Armored Core 6 Difficulty Settings [Explained]

This guide provides comprehensive insights into the Armored Core 6 difficulty settings!

Armored Core 6 Difficulty Settings
Armored Core 6 Difficulty Settings

Armored Core 6, unlike other games in a similar genre, comes with single difficulty settings in order to make the whole gameplay experience enjoyable. What are these settings, and if they are really playable? Let’s find out!

Key Takeaways

  • Armored Core 6 skips traditional difficulty modes, opting for a unique design.
  • It maintains a single difficulty setting.
  • Adaptability is key. Fine-tune your mech’s skills and gear for tailored challenges.
  • Developers emphasize that mech customization is central to overcoming various challenges.

Difficulty Settings in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 Gameplay
Armored Core 6 Gameplay (Captured By Us)

What the players will see immediately is the absence of conventional difficulty settings in Armored Core 6. Armored Core 6 distinguishes itself by not following traditional difficulty modes such as easy, medium, or hard. This design choice might resonate with enthusiasts of Fromsoft’s preceding works.

Customizing Difficulty 

Similar to other games from Fromsoft, Armored Core 6 follows a single difficulty setting. However, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon introduces elements that indirectly allow players to play with difficulty. In contrast to a traditional easy-medium-hard system, the game’s challenge is linked to how you fine-tune your mechs using diverse skills and equipment.

The developers of the game have emphasized that the core of Armored Core 6 lies in customizing your mech. To navigate through new environments, face different enemies, and overcome challenges, players must consistently switch their mech’s gear and adjust their skills. This aspect will shape the true level of difficulty in the game.

When you strategically pick your loadouts , battles can become either easier to handle or more complex. The game’s real challenge lies in how well you adapt as you face its obstacles.

Best Graphic Settings 

Armored Core 6 Graphics settings
Armored Core 6 Graphics settings {Captured By Us)

Here are  the Optimal Graphic Settings for PC which will help players achieve high fidelity in Armored Core 6!

Antialiasing High
Depth of Field High
Motion Blur Low
Shadow Quality High
Lighting Quality High
Effects Quality High
Volumetric Fog Quality High
Reflection Quality High
Water Surface Quality High
Shader Quality High
Ray Tracing Quality Off

Personal Thoughts

In my opinion, choice of Difficulty Settings depend on your experience with Armored Core 6. If you are aware of how the game works and you have played games from this series, I will advise you to go with medium or above settings. However, if you are new to this type of genre, I recommend you complete the game once on easy difficulty settings and then switch to higher on your second run.

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