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#Ask343 About Halo Infinite And They Will Respond

#Ask343 About Halo Infinite And They Will Respond

343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard was quoted on Twitter saying:

“If you’ve got questions for the team following yesterday’s Inside Infinite blog, let us know using #Ask343 and we’ll answer some in a future video. We’re generally staying within the context of this latest update – answers to your other questions will come in due time.”

Halo: Infinite delayed into 2021 -- Xbox Series X still launching in  November | VentureBeat
Image Source When you try to peak through Master Chief’s visor.

Brace Yourself. An Update Is Coming.

This update showed changes such as to graphics and the campaign. In their previous #Ask343 video,343 industries Lead Sandbox Designer Quinn Delhoyo answered questions in depth about the game mechanics being implemented into Halo infinite. For e.g. vehicles will control differently depending on what part is shot, like a wheel. He also mentioned if legacy weapons are brought back, they don’t want to change their design like they did in other Halo games.

We made a previous article about this update Halo Infinite Overhauls Vehicles and New Grappleshot Details.

Quinn Delhoyo says the team plan to keep building on Halo Infinite in the future, rather than move on to the next Halo title. With multiplayer being free-2-play upon release, this could be 343’s answer to gaining a foothold in the f2p genre that is currently dominated with other fps games like Apex Legends and COD: Warzone.

What questions would you like to #ask343 about Halo Infinite? Do you think they can restore the reputation of Halo had when Bungie where at the helm? Are you happy the multiplayer will be free to play? Let us know in the comments.

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