Armored Core 6 Decisions: Endings & Guide

This guide will cover all the possible Decisions in Armored Core 6 and how they will affect the ongoing story and gameplay.

Armored Core 6 Decisions

During a Mission, you may have to make certain Decisions that affect the progression of the game’s Story. For example, during the Mission where you have to Eliminate V.VII Swinburne, you will combat with their Armored Core. If you bring them down to low enough health, they will offer you a proposal to either spare their life or carry out the original objective of the Mission.

Key Takeaways

  • These Decisions affect your relations with other characters, one of the 3 endings you can get, and 14 parts you can obtain.
  • Decisions can be made during a Mission or before starting a Mission when you have to select the specific Mission you want to do.
  • Decision Missions are indicated by a small icon on the Mission Info screen, so be sure to keep a lookout for that, as you can only do one of the 2 Decision Missions.
  • Some Decision Missions, Endings, and Decision Mission Part Rewards can only be unlocked in NG+ and NG++.
Armored Core 6 Decisions
The Decision to Eliminate or Spare V.VII Swinburne (Captured by Me)

It doesn’t matter what Decisions you make gameplay-wise, especially if you’re fond of the game and are considering doing multiple runs of the game till NG+7, as is the tradition of playing FromSoftware games. However, it would be best to remember that some Weapon and Armor Parts are locked behind specific decision paths, as discussed below.

How To See Decisions

Keep a lookout for this Icon as it indicates Missions with Decisions (Captured by Me)

A small icon denotes a branching Decision on the Mission Info screen. This icon will always be shown before starting a mission, so watch for it and prepare in advance about which faction you will favor. These Decisions matter, so you should take a few minutes to prepare and think about the consequences of your actions.


It bears to mention that not every Mission will have a decision during the Mission like the “Eliminate V.VII Swinburne” Mission. Some Missions are either this or that. For example, you must choose between the “Eliminate the Enforcement Squads” or “Destroy Special Forces Craft” Missions as they are from opposing Factions, so you can’t do both.

This may seem daunting at first since some missions can be pretty vague, and you won’t immediately know which Faction to align yourself with, especially if you want to be on the good side of some of the characters. However, you will be given enough information during a Mission Briefing to make an Informed Decision.

  1. To be specific about making an informed decision, let’s take the previous 2 missions we just mentioned.
  2. You can enter the Mission Briefing for the “Eliminate the Enforcement Squads” or “Destroy Special Forces Craft” Missions. I recommend carefully listening to the Mission Briefings and seeing what Faction offers you in the job, along with other details.
  3. You can then use those details to make an educated guess about the Story’s progression, cancel out of the Mission you don’t like, and choose to accept the Mission that aligns with your interests. This is a fun mechanic to get you involved in the Story and plot of Armored Core 6. 

Decision Parts

As I mentioned, some Parts are locked behind certain Decision Paths. It would be difficult to get all the parts on a single NG run, so you must do multiple runs of Armored Core 6 if you want all the Parts. Furthermore, some parts can only be obtained in NG++.

Here is a compiled list of every Part and the exact Decision Path it is locked behind.

#Part NamePart TypeDecision Path Mission
1AH-J-124/RC JAILBREAKHeadEscape (Chapter 5)
2AH-J-120/RC JAILBREAKCoreEscape (Chapter 5)
3AA-J-123/RC JAILBREAKArmEscape (Chapter 5)
4AA-J-123/RC JAILBREAKBipedal LegsEscape (Chapter 5)
5IB-C03H: HAL 826HeadBring Down the Xylem
6IB-C03C: HAL 826CoreBring Down the Xylem
7IB-C03A: HAL 826ArmBring Down the Xylem
8IB-C03L: HAL 826Bipedal LegsBring Down the Xylem
9EL-PH-00 ALBAHeadBreach the Karman Line
10EL-PC-00 ALBACoreBreach the Karman Line
11EL-PC-00 ALBAArmBreach the Karman Line
12EL-PL-00 ALBABipedal LegsBreach the Karman Line
13IB-C03W3: NGI 006Coral Missile LauncherRegain Control of the Xylem (NG++)
14IB-C03W4: NGI 028Coral ShieldRegain Control of the Xylem (NG++)

Decision Parts table

Decision Endings

There are 3 Endings in Armored Core 6, depending on who you aligned yourself with in the Missions you’ve completed and the Decisions you made. These final Decision Missions will vary widely as each end will have you facing a different final boss. Here is a list of all the possible endings and the decision missions you must select to get them.

Liberator Of Rubicon

  1. Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech (Chapter 3)
  2. Destroy the Special Forces Craft (Chapter 3)
  3. Ambush the Vespers (Chapter 4)
  4. Eliminate “Cinder” Carla (Chapter 5)

Fires Of Raven

  1. Tunnel Sabotage (Chapter 3)
  2. Eliminate the Enforcement Squads (Chapter 3)
  3. Intercept the Redguns (Chapter 4)
  4. Intercept the Corporate Forces (Chapter 5)

Alea Iacta Est (NG++)

  1. Attack the Dam Complex (Chapter 1) and Accept to Destroy the Second Generator
  2. Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech (Chapter 3)
  3. Eliminate the Enforcement Squads (Chapter 3)
  4. Coral Export Denial (Chapter 4)
  5. Eliminate V.VIII (Chapter 4)

Liberator Of Rubicon (NG+)

  1. Attack the Dam Complex (Chapter 1) and Refuse to Destroy the Second Generator
  2. Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech (Chapter 3)
  3. Destroy the Special Forces Craft (Chapter 3)
  4. Ambush the Vespers (Chapter 4)
  5. Eliminate “Cinder” Carla (Chapter 5)

What Are My Recommendations?

Decisions are a crucial aspect of the game. Especially for those who care about the campaign progression and a satisfying storyline, I highly advise you to pay attention to these mechanics and make informed decisions. Plus, it is straightforward to keep track of things, as the game notifies players whether a quest will involve decisions. 

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