Armored Core 6: All Mech Parts [Stats & Guide]

Learn about all the Mech parts in Armored Core 6 and how you can acquire them!

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Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon All Mech Parts

Mechs are designed by combining several body parts such as heads, legs, and core. You must gather the component that gives you the best result so your AC is powerful and capable of defeating crucial end-chapter bosses. In this guide, I will list all the mech parts players must find in their playthrough.

Key Takeaways

  • In Armored Core 6, Mech parts assemble your AC and offer optimizations.
  • Parts are categorized by Weight, EN Load, and other stats for player judgment.
  • The head provides armor and resistance to incoming damage.
  • The core is bulky with a strong resistance barrier.
  • Arms serve as a base structure and can hold melee blades.
  • Legs facilitate movement and come in various weights.
  • Boosters provide propulsion for traveling.
  • FCS, or Fire Control System, determines weapon lock-on speed.
  • Generators enlarge the Energy bar for longer boost usage.

mech parts in armored core 6 fires of rubicon
All available parts | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming


Head part for the mech
Head Part | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The Head part of a mech is an essential part of a build as it contributes to your AP, meaning the health pool. It helps you resist enemy bullets by providing strong resistance and allowing quick movement. There are numerous options for choosing the Head that you must judge on the AP count and EN load.

Note: Choosing a heavy Head part for your mech will restrict your movement and use more boost to change your position. This can make it slow and difficult to dodge enemy attacks. Hence, you must avoid choosing a head that keeps you at a disadvantage.

Head PartAPAttitude StabilityRecoveryWeightEN LoadPrice (COAM)
AH-J 124 BASHO12503706846009561000
DF-HD-08 TIAN-QUIANG320975012308858000
EL-TH-10 FIRMEZA480398882570134177000
HD-011 MELANDER910400110316013575000
IA-CO1H: EPHEMERA9904801324330233237000
KASUAR 44Z4203921082590254210000
NACHTREIHER 44E59044092232021084000
HD-033M VERRILL10804691073080240205000

Recommended Head Parts Table.


core part for the mech
Core Part | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The Core is the central part of your AC that joins the arms, head, and legs together. Statistically, the Core has to be the strongest, so it can hold itself when other parts are damaged. Moreover, these mech parts are costly, so you must gather a large amount of COAM before you plan to buy a piece. Replaying old and easier missions is a great way to farm the currency for buying expensive mech parts.

Core PartAPAttitude StabilityGenerator OutputWeightEN LoadPrice (COAM)
AC-J-120 BASHO35804768316100300166000
BD-011 MELANDER323045810515800304195000
DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG410062911420650388390000
EL-TC-10 FIRMEZA250041010410890351452000
NACHTREIHER 40E2630349849820330275000
07-061 MIND ALPHA352045511216510364553000

Recommended Core Parts Table.


arms armored core 6 fires of rubicon
Mech Arms | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Arms serve as a base structure for the weaponry attachments you get. They tend to be heavier so the weapons, such as missile launchers, can stay put. Moreover, you can also swing a melee blade with it that deals more damage in two swings. Your mech’s arms and shoulders combined can hold a total of four weapons, which lets you unleash your maximum potential on the battlefield.

Arms Load Limit is a unique stat for this mech part category, as it relates to the maximum load it can hold before it starts to lose its performance and ruin your combat experience. Therefore, compare all the stats before you decide on a mech part.

Arm PartAPArms Load LimitFirearm SpecializationWeightEN LoadPrice (COAM)
AA-J-123 BASHO243010520531048021081000
AC-2000 TOOL ARM199013300961130216
AR-011 MELANDER2260151001001365026595000
DF-AR-08 TIAN-QIANG2480195009220020295200000
DF-AR-09 TIAN-LAO2800172009526740266310000
EL-TA-10 FIRMEZA19001354012211220270227000
IA-C01A: EPHEMERA23801268010412700312296000
NACHTREIHER 46E18601273016011420302138000
04-101 MIND ALPHA23001555010316960358272000

Recommended Arms Parts Table.


legs armored core 6
AC’s Legs | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Leg Parts of a mech come in different styles and variants. They are the base structure on which your AC stands, so they heavily contribute to your defensive stats. Moreover, players can further categorize the leg parts into Bipedal, Tetrapod, Reverse Joints, and Tank.

Bipedal is the type of leg you see when you start a new game. It is more like human legs and operates in the same manner. Similarly, the Tetrapod leg stand is a base with four sticks. It achieves more stability than all the other variants.

Although it has a higher weight, it proves worthy against crucial enemies due to high AP points. Furthermore, Reverse Joint are the lightweight leg variants that offer high speeds.

Lastly, in my recommendations, Tank is the ultimate leg style, utilized in the brute force builds. They give you powerful defensive stats in exchange for making your mech heavier. Using them in boss battles, such as Balteus, will be to your advantage.

Leg PartAPAttitude StabilityLoad LimitWeightEN LoadPrice (COAM)
AL-J-121 BASHO41607746260020520300141000
DF-LG-08 TIAN-QIANG42008258260023600400350000
EL-TL-10 FIRMEZA36007375210011200378400000
EL-TL-11 FORTALEZA58608726930024650620385000
IA-CO1L: EPHEMERA38007555505015200398521000
LG-11 MELANDER41507436052018700365175000
LG-022T BORNEMISSZA10040163010030049800455280000
LG-033M VERRIL685014137620036200675465000
KASUAR 42Z34005304782019060388192000
NACHTREIHER 42E35007114865014030462243000
RC-2000 SPRING CHICKEN40805866836025890402419000

Recommended Legs Parts Table.


booster for your mech
Booster component | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Booster is the primary source of traveling in Armored Core 6, providing the nitro through a component attached to your back. They can get you through a piece of land or sea if you pick the one with more Boost. 

A heavier booster will give you an inadequate boost to travel longer distances. Therefore, make your choices wisely.

Booster PartThrustUpward ThrustQuick Boost ThrustWeightEN LoadPrice (COAM)
AB-J-137 KIKAKU5667458419150182026653000
BC-0400 MULE541744341750097020088000
BUERZEL 21D61674834180502240480151000
BST-G2 P046001490020600171025072000
BST-G2 P06SPD68014800186001420390133000
FLUEGEL 21Z610151342000001980282202000
IA-C01B: GILLS63175001188501590400296000
ALULA 21E6668465021650190041060000

Recommended Booster Parts Table.


FCS is a hidden part for the mech
Fire Control System | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

FCS is an abbreviation of Fire Control System in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. It is an essential yet hidden component for your mech, as it decides the time it takes to lock in your aim on the enemy target.

The longer it takes to lock in, the bigger window you give to your enemies for attacking you. Considering the statement, we must choose the FCS, which assists quickly and efficiently.

FCS PartClose-Range AssistMedium-Range AssistLong-Range AssistWeightEN LoadPrice (COAM)
FC-008 TALBOT67541190312155000
FCS-G1 P0138272080198
FCS-G2 P0545802612023267000
FCS-G2 P10SLT40412910020996000
FCS-G2 P12SML285230130278141000

Recommended FCS Parts Table.


generator armored core 6
Generator | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Boost is the main attribute that lets you fly and make sudden movements. Without a boost, your movement stays restricted, and you can’t perform stunts and whatnot. Generators provide the power required for using boost and performing all the activities.

A good Generator will have a bigger Energy Gauge, allowing you to utilize the Boost for a longer period. It’s useful when you have heavy gear on your mech, which consumes more EN. Therefore, having a powerful Generator is necessary for your mech.

Generator PartEN CapacityEN RechargeSupply RecoveryWeightEN OutputPrice (COAM)
AG-E-013 YABA2550100050050803000240000
AG-J-098 JOSO220076940034202600
DF-GN-02 LING-TAI200020008333860234090000
DF-GN-06 MING-TANG2900125066663203160170000
DF-GN-08 SAN-TAI44201176625100603210

Recommended Generator Parts Table.

My Verdict

Now that you know about all the mech parts and their stats, choosing a build for yourself will be easier. In my opinion, your build depends on what you are about to encounter. While facing a final boss that often moves around, I recommend you make a light AC build that can support your movement. Similarly, I advise you to assess the situation first, then decide what mech parts you wish to keep. Nonetheless, it is recommended you experiment with all mech parts to understand how they operate!

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