Armored Core 6: Infiltrate Grid 086 Combat Logs & Locations

In mission Infiltrate Grid 086, find Combat Logs of different rarities from multiple ACs and mechs, along with the Invincible Rummy robot.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon: Infiltrate Grid 086 Combat Logs

Infiltrate Grid 086 is a story mission that lets you collect Combat Logs in Armored Core 6. During my first try, I found out that grabbing all the logs can be tricky if you are unaware of their locations. Therefore, I will mention all the spots you need to touch to get through the mission with all Combat Logs with you.

Key Takeaways

  • Combat Logs are collectible items that are collected by destroying the enemies with a specific label on them.
  • The mission Infiltrate Grid086 contains 5 Bronze, 3 Silver, and 1 Gold Combat Logs.
  • Collect them all to increase your Loghunt level which will unlock hidden AC parts.

Mission Description

players must collect combat logs from the infiltrate grid 086 mission
Infiltrate Grid 086 Mission Description | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Infiltrate Grid 086 is the starting mission of the Second Chapter in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. You will start in the Western Belius region, where they will be asked to survey the ice field, but there is no direct way of reaching there. Instead, you will be redirected to Grid 086, which has a cargo launcher that can be used to land your AC in the desired location.

Combat Logs Location


During the objective, “Reach Center of Grid 086’s Lower Level,” you will face ground units and turret guns that require a beating. Moving forward, you will be asked to access a large gate to continue the mission. Before opening the door, look back and keep walking until you see the red line indicating the mission perimeter.

At that point, look at your compass at the bottom of the screen and ensure it displays 180. MT Robots will be waiting for you at a lower level. Defeat them to get a 2x Bronze Combat Log. I recommend you fight safely with the robots, as you need to conserve health to find all Combat Logs.

collecting combat logs
Face the marked mechs to receive Bronze Combat Logs | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

When completing the same objective, after leaving the initial building and coming out in the opening, face the 20-degree compass mark and use a boost to travel vertically upwards. After a few seconds, you will observe a platform that has multiple MTs on it. Defeat all of them to receive 3x Bronze Combat Logs.


At the start of the mission, you will eliminate multiple ground units. After you pass them and reach the upper platform, Invincible Rummy will make an appearance. It is a yellow-colored mech that will give you a silver Combat Log if you successfully defeat it. Moreover, Invincible Rummy will not give you a hard time. Therefore, defeat it, acquire 1x Silver Combat Log, and move forward.

Defeating Invincible Rummy to get combat log
Defeat Invincible Rummy to get a Silver Combat Log | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

After you open your first large gate, you will fight multiple units to reach a similar gate. Players must access it and look at the meters displayed on their screen to the next objective. The reading will be around 1200 to 1300. Travel backward until you are roughly 1800 meters away from the objective. Ensure the compass displays 180; travel in that direction to meet a couple of Heavy MTs. Destroy them to obtain 2x Silver Combat Logs.

silver logs collection armored core 6
Move upwards in the opposite direction to face multiple ground units | Image Taken By: VeryAli Gaming


During your mission exploration, you will come across a room that has furnace machinery in it to melt the metal. This room will have two sides you must notice. On one side, you will witness the furnace doing its job. Ignore that side and look in the opposite direction to see an opening. You must explore that spot to find a Mech that provides you with a 1x Gold Combat Log. Note that defeating this AC can pose a challenge. Therefore, save your health and use all firepower against it.

finding the gold log
Find an opening to the other side of this room | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Refer to the table below that provides a summary of all the Combat Logs and their precise location:

Combat Log Location
2x Bronze Travel opposite the first large gate you access. Move at a 180-degree mark to find MTs
3x Bronze Leave the first building and use your boost to reach a platform at a significant height.
1x Silver Defeat the Invincible Rummy, unmissable log
2x Silver During the mission, you will see that the next objective is roughly 1200 meters away. Travel opposite until it is 1800 meters away. Look in the 180-degree direction and start walking to find multiple MTs
1x Gold Inside the room where they melt the metal, find a hidden opening to locate an AC. Defeat it to acquire the log.

Personal Experience With Collecting Combat Logs

Combat Logs are meant for you to search around the map during a mission in Armored Core 6. Therefore, my best advice for you is to look around after you enter an undiscovered area. This is the best way to look for hidden enemies that might drop the Combat Logs for you.

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