Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Ending [Everything You Need To Know]

Here is everything you need to learn about Assassin's Creed Mirage ending in a detailed manner. Be ready, as the events are going to twist your mind so hard and will surprise you.

Assassin's Creed Mirage - Ending Explained
Assassin's Creed Mirage - Ending Explained

Assassin’s Creed Mirage unfolds so many questions that were raised during the ending of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Let’s dive deep into the ending of Basim’s journey in Mirage and learn everything about what awaits for us ahead in the series and what connects Mirage with other events in the previous titles.

Key Takeaways

  • In Assassin’s Creed Mirage Ending, The Qabiha turns out to be the head of the order and tells Basim what she knows about him.
  • Roshan Kills Qabiha before letting her tell more about seeking Answers.
  • Basim learns the truth about Nehal and his reincarnation as Loki.
  • Loki gets fully Reincarnated and aims at taking revenge in Assassin’s Creed Mirage Ending.

AC Mirage Ending Explained

The AC Mirage ending is going to be full of thrill and fascinating events, and you will also learn how things are connected to each other. This ending guide includes tons of spoilers, so I recommend if you are not willing to spoil it, then Stop right there and step back.

Or if you are eagerly interested in knowing about everything in detail, then tighten your seat belts as you are going to have a ride full of twists and turns. The Assassin’s Creed Mirage is mainly focused on Basim, but still, there is more besides him.

Revelation Of The Head Of The Snake

During the quest, Basim comes across the head of the order of Ancients, which turns out to be Qabiha. In a confrontation with her, she reveals that she knows a lot about Basim and says that she is the mother of an individual who got killed by Nehal.

Qabiha Revealing the truth to Basim
Qabiha Revealing the truth to Basim – Captured By Us

The fact that made Qabiha concerned about Basim is that her son Abu Abdallah witnessed the incident of Basim touching the disc and activating it, which showed that he was somehow connected with Isu because he was the only person who could activate it.

From then, Qabiha started to look for Basim even more. During the conversation, she tells him to go to Alamut to learn about himself and other secrets. Unfortunately, before she can share more, Roshan makes an appearance and takes her down,

And then he warns Basim not to visit that place, or he will have to pay a high price for this.  Roshan is the master Assassin and doesn’t want Basim to know about the answers he is looking for, and that’s why he asks him to stay away from Alamut.

Isu Chamber

Well, this doesn’t stop Basim from knowing the truth, and he makes his way to the Isu Chamber with Nehal. There, they reach a stone wall, and Basim touches it, which results in revealing a door. Upon seeing this, Roshan comes in the middle and tries to stop him, which leads to the combat between them.

Roshan Stopping Basim
Roshan Stopping Basim – Captured By Us

Roshan gets to face the defeat, and Nehal advises Basim that it’s better to leave his master like that instead of killing. Then, he proceeds to move further through the door of the Isu Temple.

Basim Killing Roshan
Basim Killing Roshan – Captured By Us

Then he comes across the Sarcophagus at the base of the prison, and by opening it, he finds Nehal inside it. That’s where things spice up, and Basim gets to know about one of the biggest truths regarding himself.

Nehal Is Basim

Now, after seeing this, Basim gets to realize that Nehal is the imaginary person whom he manifested, and she just portrays the other aspect of his personality. Also, everything that is done by Nehal in the past was the Basim himself.

Here, the link also developed between the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Mirage as we know that reincarnation took place, and now the present characters represent the previous one. Loki, Tyr, Odin, and more were all part of Isu civilization, and when the apocalypse took place,

Isu managed to survive it by redistributing the DNA in the ancestor’s timeline, which resulted in the reincarnation of Loki as Basim. Nehal basically represents Loki’s memories that Basim holds inside himself.

That’s where everything is connected and starts making sense, and Basim acknowledges the fact that Nehal is representing the remains of his ancestor in the form of a human that came from his manifestation.

Isu Holograms

Afterward, this Nehal activates the disc, which looks very much like the Isu memory device, Memory Seal. The hologram shows the two figures where one individual is seen to get attacked by the other.

ISU holograms
ISU holograms – Captured By Us

One is the prisoner, and the other one is the jailer; the former represents Basim while the latter is Jinni, and then Basim gets to learn what kind of suffering he faced in his previous life. By confronting the Jinni and destroying his dominance over himself,

Basim makes peace with such haunted memories. Well, the mystery is not solved yet, as we need to figure out about the person who tortured Loki. For this, we have to trace the past where Loki got punished by being bound to a stone in the cave, Because he was called out for poisoning the Baldar, the son of Odin. So it turns out that the jailer we get to see in the hologram is no one other than Odin, who reincarnated as Eivor.

Final Events

Basim Becoming Loki
Basim Becoming Loki – Captured By Us

After connecting all the dots, Basim realizes that despite having a different human form, his mind is controlled by Loki, and he has taken control of Basim’s consciousness and has completely reincarnated.

Another interesting scene takes place when Basim recalls his eagle, and it rejects him and flies away. Then comes the part where he can be seen in the desert and say to himself that he is whole again,

Which tells that Loki is back and has completely taken over the previous body and made up the mind to take revenge on all those who made him suffer. This all initiates the new quest of finding Odin to kill him out of vengeance.

This will take Basim to the events of Valhalla, where he gets to meet Evior, the protagonist.

My Closing Remarks

This was all about the AC Mirage ending, and I think the best part is how amazingly events got connected to each other, not even in Mirage but with Valhalla. The final events have set the base for the beginning of new events that will be fun to experience and will let us unfold new mysteries. I personally enjoyed every Moment in Mirage and I think Ubisoft has done a great job with keeping the story engaging and short. There were so many things that were unclear in Valhalla that Mirage answered and now I at least cannot wait for next installment in the series. Do let me know you thought about the ending in the comments section down below.

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