Atomic Heart Best Mods [Top 15]

A list of useful mods for you to try!

Atomic Heart Mods
A list of Best Mods for Atomic Heart.

Consider yourself an experimenter with a love for Atomic Heart. Try out various interesting mods and explore new additional features they offer. Some of these Atomic Heart mods are even beneficial and assist players with vision, graphics, or inventory storage in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Atomic Heart has a variety of mods, most of which add much-needed features to the game.
  • We have listed down 15 mods we believe everyone should give a try.
  • Most of these mods add helpful in-game features such as better vision, improved weapons damage, toggle HUD option, and whatnot.
  • Players must read the mod’s description to download the Atomic Heart mods. However, most of them carry the same method of installation.

How To Install Mods In Atomic Heart

Each mod on the list below is available for download on Nexus Mods. The mods have a description explaining how to install them into your game. However, the steps for each are similar. Continue reading to learn how to install Atomic Heart Mods, and have a blast.

  1. Go to a Mod’s “Files” option on Nexus Mod and choose “Manual Download.”
  2. Now, unpack/unzip the mod’s downloaded zip file with the help of 7-Zip or Winrar.
  3. Next up, find the Game file. You can locate it by going to Atomic Heart in Steam’s Library. Now right-click and go to Properties. Choose the Local Files option and press “Browse.” This way, you can track down the game’s file.
  4. Go back to the unzipped file now and copy the file’s material.
  5. Open the Game file folder AtomicHeart\Content\Paks
  6. Paste the copied material here. You may need to create another folder named “~mods” and paste the unzipped content into it. However, it may vary from mod to mod, so check its description.
  7. Start the game, and the mod should be installed.

Best Mods In Atomic Heart

Skip Intro – Videos – Logos Mod By 3anglevision

Skip Intro Mod
Skip Intro Mod – Image Credits: 3anglevision

Upon starting the gameplay, players face a pretty lengthy unskippable intro. And only after the intro will they reach the Main Menu. Though it may not strike as an issue for a new player for the sake of the game’s storyline, it can still become quite annoying for players replaying the game. If you happen to be that player or simply want to speedrun your way through Atomic Heart, install Skip Intro mod.

The mod simply allows players to leap forward and avoid facing the introductory scenes and dialogues. And worry not; there are no additional changes in the entirety of the playthrough. The sole purpose of this mod is to help players save time by skipping the intro they’ve already seen and do not wish to sit through.

Simple Flashlight By Sidiusz-DmgVol

A Simple Flashlight Mod
Simple Flashlight Mod – Image Credits: Sidiusz

Sadly, Atomic Heart does not include a flashlight as an item. On top of that, the lack of HDR support makes it nearly impossible for some players to have clear visibility in dark areas.

If you complain about the game’s dark interior constantly, all you need is a simple mod- a Simple Flashlight mod. The mod allows players to navigate through dark spaces easily with the help of a flashlight added to the character.

So, get yourself a built-in flashlight attachment. You can activate it with a press of a single button. In the meantime, let’s hope the devs decide to add a much-needed flashlight attachment to Atomic Hearts.

Easiest Piston Lock By Sidiusz

Easiest Piston Lock Mod
Easiest Piston Lock – Image Credits: Sidiusz

Dealing with minigames in a game like Atomic Heart becomes boring after the first few encounters. There is currently no mod to remove the minigames for you completely. However, a mod named “Easiest Piston Lock” is a step in that direction.

The mod may not entirely rid the Piston Lock minigame for you, meaning you still have to perform the minigame to unlock the door. But it’ll surely make the job ten times easier and quicker.

Buffed Weapons By Deadmath

Buffed Weapons Mod
Buffed Weapons – Image Credits: Deadmath

Though weapon damage may not be a disappointment in lower difficulties, it weighs towards the lacking side on the difficulty setting “Armageddon.” If you find it a handful taking enemies down on the great difficulty level, all you need is a polished version of your weapon’s damage.

Simply install Buffed Weapons by Deadmath and obtain a noticeable difference in your ranged weapons’ damage. The mod will assist players in crashing enemies deftly from a safe distance. Double damage buff is also noticeable on melee weapons of the game.

Stronger Cars By DmgVol

Stronger Cars
Stronger Cars – Image Credits: DmgVol

Driving around in a car is pretty enjoyable in Atomic Heart until you take a few hits and see the hood fly off or catch fire. Trust us; it only takes a few hits, literally. To double the car’s lifespan and make it more reliable, install the Stronger Cars by DmgVol.

After downloading the mentioned mod, you won’t have to keep searching for a red car after crashing your previous one a few minutes into driving.

  • Note: The Stronger Cars mod may not work as effectively after the recent update. Make sure to restart the game if you encounter any bugs.

QoL Tweaks By KeinZantezuken

QoL Tweaks
QoL Tweaks – Image Credits: KeinZantezuken

After investing just a few hours into the game, you’ll notice the lack of multiple useful features. Want to change the subtitle’s font size? Not possible. Need to activate the walking mode? Nope. Are you wondering about the Toggle Aim feature during combat? There is none.

The installation of a single mod solves all the mentioned issues. It also includes further 4-5 custom changes. The mod is called QoL Tweaks, created by KeinZantezuken. It also comes with a FOV scale which is considered useless now. The Atomic Heart devs themselves added a much-needed FOV scale in their recent update. Other than that, though, every other feature is still quite helpful.

Disable Vignette By Yakuzadeso

Disable Vignette Effect
Disable Vignette – Image Credits: Yakuzadeso

A slight Vignette effect on your screen in Atomic Heart is not irritating. However, the effect visibly increases every time you crouch, making the screen darker around the edges. This is exactly what a lot of players find pretty bothering.

As there is no in-game feature to disable this Vignette effect for you, why not install Disable Vignette mod? You won’t need to face a dim screen display whenever you crouch.

Toggle HUD By Zach Fett

Toggle HUD Mod
Toggle HUD – Image Credits: Zach Fett

One of the earliest released mods of Atomic Heart, Toggle HUD, is for players that may plan on screen recording or capturing screenshots. With a single press of a button, get rid of HUD, whether it is Main Menu, Health, or Ammo bar. You can quickly turn HUD back on by pressing the same button.

Increased Inventory And Storage By Sidiusz

Increased Inventory Mod
Increased Inventory – Image Credits: Sidiusz

After advancing to the mid-late game, you may face trouble regarding inventory storage. There are two in-game upgrades that you eventually unlock by neuropolymers. These upgrades will help you gain 40 slots overall. However, 40 slots may not be enough for everyone. Carrying as much munition or health meds in your inventory as you want is impossible.

Install the Increased Inventory And Storage mod to overcome the slots issue in inventory. The mod increases the slots storage by 50/100/150/200/250/500. So if you fail to organize your limited inventory slots, get the mod now.

Free Camera By KeinZantezuken

Free Camera Mod
Free Camera – Image Credits: KeinZantezuken

If you plan on exploring the Atomic Heart world, taking screenshots, or recording cinematic shots, downloading the Free Camera mod is the only way. The mod will allow users to toggle free camera/fly mode and move around with their keyboard and mouse. Currently, the game does not provide a photo mode feature, so for now, this mod got you covered.

Real Vision By RealVision

Real Vision Mod
Real Vision – Image Credits: RealVision

Almost every game becomes even better visually with a Reshade mod installed. The graphics become vibrant, detailed, and overall crispier. In Atomic Heart’s case, the game is already considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing FPS games.

Though you will enjoy the graphics regardless of any Reshade mod installed, why not enhance the beauty further? Install the Real Vision mod and increase the game graphics’ details, contrast, and lighting.

More Resources By Koinonos

More Resources
More Resources – Image Credits: Koinonos

Some players might consider mods like More Resources cheating. But regardless of what anyone says, truth be told, this mod is indeed a life saviour, even if it’s a bit of a cheat. Specific resources can be scarce and take quite a lot of exploration to collect.

To save time, download the More Resources mod and gain 2x, 3x, or 4x item supply while looting. If you feel guilty and want to enjoy the gameplay as it is, stick to the 2x items supply setting. The game would still feel tough enough without any excessive changes.

Drones Without Repair By Sidiusz

Drones Without Repairs Mod
Drones Without Repairs – Image Credits: Sidiusz

Taking robots down only for them to retrieve back up by the drone engineers; it’s annoying, isn’t it? Have fun if you like the challenge and want to choose the longer route. However, if you want to quickly clean out areas infested with robots, here is a mod for you. Download Drones Without Repair now and disable the drones’ ability to repair damaged robots.

It is another mod of Atomic Heart that some might consider cheating but is the best solution if you struggle to take robots down due to these engineer drones.

Shotgun Of Death (KS-23) By Yowstup

Shotgun Of Death Mod
Shotgun Of Death – Image Credits: Yowstup

The previously mentioned mod Buffed Weapons already toughens the shotgun. However, if you only want your shotgun to be buffed rather than the entire weapons set, that is possible. Install Shotgun Of Death (KS-23) by Yowstup and notice a major difference in the weapon’s damage.

Undoubtedly, the KS-23 shotgun is extremely weak compared to other weapons in Atomic Heart. But you can still try it out in dangerous combats and survive if this mod is installed.

Rainy Weather Effect By Sidiusz

Rainy Weather Effect Mod
Rainy Weather Effect – Image Credits: Sidiusz

The game’s weather is pleasant and sunny, with no rainy days. But if you like those cloudy and overcast weather vibes and won’t mind some rain in Atomic Heart, install Rainy Weather Effect by Sidiusz. This Atomic Heart Mod may not have additional features, but rain lovers will enjoy the calming cloudy skies and rainfall.

  • Note: As the mod’s description mentioned, there is a possibility you may face a slight decrease in the game’s performance with the mod installed.

Final Remarks

Trying out various mods can be a jaw-dropping experience. Whether for purely entertainment purposes or to provide genuine assistance, they add a brand-new vibe to a game. With our list of Mods in Atomic Heart, you’ll discover a good selection of mods made by extremely talented modders. Why not try them out and experience new features? Have fun gaming!

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