Astrolabe Hogwarts Legacy: Return Or Keep it?

Find out how to complete "The Lost Astrolabe" quest in my guide.

Astrolabe Hogwarts Legacy Return or Keep it
Astrolabe Hogwarts Legacy Return or Keep it

As you progress through the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll find several side quests to complete and content to enjoy. One of the sides quests you may have encountered is “The Lost Astrolabe.” This article will explain how to complete the astrolabe Hogwarts Legacy quest.  

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Key Takeaways

  • The Lost Astrolabe quest is available after completing the main quest called “Tomes and Tribulations.”
  • The Quest giver NPC is called Grace Pinch Smedley. She’s a student at Hogwarts and is found near the docks at Black Lake in the Lower Hogsfield area.
  • She tells you about her family astrolabe, which was lost in the Black Lake. 
  • To complete the quest, you need to dive into the Black Lake and find Grace’s family astrolabe.
  • You will also find other rewards while swimming in the Black Lake.
  • After finding the astrolabe, return to Grace to collect your rewards.

Starting The Quest

Player talking to Quest Giver NPC
Talking to Grace Pinch Smedley | YT/Gaming with midnite

“The Lost Astrolabe” quest is unlocked after finishing the main quest called “Tomes and Tribulations,” You also need to be at least Level 7. Once you’ve filled in the necessary criteria, you can take the “The Lost Astrolabe” quest from the quest-giver NPC named Grace Pinch-Smedley. She is a student found on the wooden dock beside the Black Lake in the Lower Hogsfield area.  

In the exposition, Grace Pinch-Smedley tells you about her family’s astrolabe and how her grandfather lost it in the Black Lake. Her father forbids her from diving into the Black Lake, and she needs your help to recover the astrolabe.  

To complete this quest, you’ll need to swim in the Black Lake and find Grace’s Astrolabe Hogwarts Legacy. While completing this quest, you can find a few other items in the Black Lake.  

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How To Complete “The Lost Astrolabe” Quest

Finding the Astrolabe Hogwarts Legacy
Finding the astrolabe | YT/Gamerpillar

This quest is quite simple. All you need to do is, swim through the Black Lake to the spot of Pinch-Smedley’s Family Astrolabe. She tells you it’s about a furlong from the docks, which is about 200 meters. You need to swim northeast from your starting position to find the astrolabe. Finding it is pretty easy since its location is marked on your map.  

While swimming through the lake, you may encounter Dugboats. You can defeat these enemies by swimming to a shallow water region to use your spells, as you cannot use the bits while swimming. Once you glide through the lake, you’ll find different white circular spots where you can dive.  

Each dive spot has different rewards, and there are five spots. 

  • Pinch-Smedley Family Astrolabe 
  • 3x Wiggenweild Potion  
  • Mauve Beret 
  • Asylum Mask 
  • Dapper Mauve Ensemble 

One of these spots contains the Pinch-Smedley Family Astrolabe. Once you acquire it, swim back to Grace to complete the quest.  

Upon returning to Grace, she’ll ask if you have retrieved her family astrolabe, and you’ll be prompted with three choices.  

I did. Here you are: If you return the astrolabe to Grace, you’ll receive the standard rewards of 180 XP and a mermaid mask.  

I did. And it’s yours – for a price: If you ask for compensation, she’ll reward you with 20 currency, and you’ll also get a small amount of XP and a mermaid mask.  

I did. And I’m keeping it: If you choose to stay the astrolabe for yourself, Grace will be annoyed, but you’ll be able to keep her family astrolabe and 45 XP, and the mermaid mask. 

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