Aspirant Key – Diablo Immortal [Explained]

This Aspirant Key Diablo Immortal guide will let you know everything you need to know about the Aspirant Key.

Aspirant Key - Diablo Immortal [Explained]

What is the Aspirant Key in Diablo Immortal?

Aspirant Key in Diablo Immortal
Aspirant Key

Diablo Immortal has received heavy criticism for its player upgrading mechanics. The game allows you to upgrade your character stats for in-game transactions. That is really depressing to think about, as you are paying money to win rather than skillfully winning a battle.

Currently, you can upgrade your weapons to have better stats to ensure you don’t have any difficulty facing off against the hordes of monsters. You can also equip gems that give your players a boost and put you in a better position all around.

Likewise, Aspirant Key allows you to unlock chests that grant your character permanent buffs. These buffs are extremely valuable to your kit and enable you to emerge victorious from your battles. Moreover, you can use the Aspirant Key to upgrade Horadim Vessels, which are accessible in Ibn Fahd Sanctum.

However, these Horadim Vessels are locked inside chests, which you can find in Sanctum Depths. You can’t unlock the Sanctum Depth Area unless you complete a particular quest or at least start it. Once you start the quest, you can make your way here and search for the chest. Then you can upgrade the Vessel and get a permanent buff depending on your upgrade type.

Now that you know the primary use of the Aspirant Keys, you must know where to find them.

Key Takeaways

  • The Aspirant Key is a crucial item in Diablo Immortal that unlocks chests with permanent buffs and upgrades Horadim Vessels for additional buffs.
  • Aspirant Keys can be obtained through buying them with real money or grinding in-game to farm them. In-game currency can also be used to purchase Aspirant Keys, with a daily trade of 50 Hilts for 5 Aspirant Keys.
  • Hilts can be obtained by registering the first kill every day and leveling up the battle pass.
  • The Aspirant Keys can be farmed through the questline Legend of Horadrim, PvE raids, and PvP Battlegrounds.
  • The Aspirant Keys can be used to unlock chests in the Sanctum Depth, which provides Culling Stones.
  • Culling Stones can be used to gain permanent buffs and upgrades for non-primary character stats such as life, armor, armor penetration, damage, potency, and resistance.
  • The Sanctum Depth has four rooms containing five chests each. The first chest of each room is free, but the subsequent ones require Aspirant Keys to open.
  • The Aspirant Keys required to unlock each chest increase as the chest number rises, but the number of Culling Stones in each chest also increases.
  • The four rooms in Sanctum Depth offer 80, 315, 540, and 756 Culling Stones in exchange for 15, 70, 120, and 172 Aspirant Keys, respectively.
  • Beryl, Sapphire, and Garnet are collectively called Culling Stones, and each of them upgrade different vessels and stats associated with them. 
  • The vessels that can be upgraded using Beryl are Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge, Guilt of the Nameless, and Jered Cain’s Vision.
  • The vessels that can be upgraded using Garnet are Tal Rasha’s Authority, Nilfur’s Precision, and Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity.
  • The vessels that can be upgraded using Sapphire are Iben Fahds’s Tenacity and Caldensann’s Compassion.
  • Each Vessel offers different permanent buffs upon upgrading, and these buffs are essential for end-game mechanics and character ranking.

Obtaining the Aspirant Keys

Aspirant Keys are integral to your playthrough if you wish to upgrade your equipment. The benefits it provides are too good to pass up. Furthermore, you can not access multiple chests without the help of Aspirant Kets, so it is worthwhile to obtain them.

Currently, there are two methods through which you can get your hands on Aspirant Keys. Firstly, you can choose to buy them in the game through multiple micro-transactions. Or, you can grind the game for hours to farm them.

This might be a little disheartening to new players but rest assured. Once we discuss these methods in more detail, you will realize it isn’t that hard. So let’s go through them individually.

Buying the Aspirant Keys

Even among buying the aspirant keys, there are two methods you can go for. The first method is to buy the aspirant keys easily through the app store by spending real money. This method might seem like a cop-out to some people and may change your perception of the game.

However, this method will ensure you do not have to grind for hours to find them and can leisurely upgrade your weapons and unlock chests. But still, you will have to spend some real money on the game. For 150 Aspirant Keys, you will have to pay $8.99. If that is worth the trouble, you can use this method.

The second method you can utilize is to buy the Aspirant Keys through the in-game transactions with in-game currency. Now for this method, you will be participating in a trade. You can trade 50 Hilts for 5 Aspirant Keys every day.

Now, this might initially seem like the better option, but you will first have to grind multiple hours a day for months to obtain a good amount of Hilts. Secondly, with you only being able to get 5 Keys per day, you can only get 150 keys in 30 days.

You will have to choose if you can wait 30 days for the 150 keys or just spend money and be done with it. However, if you select the first option, let me help you further. Hilts are easy to find but still, with some guidance, you can become more efficient in your farming.

Getting the Hilts

Aspirant Key Diablo Immortal - Location of Hilts
Location of Hilts Trader

Hilts are pretty easy to obtain. You gain Hilts for multiple reasons, and it is highly likely you already have some hilts to trade. But for more Aspirant Keys, you will need more hilts, meaning you will need to know how to get them.

You should register your first kill every day in order to get some hilts. You can also level up your battle pass to get your hands on some hilts. Moreover, Codex Achievements also reward you with Hilts. Climb higher up the leaderboard through completing rifts, which will also provide you with Hilts. Another way to climb up the overall leaderboard is through PVP.

If you manage to reach a higher ranking, you will receive more and more Hilts.

Farming the Aspirant Ke

If you want to farm the Aspirant Keys, you need to complete the questline Legend of Horadrim. The quest will lead to many places in order to find vessels. These vessels are precious. You can place these vessels in a shrine to gain an explosive boost of stats. If you put the vessels in the shrine, you will get gemstones that can be used to upgrade your character.

In your quest to find the vessels, you will come across Aspirant Keys. Make sure to actively look for them as they can frequently be found. If you manage to find them, they will be a massive help to you in the later stages of the game.

Another way of farming the Aspirant Keys is through the PvE Raids. You will have to hunt down hordes of monsters in order to get Aspirant Keys. If you get fed up with mobs and want more action, you can jump into the PVP Battleground. In the battleground, you will face off against other players and will be tested.

Once you are done with the vessels, your primary source of farming will be the PVE raids and the PVP Battleground. So make sure you are prepared if you want the Aspirant Keys for your characters.

Now that you know how to get the Keys, it is time you learn where you can use them.

Aspirant Key Uses in Diablo Immortal

After all the effort you go through for the Aspirant Keys, you will be able to recognize the rewards for your hard work. You can find different chests in the Sanctum Depth, which you can unlock with the Aspirant Keys. The chest will provide you with varying amounts of culling stones which will help you unlock some fantastic stats.

Culling stones are what we collectively call Sapphire, Beryl, and Garnet.

Once you have the culling stones, make your way to the Ibn Fahd Sanctum. Here, you can use these stones to get powerups. You can get permanent buffs and upgrade for your character. These buffs are some of the strongest you can get in the game and will be a huge factor in raising your stats and combat rating.

Moreover, you can find a total of four rooms in the Sanctum Depth, each containing five chests for you to unlock. You can open the first chest for free without needing the Aspirant Key. However, you will need the Keys for the succeeding chests. The number of keys required to unlock the chest will keep on increasing as the chest number rises. But don’t be disheartened as the chest will keep on increasing the number of culling stones in them.

Now, let’s look at all the four rooms you can access and how much you can gain from them.

Room One

Chest Number Aspirant Keys Required Number of Culling Stones 
1 Free 5
2 1 5
3 2 10
4 4 20
5 8 40
Details of Room 1

You will be able to gain a total of 80 culling stones for a cost of 15 Aspirant Keys. That is an excellent trade-off considering what benefits you can reap from them.

Room Two

Chest Number Aspirant Keys Required Number of Culling Stones 
1 10 45
2 12 54
3 14 63
4 16 72
5 18 81
Details of Room 2

You will be able to gather 315 culling stones for a total of 70 Aspirant Keys. The number of keys required is significantly higher than in the previous room. However, you are also getting way more culling stones. These culling stones will enable you to get many raised stats and help you conquer every battlefield.

Room Three

Chest Number Aspirant Keys Required Number of Culling Stones 
1 20 90
2 22 99
3 24 108
4 26 117
5 28 126
Details of Room 3

You need to sacrifice 120 Aspirant Keys to gain 540 culling stones. The number gets progressively raised from the previous room, making this seem like an uphill task. To unlock all these chests, you will need to keep on grinding or spend some money.

Room Four

Chest Number Aspirant Keys Required Number of Culling Stones 
1 30 135
2 32 144
3 34 153
4 36 162
5 40 162
Details of Room 4

This room will grant you a whopping amount of 756 culling stones in exchange for 172 Aspirant Keys. This is the last room you can get these chests from, so it is worth putting in that extra effort for all these culling stones. If you just make sure to actively look for Aspirant Keys while performing the tasks mentioned above, you will be able to gather the Keys quickly.

Now that you know the content of all the rooms let’s see where you can put these culling stones to work.

Upgrades from Culling Stones

Culling stones will offer you to increase various character stats. The stats you can raise are non-primary attributes. If you want more assistance understanding the stats better, check out our Diablo Immortal Stats guide.

Diablo Immortal Secondary Attributes
Secondary Attributes

The stats you can raise are namely:

  • Life
  • Armor
  • Armor Penetration
  • Damage
  • Potency
  • Resistance

You can use the culling stones from the rooms and use them to raise to upgrade different vessels that will, in turn, increase your various stats. As mentioned, Culling stones are what we collectively call Beryl, Sapphire, and Garnet. These three stones corroborate to different vessels and the stat associated with them.

You can upgrade the following Vessels using Beryl:

  • Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge.
  • Guilt of the Nameless
  • Jered Cain’s Vision

With Garnet, you can upgrade these vessels:

  • Tal Rasha’s Authority
  • Nilfur’s Precision
  • Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity

Lastly, with Sapphire, you can upgrade the following Vessels:

  • Iben Fahds’s Tenacity
  • Caldensann’s Compassion

Permanent Buffs

Vessel Buffs Stat Upgrade per Level
Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge Life +40 +40
Guilt of the Nameless Resistance +18 +18
Jered Cain’s Vision Armor +18 +18
Tal Rasha’s Authority Damage +4 +4
Nilfur’s Precision Armor Penetration +18 +18
Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity Potency +18 +18
Iben Fahds’s Tenacity Damage +9
Life +9
Caldensann’s Compassion Armor Penetration +9
Armor +9
Cathan’s Piety Potency +9
Resistance +9
List of Permanent Buffs

These are the permanent buffs you can get from upgrading the corresponding Vessel. These stats will play an essential part in your game mechanics and character ranking. In order to tackle the end stages of the game and take part in significant events like the Rite of Exile, you will need these buffed stats.

This concludes our Aspirant Key Diablo Immortal guide. Let us know down below which Vessel you think is the most powerful.

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