Interview: Autopsy Simulator Was Developed With Close Collaboration With A Morphopathologist

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Autopsy Simulator - via Woodland Games

The Autopsy Simulator is a first-person Medical Simulation with a major leap in visuals and attention to detail. Under development by Woodland Games, Autopsy Simulator features an incredible thriller story of a pathologist who will perform autopsies as part of daily life while struggling with crippling depression. 

One of the major aspects that make Autopsy Simulator stand out from others is its variety of offerings. From small details for examining the subjects to detailed organs and simulation, the game is on its way to setting a new standard for simulation games. With all of the details, hype, and a release date around the corner, we interviewed Woodland Games’ CEO Pawel Kozakowski, to expand more on the overall setting and community expectations. 

Detailed World of Autopsy Simulator
Autopsy Simulator – via Woodland Games

Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your work on Autopsy Simulator.

Pawel: Hi, I’m Pawel – Woodland Games CEO. Autopsy Simulator started as an idea to create a unique game with a true crime vibe because I noticed that there were no similar games on the market. I‘m also currently an art director on this project and I’m also creating a bit of lighting and level.

Among the various Simulators out there, Autopsy Simulator brings something unique to the table. It is more serious, challenging, and horror at the same time. Can you share details on what inspired you to create such an environment?

Pawel: I’m a fan of true crime books, movies, and series. As a fan, I was looking for these types of games, but I found nothing. So, I decided to create a game that mixes a lot of interesting concepts to create something unique with a true crime vibe.

We wanted to place our game in the 80s because of the great vibes and didn’t want to use mobile phones and too much internet in our game. I think traditional books and notes are so interesting from an aesthetic point of view (that’s why we have so many well-designed notes for players to discover in-game).

Autopsy Simulator - via Woodland Games
Autopsy Simulator – via Woodland Games

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Pawel: In my opinion, we are still pretty realistic, and we keep interesting gameplay elements at the same time. We also have a forensics specialist to be as realistic as possible. Working with Eric – our morphopathologist consultant, is an amazing experience!

Eric sometimes sends us photos or detailed descriptions of almost every aspect of autopsies. I remember a situation where Eric sent us photos of different methods of cadavers sewing! That was, of course, very helpful.

On the other side, we wanted to add some scary elements so mixing those things together was challenging. Did it work? We’ll see after the release 🙂

How will the story explore the psychological impact of Jack's profession and the disturbing nature of the cases he deals with?

Pawel: From the get-go, Jack has a few problems due to the death of his wife. Those problems impact his job, but we, as players, have the option of keeping Jack’s mental health in good condition. But I don’t want to spoil too much.

Autopsy Simulator - via Woodland Games
Autopsy Simulator – via Woodland Games

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Pawel: Our main hero, because of his troubles, has problems with focusing on his job. We’ve tried to add a few interesting in-game effects to show how it impacts Jack.

How detailed is the environment? How many tools players will have access to for performing an autopsy?

Pawel: Players will have a lot of tools available used by real forensic specialists and can use the computer, microscope, and lots of other tools you can find in a mortuary.

We ran all procedures and tools by our real-life morphopathologist consultant, Eric, who ensured the game was as close to performing a real autopsy as our game mechanics allow. Some things have of course been simplified a bit, but you still get the same experience.

Autopsy Simulator - via Woodland Games
Autopsy Simulator – via Woodland Games

You also mentioned that the game development involved collaboration with real forensic doctors. What information did they share and how it was utilized to make the game more detailed?

Pawel: We asked Eric – our real-life morphopathologist consultant, a lot of things. We would show him examples of our work, and he would advise us on anything from the shape and color of internal organs to the names of tools.

He even showed us some examples of what he experienced in real life. We also got lots of photos of the autopsy suite and the instruments they use daily.

What were the major challenges involved during the development?

Pawel: I think that the major challenges were typical for game studios working on a game for a few years. I mean mainly keeping the team motivated, tracking the budget, etc.

We have daily meetings on Discord where we talk about potential problems and how to resolve them to make sure everything is going OK.

Autopsy Simulator - via Woodland Games
Autopsy Simulator – via Woodland Games

While the game is still pending release this year, what other features are you planning to add to make Autopsy Simulator more detailed?

Pawel: We can’t give anything away at this time but keep an eye out on our socials for the latest news.

Anything else you would like to share with readers?

Pawel: I hope that our game will be interesting and show players what a real forensic specialist’s job looks like at the same time. Also worth mentioning – there will be a few different endings, we can’t wait to see how many players can discover.

Autopsy Simulator is an upcoming horror simulation, under development by Woodland Games. The game is planned for release on June 6, 2024 for PC. 

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