you to efficiently transfer Energy to your attached weapons. However, this is the heaviest Generator out of the other two. Hence, it may restrict your movement somewhat.

The VP-20D makes up for its heavier weight with its higher EN Output and Post-Recovery EN Supply. You can buy it for 275,000 COAM in the Parts Shop.

DF-GN-02 Ling-Tai

The DF-GN-02 Ling-Tai is your next best option for the Generator. This Generator has a lower EN Capacity, but it makes up for that with its lower weight. We highly recommend this Generator if weight is your primary concern when building your Armored Core.

Otherwise, it’s still a decent Generator on your Armored Core. Firstly, it has excellent Energy Firearm Specialization, making it ideal for putting firearms on it. Secondly, it’s cheap and can be bought at just 90,000 COAM from the Garage.

However, it has the most extended Supply Recovery and EN Recharge time. Additionally, it has a very low Post-Recovery EN Supply.

DF-GN-08 San-Tai

The DF-GN-08 San-Tai is the best Generator if you’re willing to compromise on weight and cost. It has the highest EN Capacity out of the generators mentioned on this list. And it has the best Energy Firearm Specialization.

However, it does lag in Supply Recovery time. But it does have a hefty Post-Reocvery EN Supply. It weighs a lot, but not as much as the VP-20D. You’ll need to make a lot of room for this Generator.

Unfortunately, it has the lowest EN Output for a Generator of this nature. You can buy it from the Parts Shop for 300,000 COAM.

FCS Units

StatsFC-006 AbbotVE-21AFCS-G2/P05
Attack Power11,390N/AN/A
Close-Range Assist831045
Medium-Range Assist323680
Long-Range Assist59226
Attitude Stability1832N/AN/A
Missile Lock CorrectionN/A65105
Multi-Lock CorrectionN/A7960
EN Load268364232

FC-006 Abbot

FC-006 Abbot FCS.
We recommend the FC-006 Abbot for the FCS. (Image captured by us)

For the best FCS for close-range combat, try the FC-006 Abbot. This FCS has a very high Attack Power and performs best in close range. However, it will also work great in medium-range. But don’t use it for enemies farther than 260 meters away.

The FC-006 Abbot is undoubtedly heavier, so you must select other parts before you get onto the FCS. However, its EN Load is pretty moderate, allowing you to use it without worrying too much about consuming your resources.

And the best part is that you don’t need to spend a single penny on this part. You can find the FC-006 Abbot after you complete the Intermediate Support 1: Assembling an AC mission, which you’re tasked with pretty early on in Armored Core 6.


For long-range combat, we highly suggest the VE-21A. It’s perfect for locking your missiles onto targets that are more than 260 feet away. Additionally, this FCS has a moderate level of accuracy when faced with enemies between 130 and 260 meters away. But don’t use it for closer enemies.

The VE-21A also features missile lock correction, which will quickly lock onto the targets. Additionally, it has a high multi-lock correction, allowing you to hit multiple targets with your missiles.

And to top it all off, it’s pretty lightweight but consumes a lot of Energy. It’s readily available for 228,000 COAM at the Parts Shop in the Garage.


Lastly, we have the FSC-G2/P05, the best Generator in Armored Core 6 for medium-range combat. It will send missiles that lock at multiple targets accurately within 130 to 260 meters. It’s also a viable option for closer targets but won’t be as accurate against farther targets.

Additionally, it features the best missile lock correction, ensuring that your missiles hit the enemy as quickly as possible. This reduces delay and allows for a more precise shot. Moreover, it has multi-lock correction that lets you hit several targets simultaneously.

It has the lowest Energy Load but weighs a lot. You can easily buy this for 128,000 COAM at the Parts Shop in the Armored Core Garage.

Armored Core 6 has an expansive roster of Parts to choose from. Whether it’s the Head, Core, Arms, or Legs, you always want to get the best Parts worth the price and weight. Hence, we listed the Armored Core 6 best Parts in each category and how to get them.

We also mentioned the best FCS, Generators, and Boosters to maximize your gameplay and help you perform better against enemies and boss fights.

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