Atomic Heart Twins [Definitive Guide]

Were you curios about the Atomic Hearts Twins? Well, don't worry since we have you covered with all the information you could require on them


Atomic Heart is the hot new game on the block with some controversy attached to it given its developers and how their product impacts real-world situations, which reading up on if you are interested in learning about them.

In the initial marketing of the game the Atomic Heart Twins were heavily featured and were a key point in the marketing strategy of the game to appeal to its player base. They are overtly feminine and were sexualized by the internet which made Atomic Heart leave an imprint on the gaming industry anticipating its release.

This worked out for the developers since you read about them in this guide. But without further ado, here is all you need to know about the Atomic Heart Twins.

Key Takeaways

  • The Atomic Heart twins are called Left and Right.
  • You have to fight them during the game, and they are challenging due to their severe damage and movement capabilities.
  • The first encounter is with Left to get you familiar with the moveset. However, this is still quite a tough battle.
  • Your second encounter is with both twins at once. Still, its made more accessible by the similar moveset you experienced in the first encounter but added to difficulty by fighting both simultaneously.
Atomic Heart Twins Unlocking Key
Atomic Heart Twins Unlocking Key

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Who Are The Atomic Heart Twins

The Atomic Heart Twins are two robots known as Left and Right in the game. They were specially designed to be the bodyguards and assistants of Comrade Sechenov, the game’s main antagonist.

They are feminine, and this is quite obvious from their character design. One thing that doesn’t come across easily in their design is that ballerinas inspire them. The design element which gives this away is their feet since they both have ballerina shoes for feet.

Atomic Heart Twins Posing
Atomic Heart Twins Posing

Since they are twins, there has to be some way for the player to tell them apart in their clothes; in particular, Left has the appearance of a typical android/robot with an overall grey mesh tone, and Right has the same design but with a bright yellow jacket.

Given their body chemistry revealed during the story, they are also inspired by the T-1000 from the popular Terminator franchise.

The star on their forehead is an excellent design detail with some practical application, as seen in-game. This houses tendrils that the twins use for multiple uses that we won’t spoil for you here.

How To Beat The Atomic Heart Twins

There are two distinct encounters with the Atomic Heart Twins that you will have. The first fight will be only with the first twin, Left, and the second fight will incorporate both Left and Right to give you an even harder time.

First Encounter

The first time you will fight one of the twins is when Left confronts you. The fight isn’t tough if you know what to watch out for and when to punish. The moveset for Left is exceptionally basic since it mainly consists of her spinning towards you with talons from her fingers, similar to Wolverine.

Some other moves include jumping into the air and slamming down with a small area of effect pulse that will damage you if you are close to it. Lunging towards you with her talons extended to slash you. Powering up a laser that she shoots from her forehead star.

Atomic Heart Twins First Encounter
End of First Encounter | Courtesy: Shirrako

After getting her health bar down to 50%, her second bar takes hold. This stores damage taken and allows her to unleash devastating energy attacks that shoot projectivels towards you with every move.

Finally after getting her down to 25% of her health pool, you will see her final trick, where she incorporates a spider like movement into her attacks, rapidlydarting from place to place and closing the distance between you two. In this phase she also jumps up and slams down to create shockwaves that ripple throughout the arena.

Second Encounter

So the second encounter starts with a cutscene where you are face to face with the antagonist, and his guards are there to fend you off of him.

The fight starts with you being tossed around like a ragdoll and bounced off the plane in the area, but it quickly lets you take control and begin the actual combat.

Atomic Heart Twins Second Encounter
Start of Second Encounter | Courtesy: Shirrako

The moveset for Left is the same as your previous bout with her, but this time she is accompanied by Right. Right possesses flight and object manipulation powers, utilised significantly in this fight. She is a source of constant pressure, creating laser beams, manipulating the environment, and tossing objects towards you.

Becasue of this fight being a rehash of the first encounter, it doesn’t last as long, with their health pools being smaller this time around.

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