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Subnautica Aurora Door Codes
Subnautica Aurora Door Codes List.

Aurora Door Codes: Subnautica Guide (2021)

Subnautica is a unique experience. It’s a story-driven sandbox survival horror game. Not many games can lay claim to having a good underwater level/section. However, Subnautica is truly built differently as the majority of it is set underwater. It is truly a breathtaking experience. To play a game that seems as if Minecraft and Stranded Deep had a baby that was raised by aliens. The gameplay is nothing to scoff at either, it includes the resource gathering aspect reminiscent of RPGs and puzzle elements such as finding Aurora door codes whilst also having base-building gameplay reminiscent of Minecraft.

All things aside, here are the Aurora Door Codes.

Aurora Door Codes

Cargo Bay 3 Door – 1454

This code can be found in the Administration Office with a Data Download. That room also contains a Prawn Suit Poster and an Abandoned PDA.

Cabin 1 Door – 1869

Cutting through the Sealed Door will lead the player into a Locker Room. This room will have many open lockers and will contain an abandoned PDA with a data download. This will give you the Cabin 1 Door code.

Captain’s Cabin Door – 2679

This code is received by the player at some point within the story on their radio.

Lab Access Door – 6483

The code for this can be found within an abandoned PDA. This is received after the player goes, from the Prawn Suit Bay, underwater at the far left corner to get to the lab entrance.

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That’s not all however Subnautica provides the player with immense set pieces and creatures to explore alongside an open world teeming with life and secrets. From glowing alien salmon to ancient alien civilisations researching a deadly virus the game has it all. Some of the marvellous level design can be seen alongside the passion the team has for its development. Some of these set pieces include but are not limited to the examples shown below.

We did mention that this game was story-driven and that is quite true. So we will try to limit any spoilers in this guide however be warned as there will be minor spoilers for the story and locations in the game.

The Aurora

In-game lore tells that the Aurora is a colony ship by the Alterra Company, meant to terraform planets and sow the seeds for the spread of humankind across the galaxy. The main purpose of the craft was to build a phase gate in a sector of the galaxy. Its secondary mission, unknown to the crew, was to search for and possibly rescue the crew of the Degasi, another ship by Alterra Company.

However, moving away from the lore side of the game and coming to the actual gameplay, it’s quite a remarkable set-piece, all things considered. Subnautica has this quality of showing the player an amazing sight just beyond the horizon and actually letting the player explore that horizon after enough time.

Subnautica Door Codes
Aurora (Miniature Model)

The Aurora set-piece is quite large and intricate with many parts both in and out of the water along with utilizing many tools the player would have acquired along their journey, as the Aurora is typically a mid to late game area. The main tools required to access all the doors with the code are a Propulsion Cannon, Laser Cutter, Radiation Suit and Repair Tool. It is also home to some of the games most annoying creatures known as the “Cave Crawlers”.

Subnautica Fauna
Cave Crawler

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Final Thoughts

Subnautica is quite a unique game, as it employs the element of environmental storytelling very well. Especially within the Aurora Door Codes section. The rooms and areas have a unique personality to them whilst the PDAs help to give a sense of life that existed within these areas. It’s also interesting how the codes you get for the rooms are found essentially through encouraging exploration of every part of the ship.

Definitely give Subnautica a try as it is an amazing game with even more amazing details packed into it. And while you are here why not check out some of our other guides written by our talented writers. An excellent guide to pair with this one is the Subnautica Multipurpose Room

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