Armored Core 6: Attack The Watchpoint [Efficient Strategy]

Attack The Watchpoint is the last mission of Chapter 1. Learn how you can get through the mission by reading this guide.

armored core 6 fires of rubicon cover
Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon Attack the Watchpoint

As you come close to the end of Chapter 1 of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, you will participate in the last mission, “Attack the Watchpoint.” It is the most punishing mission of this chapter. Therefore, you must learn what it holds for you before completing it.

This guide will be a walkthrough of the last mission, where you will learn about the shortcuts to completing the mission with the optimal build.

Key Takeaways

  • Attack the Watchpoint in Armored Core 6 is the final mission of Chapter 1. 
  • It starts with you ready to enter Sector 1 with the initial objective of clearing the area.
  • Kill the two turrets first because a blue laser emerges from them that will deal critical damage.
  • Sector 2 will have similar turrets, which you must defeat by boosting behind them and using melee attacks to end them.
  • Follow the directions to Sector 3, where you will fight with Entangle/Sulla, a mini-boss.
  • Defeat it and enter through the door to resupply your equipment and reach the valve.
  • Drop down the ledge and take care of the valve to initiate a cut scene.
  • After the cut scene, the final boss fight with Balteus will start.
  • Eliminate the boss to end the mission, along with Chapter 1.

Mission Description

before starting the attack the watchpoint mission
Attack the Watchpoint Mission preview | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Watchpoint is a location in the region of Northern Belius. This place controls the Coral flow, but things have changed now. Therefore, your primary objective is to destroy the valve that allows the Coral to flow.

It is faced downwards, so you must find a way to maneuver and destroy it. Furthermore, the perimeter has SG forces roaming around. Therefore, you must come with heavy weaponry to destroy them.

Annihilate The SG Squad In Sector 1

sector 1 of attack the watchpoint mission
Entering Sector 1 | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The Attack the Watchpoint mission starts with you standing before Sector 1. The place is filled with ground units, but your primary focus should be on the turrets placed on top of the buildings. A blue laser emerges from these turrets that deal critical damage to your core, freezing the AC for a few seconds.

Sector 1 only has two turrets, which you must deal with.

A good technique is to use Quick Boost to dodge the laser get behind the turret, and swing your melee blade twice. The blade will be enough to destroy the turret. Furthermore, the ground units also use a similar blue laser to damage you, but that laser is less hurtful. They have a smaller health pool, so destroying them is not a problem.

Annihilate the SG Squad In Sector 2

sector 2 of attack the watchpoint mission
Entering Sector 2 | Image Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

As you move towards Sector 2, you will be welcomed with a couple of similar blue laser turret guns planted at a significant height. Moreover, there are a few ground brutes that will assist the turrets in eliminating you. You must follow the same strategy and clear the region to end Sector 1 exploration.

If you have less AP remaining, feel free to utilize the repair kits as you will receive a refill in the later part of Attack the Watchpoint mission. If that’s not the case, you can intentionally get eliminated and restart Attack the Watchpoint mission from the last checkpoint with three repair kits.

Head To Sector 3

sector 3 is the last area for clearance
Entering Sector 3 | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

When you are done clearing the previous two Sectors, move towards Sector 3 as dictated by Handler Walter. A mark will be displayed on your screen to the West of Sector 2. You are headed for Watchpoint’s Control Center, otherwise known as Sector 3. Furthermore, when you get close, a cut scene will initiate, where you will meet Sulla.

sulla mini boss armored core 6 fires of rubicon
Entangle/Sulla mini-boss | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Entangle/Sulla is a mini-boss that you must face as it is compulsory for Attack the Watchpoint mission. The opponent mech has a pulse weapon that it will use to demolish you. Moreover, it also wears a pulse shield that offers strong resistance to Sulla.

The mini-boss has quick movements. Therefore, you must track them to avoid getting hit from the back. To defeat it, use your right-arm weapon combined with the multi-lock missiles. Utilize the multi-lock missiles when the other weapon needs to reload.

You can manually reload all weapons by pressing the fire key bind and Reload key. When the pulse shield wears off, Sulla will become invulnerable. Hence, use your melee blade to hit it twice, giving severe damage.

Ensure you don’t use the melee attack unless the opponent mech is at a point-blank range. Sulla is good at dodging your blade. Therefore, it will get back and spray missiles at your face, which will damage the AC. After you successfully defeat Entangle/Sulla, players will receive a Combat Log, which is the only Collectible of this mission. Next, head over to the door and access it.

Infiltrate the Control Center And Destroy Target Device

primary objective is to destroy the valve in attack the watchpoint mission
Destroy the Valve controlling Coral flow | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

You are close to the valve now. Players will resupply their equipment before completing the primary objective of Attack the Watchpoint mission. Destroy the valve by dropping it down from the ledge. It will be facing downwards, hence, use your boost to get close and use melee to finish the task.

Clearing the valve will result in a cut scene trigger which shows the place blowing to pieces and your AC is caught in the action. Ayre will help gain back your consciousness. Moreover, you will land at a platform to see an unidentified robot approach you. This is the final boss of Chapter 1, Balteus.

Destroy The PCA SP Autonomous Craft BALTEUS

final phase of the final mission of chapter 1 armored core 6
Final Boss showcase | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The final boss of the first Chapter is a challenging enemy that utilizes a mix of guided missiles, rockets, and cannon bullets to demolish you. Balteus has a shield bubble that you must break to make it vulnerable. It does not stay in the frozen state for a longer period, therefore, acts quickly to get close and deal high damage using a melee blade.

After its shield depletes, another pulse resistance layer appears on the body. Players must get through these layers while dodging the enemy attacks to end it. The boss fight can be hard, so you must use your repair kits at the right moments to survive for a longer period.

When you become victorious in this boss fight, the first chapter comes to an end, where you see a cut scene that makes the storyline interesting. As a reward, you will receive roughly 380,000 Credits. The number can vary a little, depending on Repair and Ammunition costs.

My Experience With This Mission

Attack the Watchpoint was a very interesting mission for me, as I encountered a variety of mechs in it. During my first attempt, I cleared the starting wave of enemies that lead me to Sulla, which took me a couple of tries to get past him. Finally, defeating Balteus was the most difficult thing I had to do in AC6. Therefore, if you got through this mission, consider it a huge achievement!

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